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Sep 25 2008

Thursday’s Twelve: Alison Stokke Overload, The NFL Facebook Page, and The Palin Sports Report

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You want Alison Stokke?  You got Alison Stokke.  Click the pic

From COED Magazine:  Now, not only do you have all the photos of the hottest pole vaulter on the planet all in one place, you’ve got dozens upon dozens of new snapshots to salivate over. We’re not exactly sure what saint took all these pictures or how they got online, but to whoever’s responsible, we’d like to buy you a beer…or 100.

Works for me.

The Twelve

An amazingly creative look at a would-be NFL Facebook page – [Derober]

The 80′s Sarah Palin Sports Report – [Unibrow]

Vanderbilt’s 51 frattiest frat stars – [College OTR]

These vehicles are the real transformers – [My Chill Pill]

A pretty big charge considering the guy farted – [Don Chavez]

The Best Scenes from the Exorcist – [I Am Bored]

Wow, this chick is really into her tennis swings – [The World of Isaac]

The best athlete names ever – [In Game Now]

25 Great Quotes from Ari Gold – [Cuzoogle]

Strange and Ridiculous Craigslist job postings – [Asylum]

Amare Stoudamire’s appearance on Yo Gabba Gabba! – [Awful Announcing]

It would appear that David Blane is a cheater – [TV Shark]

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Sep 18 2008

Thursday’s Twelve: Rachel Bilson is a Home Wrecker, Drunk at a Mets Game, and Hurricane Ike

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Click on the photo to see more of Rachel Bilson

Look, the movie Last Kiss wasn’t good.  It just wasn’t.  But damnet if it didn’t get me obsessed with Rachel Bilson.  I am in love with this chick after seeing it.  Guys, if you are engaged, be careful watching this movie.  And honey, if you are reading this….relax. 

The Twelve

Drunk Mets Fan gets messed with – [Totally Crap]

Aftermath photos of Hurricane Ike – [Cameltap]

Meg Ryan earns “Quality Veteran of the week” honors – [The LOTD]

Now this is a high school football coach – [Don Chavez]

Freeline Skates: An interesting new approach to skating – [The Bachelor Guy]

Jerry Seinfeld’s First stand up appearance – [The Comedy Feed]

The awesome Bruce Lee/Abdul Jabbar Fight – [The Love of Sports]

One of the best Arnold Pictures ever – [Micklanders]

Obama wants Lohan to shut the f&!k up – [Derober]

Marissa Miller has herself a fine looking bicycle – [With Leather]

Fidel Castro claims to be more potent than Wilt Chamberlain – [Sports by Brooks]

Two interesting movies coming to the NBA this season – [Cuzoogle]

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Sep 11 2008

Thursday’s Twelve: Kendra At National Lampoon’s, Chriqui’s Got Style, and French Volleyball Dancers

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Well at least National Lampoon’s can draw chicks like Kendra Wilkinson (or pay them)

What’s up with National Lampoon’s these days? I feel like they should take the reigns and just start busting out good comedies again. If you think movies like Dorm Daze are good then you shouldn’t even be reading this. But the days of Animal House and Vacation seem pretty distant.

The Twelve

Emmanuelle Chriqui decided to go to fashion week and look lovely – [On205th]

I could always use a little French Volleyball Dancers – [Unibrow]

Ashley Judd is the latest Grid WAG – [Gridcrasher]

Here are some college towns that seem to rock – [Booshmagazine]

These are 8 Less obious tailgating essentials – [The Bachelor Guy]

SMU Cheerleader banned from Cheerleading – [College OTR]

Bring on the Tampa Bay Bucs Cheerleaders – [Don Chavez]

Sophie Monk is good for more than just two things – [Derober]

This picture shows Palin going down further than the original – [The Comedy Feed]

Here are seven different ways to play Jenga – [Cuzoogle]

Lauren Pope leads a charge of hot brits – [Bright Black Internet]

This video is so lame it will piss you off – [Micklanders]

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Sep 04 2008

Thursday’s Twelve: Anna Faris Looks Decent, A Gisele Shoot, and More Weed in the NBA

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Anna Faris

Wait a minute is Anna Faris hot?

I refuse to believe that Anna Faris is hot but these pictures kind of prove me wrong. Even so, her portrayal of any character in any movie bugs the hell out of me. In other news, the NFL starts tonight and I’m very jacked up about it.

The Twelve

Gisele tries out her seductive poses in Arena UK – [Cameltap]

Former Kansas basketball players, now in NBA, smoking up – [College OTR]

The 50 Hottest WAGs and a lot more – [Hot Clicks]

Patriots Cheerleaders having fun in the sun – [Don Chavez]

Fantasy drafting with the Cooley’s – [NFL Juice]

Olivia Munn is in Japan, oh my! – [Bushleague]

The greatest fart videos in internet history – [Unibrow]

Jessica Burciaga, that’s all I have to say – [The Bachelor Guy]

The McCain-Palin phone conversation – [The Comedy Feed]

That’s one hell of a squirrel slingshot – [Micklanders]

Krystal Forscutt is working it – [Derober]

Pedroia and Francona, you guys got caught! – [Awful Announcing]

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Aug 28 2008

Thursday’s Twelve: Great Referee Attacks, Holly Willoughby’s Sweet Tooth, and Myspace vs. Celebrity

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Check out the rest of the attacks

Man, the poor guy is just doing his job. Eh. Sometimes they deserve a good kick now and then you know? Pretty sure they should whip every NBA ref at halftime.

The Twelve

Holly Willoughby likes ice cream – [Busted Coverage]

The Myspace vs. Celebrity Hottie showdown – [Tastybooze]

Here’s how to end your vacation in style – [Totally Crap]

Not exactly the place for an exercise ball to land – [COED Magazine]

These guys are watching much more than just a golf swing – [Bright Black Internet]

Doutzen Kroes is the newest Victoria’s Secret gem – [Nextround]

Amazing car crashes people walked away from – [Asylum]

I’m sorry, there’s no way Chelsea Clinton is hot – [College OTR]

Toni Braxton joins the upskirt club – [Celebridiot]

Here’s how to turn 5 bucks into 500 – [The Bachelor Guy]

Some things Strahan will be doing instead of football – [The World of Isaac]

The Detroit Lions will never be good – [Epic Carnival]

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Aug 21 2008

Thursday’s Twelve: Tiger Woods Walks on Water, Funny Car Names, and White Supremacy

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Video Found via Awful Announcing

Come on Tiger! Just spend a few bucks on a commercial man.

The Twelve

The funniest Car names of all time – [The Bachelor Guy]

Classic white supremacy David Chappelle – [The Comedy Feed]

One of the weirdest sharks I’ve ever seen – [College OTR]

Very interesting use of a bottle rocket – [On205th]

Usain Bolt is pretty fast – [Withleather]

The guide to learning about car sex – [Asylum]

Let’s make sexy time with our computer – [Liquid Generation]

Here’s why Oktoberfest rules – [Tastybooze]

A pretty amazing lightening strike – [Cameltap]

Danielle Bux is quite the stunner – [Bright Black Internet]

The 10 Hottest Female Gymnasts of all Time – [All Balls]

A bronze for the Fonz – [The World of Isaac]

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Aug 14 2008

Thursday’s Twelve: Jason Kidd is Fed up, Head in Underpants, and Snoops pays attention to detail

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May Anderson

So who’s that kissing Lohan? It’s Jason Kidd’s woman

It’s over between model May Anderson and her Dallas Mavericks beau Jason Kidd – thanks to Page Six. It seems Kidd was tired of reading about his woman’s nights out. “Jason couldn’t take her hard partying,” said one source.

Darn, what a shame.

The Twelve

What caption can we come up with for this picture? Man this is tough – [Tastybooze]

Just the name Jessica Toscanini is hot enough for this WAG – [Nextround]

Snoop dog is a dirty dirty man – [Liquid Generation]

Maria Ozawa looks sweet right? Not her profession :) – [DJ Mick]

The Greatest Superhero clip of all time – [Bamkapow]

In case you missed the racist Spanish team picture – [Celebridiot]

More bad/good/funny/sad news about the popular “sport” beer pong – [College OTR]

Giant poo installation destroys a Swiss village – [Machochip]

I personally think this is amusing. If you don’t I don’t care – [Micklanders]

There are some weird pageants out there, very weird – [Asylum]

Bigfoot claimed to have been found – [Bitten and Bound]

The Fall TV Lineup has got some hot chicks for us – [Cuzoogle]

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Aug 07 2008

Thursday’s Twelve: Spurs Cheerleaders Need Help, College Movie Campuses, and Celebrity Look A-Likes

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Is this the one you’d choose?

Well, it’s Thursday. So you know what that means. It means it’s almost Friday. So you know what that means…Yes a weekend of partying for you and another weekend of me sacrificing myself finding funny crap for you. Actually no, I’m going to a wedding of a girl who I think is the dumbest girl on the planet. She’s friends with my woman. And my woman doesn’t even like her. Man I hate chicks. Jessica, if you’re reading this, I don’t care.

The Twelve

The Spurs Cheerleaders need help with their 16th pick – [Busted Coverage]

The Real Campuses of the Top College Movies – [COED Magazine]

Celebrity look a-likes – [Asylum]

Is it the Myspace Chick or the Celebrity Chick? – [Tastybooze]

Man calls 911 Because of Subway Sandwich – [Liquid Generation]

I think every man has to hate this man – [Derober]

Aubrey O’Day has her own Hump Day – [Nextround]

A funny Teen Wolf Remix – [The Comedy Feed]

University of Florida no longer a party school? – [College OTR]

Dick Vitale loves his Hooters job – [Awful Announcing]

Man I hope Lebron signs with Europe – [Sports by Brooks]

The 9 Unmanliest Superheroes – [Bamkapow]

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Jul 31 2008

Thursday’s Twelve: Zsuzsana Ripley, The Biggest Choke Job, and a Hacked Phone Tush

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Are you kidding me? Man this is just unfair.

With a name like Zsuzsana, how can she not be hot? I’d like to take a survey on how many women have two letter Z’s in their first name and aren’t hot. Actually there might be some weirdos in Tanzania or something that have those gold things on their necks. Forget I bothered. This Z is pretty damned fine though.

The Twelve

Zsuzsana Ripley is the Hungarian babe of the day – [Doubleviking]

Who is the biggest choke job of 2008? – [Don Chavez]

Her phone was hacked, but Miley Cyrus shows her ass anyway – [Liquid Generation]

Is it the Myspace Chick or the Celebrity Chick? – [Tastybooze]

Inquiring about the drunk girls of Myspace – [Asylum]

Horny dog on the loose in the park – [Bright Black Internet]

More Cubs fans are getting into fights – [Sports by Brooks]

Olympic censorship is a thing of beauty – [Awful Announcing]

Bruce Willis takes his daughters on a porn run – [Flatusyahu]

Does anyone feel bad for Paul Abdul? – [Celebslam]

Uh Oh. Even more addiction. College Fantasy Sports – [College OTR]

Some Hot Russian Reality Chick – [NFL Juice]

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Jul 24 2008

Thursday’s Twelve: Wife won’t Play with Guns, 55th Anniversary Playmate, and the WNBA Brawl

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Chicks with Guns

Interesting prank

If you’re trying to get your wife to be a certain way or change some habits, you might try some different tactics. Tactics that fall out of the ordinary. Tactics such as conversation, begging, really don’t work well. Sometimes you need to really surprise them.

The Twelve

Guy scares the hell out of his wife with firecrackers – [Cameltap]

Help Asylum find the 55th Anniversary Playmate for Playboy – [Asylum]

Top 11 Causes of the WNBA brawl – [Epic Carnival]

Awesome. Topless girl tosses James Blunt off a boat – [Liquid Generation]

Man it’s hot to hear Jessica Alba curse – [Unibrow]

College QB’s who’d have said yes to Playboy – [Nextround]

Any news on Gina Carano is worth talking about – [Flatusyahu]

Having trouble “lasting” in the sack? Read these – [The Comedy Feed]

Jeremy Shockey, about to tear up Mardi Gras – [NFL Juice]

Life according to Tommy Chong – [The Bachelor Guy]

Why women need catalogs – [Last of the Few]

Interview with Playboy Playmate Laura Croft – [Tailgating Ideas]

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