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Jul 17 2008

Thursday’s Twelve: Torrie Wilson, Awkward Kool-Aid Ads, and Celebrity Fight Club

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Torrie Wilson

Hi there Torrie. Hi. Hello.

If you’re a wrestling fan, you’ve probably seen Torrie Wilson smashing chairs over other wrestler’s heads in the WWE since 1999. If you’re a Playboy fan, you probably saw her in Playboy back in 2004.

The Twelve

Check out the rest of Torrie Wilson – [Holy Taco]

The Five Most Awkward Kool-Aid Ads – [Liquid Generation]

Ryan Reynolds Vs. Dane Cook – [Doubleviking]

Links to the NSFW Pics of the Winnipeg Cheerleaders – [Don Chavez]

Far more offensive photos than the Miley Cyrus show stuff – [College OTR]

Some great ideas for sex locations – [The Comedy Feed]

Elena Bonzanni is going up today, WOW – [The Spoiler]

Let’s take a break with some Jenn Sterger – [The World of Isaac]

Rumor Has it Megan Fox wants to get naked on film – [Flatusyahu]

A funny take on Kimmel and Silverman – [Derober]

The All Star Game took forever – [With Leather]

Denise Richards doesn’t need a top to chase people around – [Drunkenstepfather]

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Jul 10 2008

Thursday’s Twelve: Erin Andrews Interviews, Summer is Here, and Laila Abid

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Erin Andrews

More of Erin and more of Tebow

Here we are again. Approaching yet another Friday. I’d just like to announce the additions of Derrick Lee, Chone Figgins, and Bobby Abreu to my fantasy team. Let’s make it a great second half boys. In other news, I don’t have a prayer at winning my fantasy league.

The Twelve

At least we’ll be seeing more Erin Andrews – [Busted Coverage]

A topless Maria Beatriz Antony – [Celebslam]

Laila Abid is one hot news reporter – [Doubleviking]

The Group O Face of the Day – [Don Chavez]

How to Spike a Watermelon – [Tailgating Ideas]

These celebrities really know how to take a dump – [The Comedy Feed]

Spitzer’s Hooker might be on Reality TV – [Asylum]

Extreme Underwater Ice Hockey – [Unique Daily]

Manny Ramirez is like Ty Webb – [Sports By Brooks]

The Hong Kong Meat Market – [Blame it on the Voices]

This Jamaican Plant may cure some deadly diseases – [College OTR]

Natalia Karasseva: Jesus Christ that body – [My Chill Pill]

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Jul 03 2008

Thursday’s Twelve: Patriotic Bikinis, The Crazy Fat Child, and the Jessica Simpson Boob Award

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Patriotic Bikini

Is everyone ready for July 4th?

I shall be playing in an epic whiffle ball tournament tomorrow and hope to have full coverage on Monday.

The Twelve

12 Great Pictures of Patriotic Bikinis – [Asylum]

Calling this kid a crazy fat child is an understatement – [The Comedy Blog]

Congratulations to Jessica Simpson for 2008 Best boobs nod – [Celebridiot]

Need some 4th of July drinking ideas? – [College OTR]

She goes by Anna, and she only needs a bikini – [My Chill Pill]

It’s been too long since I’ve seen Tara Reid Hammered – [Vanity Spy]

Holly Weber is unacceptably hot – [Next Round]

Wayne Gretsky’s Daughter: Oh yeah – [Flatusyahu]

Gas is so valuable it’s used for prostitution – [Brahsome]

The NBA Free Agent class set to music – [The Angry T]

Michelle Panzarella is quite Milfy – [Bannedinhollywood]

Things to do in LA before you die – [Derober]

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Jun 26 2008

Thursday’s Twelve: The Brook Hogan Follow Up, Bikini Jell-O Girl, and The Allure of Ali Larter

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Brook Hogan

Remember this picture? There have been important developments since

I gotta say I’m a little saddened by the lack of basketball on television these days. I love baseball and all, but it’s kind of boring to watch a 9 inning game unless you’re actually there. And even then, you usually go with a buddy and chit chat most of the time. I’d love to have some kind of NBA vs. Gladiators special on TV. Shaq could be one of the Gladiators and he and Kobe could joust. That’d be great television.

The Twelve

The follow up to Brook Hogan’s pool side rub down – [Holy Taco]

Bikini Jell-O Wrestler arrested for assault – [Asylum]

There’s just something about Ali Larter – [Complex]

Natalie Martinez is deserving of her Miss COED award – [COED Magazine]

Ladies, if you turn around we won’t mind – [Bright Black Internet]

7 LPGA Ladies have been recruited to model – [Sports By Brooks]

Can’t Someone Strip for the children? – [Withleather]

Ashley Harkleroad Talks About her Playboy Shoot – [Micklanders]

Watch Out: Britney now has overnight privileges – [Hecklerspray]

Strahan already talking shit about former teammates – [Awful Announcing]

The Last Laptop – [Unique Daily] (tribal boobs in this so technically not NSFW but watch it]

An amazingly sneaky goal. Pretty awesome – [Meaningful Collateral]

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Jun 19 2008

Thursday’s Twelve: Under Armour Nightmare, Gemma Garret’s Racing Stripes and Amy Winehouse

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Under Armour

It’s tough to believe that Under Armour would approve of this guy as their spokesmodel.

Welcome to Thursday’s twelve. We’re almost there kids. Friday is one day away. This is the time you reward yourself with one less hour of sleep because you know you’ll nap when you get home Friday before going out. So get drunk, get laid, enjoy this fine Thursday and these picks to help you get through till tomorrow.

The Twelve

Under Armour and it’s very flamboyant unintentional models – [Busted Coverage]

Another British hottie now the face of Formula One – [Bitten and Bound]

Does Amy Winehouse deserve us toning it down? – [College OTR]

How to Pack Like a Stripper – [Mick Landers]

Everything in this Chinese restaurant is beer related – [Bright Black Internet]

Women will always be the fuel in our rockets – [Asylum]

Danielle Lloyd is yesterday’s cupcake – [Next Round]

Do you guys still have your stimulus check? – [Tastybooze]

These are your highest paid sports journalists – [The Big Lead]

Wow, I mean wow: Jesikah Maximus – [Totally Crap]

We need an explanation of the WNBA..seriously – [Shit America Needs]

Chris Cooley and Earnhardt Jr are truly BFF’s – [Mister Irrelevant]

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Jun 12 2008

Thursday’s Twelve: Adult Model in a Rare SFW Moment, Clay Buchholz Wasted, and LaBeouf Slapped

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Helena Karel

Welcome to Thursday’s Twelve. As you can see above, Helena Karel is the featured piece of Ace today. This is a very rare picture that you will find of her in that she has clothes on. As usual, f you have a link to share just email me.

The Twelve

Helena Karel usually takes it off before leaving it on – [Double Viking]Clay Buchholz has boy band written all over him – [Don Chavez]

Shia LeBeouf gets a little bitch slapping – [Cameltap]

John McCain and the war on beer – [Tastybooze]

This Video is completely out of control – [Afrojacks]

Michelle Clack, hottie with big cans – [Totally Crap]

These celebrities are pretty lazy – [College OTR]

Jamie is one sexy model contestant – [The Bachelor Guy]

Kirk Cameron has completely lost it – [Gibbs 12]

ESPN Analysts Love Porn Stars – [Awful Announcing]

What do we know about Griffey Jr.? – [The Big Lead]

Hot, One Armed Surfer now legal – [With Leather]

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Jun 05 2008

Thursday’s Twelve: Finals Preview, The Sexy Virginie Ledoyen and Cheerleader Showdown III

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Who’s ready for some hoops tonight? These guys think the Lakers will take it in five (as do I) – [Withleather]

Welcome to Thursday’s Twelve: A look at twelve links that I find particularly interesting. If you want to be included in the twelve send me an email. (and a damned good link)

The Twelve

The Tamest Clip (but pretty damned spicy) they could find of Virginie Ledoyen – [Doubleviking]

Hint: She’s from ASU and she’s a really hot cheerleader – [COED Magazine]

Wonderfully Weird and Useless Sports Merch – [Asylum]

Seattle University “Douchebag” party was canceled before it even began – [Tastybooze]

“The Coach and I Had Sex in her Mother’s Bed” – [Busted Coverage]

Not hard to put together that Jessica Simpson’s Dad is a pretty shady dude – [Holy Taco]

Jeremy Piven trying to pretend to be a single Ari – [Drunkenstepfather]

The New England Patriots seem to be into buying drugs – [Don Chavez]

Controversial: Perhaps Josh Hamilton’s story wouldn’t be so good if he was black? – [The Big Lead]

Decent Idea: The Roethlisberger Crash Test Dummy – [Mondesi's House]

Yesterday’s Sexy Model Contestants – [The Bachelor Guy]

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