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Jun 03 2008

The Top Ten Tailgating Schools in the Nation (Represented By Picture)

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Back in March of this year “Tailgater Monthly” gave their list of the top ten Tailgating schools. While they had their own methods and criteria of coming up with this list (which included word of mouth, drinking, food etc.), I decided the best way to settle this would be to take this list and find a decent picture to represent each school in the list.

And what constitutes a good picture? A hot chick of course. Two more schools were added for good measure: Michigan State and Texas.

So ladies and gentlemen, get ready for my top ten tailgating schools as rated by pictures with an attractive female

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Apr 21 2008

Time for a Tailgate – College Football Beginning to Get Hyped

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Football Tailgate

As the spring games continue, and the cheerleaders get their pom poms in tip top shape, there’s also another group preparing for another season of college football: the tailgaters.

While the Pete Caroll’s of the world are writing up plays, pumping up their players and yucking it up with Alumni, there are countless pitchers being chugged, shots being poured, and garbage cans being filled with vomit in an effort to get these party goers into tip top drinking condition.

And this is why I decided to dedicate an entire segment to one of America’s favorite growing past times: The Tailgate. Folks, feel free to send in your tailgate pictures to uncoached@gmail.com. I’m always looking for talent.

In the mean time, enjoy these shots.

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