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Sep 26 2013

Thursday’s Throwdown: Star Wars Technology, Life Lessons, and Kate Beckinsale

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Click on the photo for Star Wars technology that already exists

Scientists are doing their absolute nerdiest to make Star Wars a reality every single day, despite the fact that nothing in the film was created with realism in mind. A generation of scientists and engineers who grew up with the trilogy has already given us …

The Throwdown

Twenty one important lessons learned from life – [Nedhardy]

Kate Beckinsale knows how to wear a bikini in Mexico – [Moejackson]

Can you recognize TV characters as minimalist legos? – [TVovermind]

When I need to get my sports fix on I go here – [Yardbarker]

Breaking Bad characters real life criminal offenses – [COED]

Campuses that had higher fraternity GPAs than non – [Total Frat Move]

When I need to find a great story or video I go here – [Linkiest]

Candace Swanepoel looked good in a magazine – [The Blemish]

Some of the best things about this year’s preseason football – [The Smoking Jacket]

Twelve of the most awesome hair tattoos – [Oddee]

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Sep 19 2013

Thursday’s Throwdown: Unintentionally Funny Celeb Instagrams, First World Problems, and Athletes as Comic Characters

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Click on the photo for unintentionally funny celebrity instagrams

Celebrities are starting to share intimate moments and details with the rest of the world via their Instagram accounts. Since a lot of celebrities tend to be guarded about their personal lives and personality flaws, I thought I’d use their Instagram photos to delve into their lives and reveal some harsh truths about them because omg did you hear ..

The Throwdown

Worst things in the world according to first world people – [Nedhardy]

Casting athletes as comic book characters – [Bleacher Report]

Actors who have died the most onscreen – [TVOvermind]

When I need to get my sports fix on I go here – [Yardbarker]

This is exactly how not to transport a washing machine – [TC Mag]

This is where I go to catch a solid viral video – [Linkiest]

Hotties of the day are a plenty on this destination – [Extramustard]

Eight of the best movie heists of all time – [The Smoking Jacket]

Where do pictures on the internet come from? – [Holytaco]

Ten medical professionals who were really murderers – [Oddee]

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Sep 12 2013

Thursday’s Throwdown: Movies that Improved the Book, Best Craigslist Ad, and Manscaping Back Hair

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Click on the photo for 5 movies that improved the book

Hollywood seems to love books, except for everything inside of them. But sometimes, when the stars align and the directors sync up just so … sometimes they get it right. And some other times they get it so right that even the original author has to snap his or her fingers and go “Damn, that is way better than the crap I put down.”

The Throwdown

The most awesome ad ever placed on Craigslist – [Nedhardy]

15 guys who manscaped their back hair and did it well – [Buzzfeed]

The best athletes who are still in diapers – [Bleacher Report]

When I need to get my sports fix on I go here – [Yardbarker]

How positive thinking is the key to a happy life – [Shebudgets]

Some of the coolest designed entrances out there – [Oddee]

The six most awesome sports mascots – [The Smoking Jacket]

A five step guide to dancing for dummies – [COED]

For an excellent viral video of the day I’ll go here – [Linkiest]

Helen Flanagan knows how to turn some heads – [Extramustard]

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Sep 05 2013

Thursday’s Throwdown: Mind Blowing Discoveries, Clever TV posters, and Drama Athletes

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Chain Catshark

Click on the photo for mind blowing discoveries on Ebay

When we think about scientists discovering new species, we usually imagine someone wandering through heretofore unexplored stretches of Amazon wilderness and finally stumbling across some new kind of spider monkey or maybe bigfoot. But the world is full of creatures previously unknown to science

The Throwdown

A clever use of television and movie posters – [Nedhardy]

Collection of athletes who love to cause drama – [Bleacher Report]

Vanessa Hudgens likes to show off in a bikini – [The Blemish]

Tiffany Stanley will leave a lasting impression on you – [Moejackson]

You won’t be able to guess where this gold has been – [Izismile]

Forty five of the sexiest Colombian women – [COED]

When I need to get my sports fix this is where I go – [Yardbarker]

A quick tale of love most terrible – [Holytaco]

Tips for backpacking around the world cheaply – [Buzzfeed]

Check out this video on the fine art of beatboxing – [The Smoking Jacket]

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Aug 29 2013

Thursday’s Throwdown: Terrifying Smartphone Hacks, Beauty in Nature, Athletes with Kids

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Click on the photo for five terrifying smartphone hacks

The downside of storing your entire world inside a pocket-dwelling supercomputer is that there are always those who are itching to turn that technology against you in ways you’d never expect. So while you might enjoy your smartphone, please be aware of what can happen….

The Throwdown

A photographic appreciation for the beauty in nature – [Nedhardy]

When athletes celebrate their victories with their kids – [Bleacher Report]

Triumphant times from you childhood remembered – [Izismile]

Some fascinating stories behind famous celebrity mugshots – [Celebritytoob]

Five of the best poor foods that no money can buy – [Holytaco]

Olivia Wilde playing wiffle ball is kind of awesome – [Bustedcoverage]

Five abandoned wonders of China – [Oddee]

When I need to get my sports fix on I go here – [Yardbarker]

Raquel Rischard Does Sexy Bikini Photoshoot In Beverly Hills – [Moejackson]

Incompetent fictional camp counselors – [Maxim]

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Aug 22 2013

Thursday’s Throwdown: How Athletes Celebrate, Scary Supermarket Secrets, and Women Boxers

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Click on the photo to see how athletes celebrate

You won the big game, you’ve reached a special moment in life and now it’s your moment to celebrate. So what are you going to do? The rush of victory is intoxicating, and the compulsion to celebrate is nigh inescapable. Everyone celebrates, and few people are more familiar with the tradition than athletes.

The Throwdown

Five horrifying secrets supermarkets don’t want you to know – [Cracked]

Women boxers who shared an odd moment in public – [Izismile]

15 actors you wouldn’t recognize in these movie roles – [Celebritytoob]

When I need to get my sports fix this is where I go – [Yardbarker]

Oh what a difference ten years can make – [Nedhardy]

Five reasons why it would suck to be Superman – [The Smoking Jacket]

25 things everyone forgets about camping – [Holytaco]

A collection of girls who play mistresses – [Maxim]

These are the most French photos that have ever been taken – [COED]

The 11 most important moments of your Freshman year -  [Oddee]

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Aug 15 2013

Thursday’s Throwdown: Duck Diving in Hawaii, Insanely Detailed Games, and Girls with Glass

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Click on the photo for more pics of duck diving in Hawaii

Duck diving is the process by which a surfer gets out further to sea.  One must “duck” under the waves or the waves will come crashing down on them as they paddle out to catch their sets.  However, when you see it from underwater it’s pretty spectacular.

The Throwdown

Six video games that have put insane detail in that you didn’t know about – [Cracked]

A bunch of sexy pictures of girls posing with glass – [Maxim]

The best buzzer beaters from Michael Jordan in the history of sport – [Unathletic]

It’s hard to tell who these actors are in these roles – [Izismile]

The American Beauty project is pretty awesome – [The Smoking Jacket]

Possibly the ten best cat photos on the internet – [Holytaco]

Paris Hilton tries to be relevant by wearing a bikini – [The Blemish]

Athletes who were traded for some ridiculous things – [Bleacher Report]

When I need to get my sports fix on I’ll go here – [Yardbarker]

If I want to read a great top ten list I’ll go here – [Listgazette]

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Aug 08 2013

Kate Sullivan Leads the P.M. Portfolio

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Click on the photo for more of Kate Sullivan

Kate is yet another person who is sharing the wealth on Instagram that we happen to love.   The sheer dearth of pictures she has available makes for an exciting gallery which is exactly what we’re linking to.   It makes me want to just take a moment and enjoy blonds.

The Portfolio

adriana_lima_20130623_1340396703 alex-morgan-24 Hotties-2-7-013 rockets-dancers-tryouts-4 suzanne-quast-bikini-photos-07021301 PUBLISHED by catsmob.com Laetitia Casta, Vogue Brasil, July 2013 NSiwiec05_clean_800


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Aug 08 2013

Thursday’s Throwdown: Rules For Being Human, Bystanders Becoming Heroes, and Soccer Flopping

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Click on the photo for ten rules for being human

It’s not easy to be human.  Lord knows I try every single day to do the best I can but clearly life can throw us some curveballs.   When that happens perhaps we can turn to a set of rules that help us better define ourselves.  Or maybe they’ll just help us through the day.  Enjoy!

The Throwdown

Six amazing stories of bystanders becoming heroes – [Cracked]

One of the worst examples of soccer flopping of the entire year – [Unathletic]

This is where I’ll go when I need to get some political humor – [Ace]

30 of the sexiest Canadian women on the planet – [COED]

When I need to get my sports fix on I’ll head in this direction – [Yardbarker]

Some of the best forgotten 90s Saturday morning cartoons – [Buzzfeed]

Movie presidents that should have fired their security staffs – [Maxim]

The video of the day is where I’ll enjoy 2 min of my time – [Linkiest]

A collection of unintentionally funny athlete paintings – [Bleacher Report]

Elle Patille is one of the hottest girls I’ve ever seen – [The Smoking Jacket]

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Aug 01 2013

Thursday’s Throwdown: Getting Old, Crazy Flight, and the Best Motivational Speech

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Click on the photo for 5 warning signs you’re really getting older

You are going to get old, and it is going to happen lightning fast. You won’t see it coming. You’ll just be living your life the way you always have, thinking, “Man, I sure am young. There is little in life that I enjoy more than the simple knowledge of how completely not old I am.” And then one day, out of the blue, you’ll have a horrifying realization that people have stopped viewing you as anything but a kid’s parent.

The Funbag

Check out this plane flying right through a sandstorm – [TC Mag]

An awesome motivational speech from the movie Hoosiers – [Unathletic]

When I need to get my sports fix on I go here – [Yardbarker]

20 things you never know about “The Office” – [COED]

Cheerleader turned MMA fighter is quite a site to see – [Busted Coverage]

For an awesome video of the day link I’ll go here – [Linkiest]

Six of the worst drinks in the entire world – [Holytaco]

It’s funny watching a pug get really emotional – [The Chive]

The bizarre stories of people who like to get married a lot – [Oddee]

Early years of superstar athlete mix tapes – [Bleacher Report]

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