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Nov 02 2011

She’s Uncoachable: Albanian Reality Star Mimoza Krasniqi

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I officially know nothing about the show Big Brother in the U.S. let alone Albania.  However, I do know this.  That whenever a foreign country adopts a reality show of ours, the women on said show tend to be incredibly attractive.

And it’s no different for the cast of Big Brother in Albania.   People have taking a liking to Mimoza Krasniqi and rightfully so.   She’s got that perfect blend of hot and girl next door.   What a find.

More of Mimoza after the jump…

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Oct 25 2011

Perhaps this is What They Call “Must See” TV

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Hey look, I’m not gonna lie.  Fart humor is fart humor and it’s funny 99% of the time.   Hell just this past weekend I let a couple of silent but deadly’s rip on an airplane.  The best thing about farting in public is that you generally don’t get called out on it…which is nice.   It’s only when you’re with your friends.

Anyway, this clip is from Impractical Jokers which is starting on Dec 15th so I highly suggest you get out the recorders for this one.   In the meantime if you want to get all jacked up for the show you can check out their website or thei Youtube channel as well.

Happy farting kids!

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Oct 06 2011

A Bunch of Hot Chicks with Pig Tails

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That’s it.  I’m not ashamed to say it.  Guys like younger women.   That’s not offensive at all.  What’s offensive is admitting that guys like women who remind them of children.   Yup.  And no I’m not talking about 10 year olds here because then, yes, I’d be drawing the line.

I’m talking about Lolitas.  I’m talking about females you really shouldn’t have access to even though you want to.  This is why the pig tail look is so lovely on sexy women.   It’s for that reason only.

Admit it dudes.  You’re all perverts……

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Aug 23 2011

10 Examples of Extreme Laziness

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We all know that America is a generally lazy country.   Clearly I could go on to rant about a million things that we are actually lazy about but I think an overall picture of what most of this country is can be summarized by the word “entitled.”  For whatever reason we tend to expect things to come to us rather than to go get them.

And when things don’t go our way or we actually have to work to get them, sometimes we work even hard at devising ways to avoid the work itself.  It’s truly amazing.

Check out 10 examples of extreme laziness after the jump…

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Aug 09 2011

Good Parenting?

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I can’t quite figure out if this picture is touching or flat out stupid. It’s good to take pride in your child’s work, but no kid can draw something that is worth having on your body FOREVER.

And what is that supposed to be? A leap dripping water on a cat in a sky with two suns? Teach your kid about the universe. And I see you only went with one of the suns.

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Aug 04 2011

Seven Awesome Sharks From Movies

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As I’m sure many of you are aware,  it’s currently Shark Week on the Discovery Channel.   So naturally those of you watching have more than likely been on more of an alert for the amazing fish.

Also, it gave me a great excuse to include an article about sharks despite the fact that my wife is deathly afraid of them.  Sorry honey, I dig sharks.

Anyway, here are seven great sharks in movies….

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May 31 2011

40 Fun Things For your Workplace

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It’s not all that easy to work an eight hour day.   Well, working an eight hour day is for wimps but my point is this.   To sit through that many hours on end in the same place is something of a challenge.

To keep your mind occupied with work is a tough thing to do.  And for sanity’s sake you need things to get your mind off the task at hand.   Which is why it’s nice to have little trinkets and what not around your space.

Here are 40 that you might find fun…….

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May 10 2011

Cheese Theft Just a Set-Up For a Hilarious Punchlnie

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Stuff gets stolen all across America every day, but sometimes I think criminals just commit crimes for the absurd court cases they know will follow. That’s most definitely the case this time.

Richards, 50, of the 9400 block of South Burnside Avenue, bought a bag of chips from the store, then began pumping hot cheese from the toppings bar into the open bag, authorities said. But the cashier warned him that the nacho toppings bar is for use only by customers who purchased tortilla chips served in the traditional plastic tray, according to court records.

Richards continued to add zest to his chips as he threatened the cashier, authorities said. When the cashier tried to stop him, he grabbed and twisted her arm, then fled the store in the 1300 block of Souith Halsted Street, according to court records.

Wait, the best part’s coming.

“So what was stolen was …  the cheese?” asked the judge, casting a quizzical gaze at Assistant State’s Attorney Dan Piwowarczyk.

“The defendant was informed that it was ‘not yo’ cheese,’ ” deadpanned the prosecutor.

The man was sentenced to a year without cheese, and once a week the prosecutor locks him in a room and tells him bad jokes.



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Apr 22 2011

Bizarre Vending Machines

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To tell you the truth it’s just something I hadn’t noticed but it’s coming.   I was at the airport the other day and noticed a Best Buy vending machine.   I found it strange that i could buy an iPod right out of a machine.  I mean who thinks of spending over $200 bucks when they’re at a vending machine?

Turns out in countries all over the world this “other product” vending machine concept is nothing new.   In fact it can get a little odd.

Check out these weird vending machines…..

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Mar 14 2011

47 Years of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit

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I’m always fascinated by what people used to find attractive in different eras.  I mean who the hell knew that this woman and that crappy bathing suit would be one of the earliest shots of a Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue?  I mean think about the stuff you see now?  I mean honestly I got two words for ya:  Brooklyn Decker.

If she’s not representative of the new breed of SI model then I don’t know what or who is.   Anyway, I think it’s fun to take a look down memory lane with over 40 pictures of past covers of swimsuit issues.

Enjoy the nostalgia after the jump….

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