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Oct 08 2008

To Be That Guy on That Day: Ben Johnson Wins The Gold Medal At The 1988 Olympics

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Ben JOhnson

Carl Lewis Before the 1988 Olympics:  “There are gold medallists at this meet who are on drugs, that [100 metres] race will be looked at for many years, for more reasons than one.”
 Ben Johnson’s response was:
“When Carl Lewis was winning everything, I never said a word against him. And when the next guy comes along and beats me, I won’t complain about that either.”
This set up the rivalry leading into the 1988 Olympic Games.

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Sep 15 2008

To Be That Guy on That Day: Rony Seikaly Grabs 34 Rebounds

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Rony Seikaly

Many of us guys envy athletes and other guys out there.  In fact, some of us wouldn’t mind actually being these guys for extended periods of time.

However, there are certainly some guys that we couldn’t care less about being. But on some nights? In some moments? It’d be pretty cool to have their lives for that moment.

That brings us to Rony Seikaly’s 34 rebound night….

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Jun 19 2008

To Be that Guy on that Night: Reggie Jackson Blasts Three

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Reggie Jackson

You guys all know it. Reggie Jackson belted three bombs on October 18, 1977 in Game Six of the World Series. We don’t need to dive into Jackson’s career. We all know that players like Jackson rarely exist today.

Sheer toughness, a passion for the game and a temper that was phenomenal. But what I’d like to know is what happened that night. Did he get laid? Imagine being Jackson that night in the Big Apple. The world must have been his oyster.

Every single New Yorker must have wanted to blow him, including the guys. Now why can’t news people ask these kinds of questions and make these comments?

The best I’ll see is a football analyst saying “Well Bill…if they’re gonna get into this game they’re gonna need some points.” I want to know if Jackson got head the night he belted three homers.

Reggie Jackson Reggie Jackson Reggie Jackson Reggie Jackson

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