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Aug 14 2009

The Myspace Toolbox: Italian Leo From Jersey Makes Me Nervous

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Jersey Boy

Is this the kind of dude that would stare at you and then keep staring even if it were completely obvious that it made you uncomfortable?

Look I can’t be certain that he is but don’t you just get that vibe?  I do.

Jersey Boys!

Jersey Boy Jersey Boy Jersey Boy

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Jan 02 2009

The Myspace Toolbox: Franco Has Nice Eyebrows

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The one great (and also crappy thing) about the Myspace Toolboxes is that you never, ever run out of them.  It’s kind of like hot chicks.  They’re everywhere.  Which is why I said it’s also a crappy thing.

No matter where you are in the world, you’ll always find some dude with weirdly groomed eyebrows.  Don’t only chicks do that?

I will never get tired of making fun of guys like Franco.

Let’s see why

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Aug 01 2008

The Work Commute IPod Tune of the Day: “Born to Be Alive,” Patrick Hernandez

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This is one of those borderline “Embarrassed to Play” songs, but damnet if I wasn’t grooving out to this song this morning. It just reminds me of all that is good in this world. You know something Patrick Hernandez? We ARE born to be alive. We are born to shake it.

We are born to create completely whacked out videos with weird manes of hair, cheesy blue ties, suits, white shoes, and making the most ugly faces I have ever seen.

But ladies and gentlemen. If you hear a great song today, this is the song. Live life. Enjoy it to the fullest and be proud to play this thing loud in the elevator so that the person next to you gets a little taste of disco happiness.

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Jul 03 2008

IPOD Song on the Way to Work: Stereo MC’s, “Connected”

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This is another one of those songs where I’m walking down Park Avenue, get stopped at a traffic light and poof, “Ayyy yaiiii ayyy aii, Ayyyy yaiii ayyy aiii. Gonna get myself, gonna get myself, gonna get myself connected.”

I just couldn’t help myself. I started bopping my head right then and there. Do me a favor and listen to this song today. I guarantee it will make your day better. Stereo MC’s baby. Remember their other hit? “Step it Up.”

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Jun 16 2008

The IPod Tune on the Way to Work: “The Heart of Rock and Roll,” Huey Lewis and the News

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It’s just impossible not to bop your head while standing at a red light with this song playing. And by the way these guys had incredible videos. So much intentional and unintentional humor (to quote Bill Simmons which I will never do again).

Any time Huey Lewis wore glasses in a video I laughed. I tell ya, if there’s one concert that’s sure to be a good time it’s Huey Lewis and the News.

Anyone ever see them live?

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May 19 2008

The IPOD Tune on the Way to Work: AC/DC’s “Back in Black”

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Quite possibly one of the best intro’s to any song I’ve heard in quite some time.  I can only imagine what a concert wtih these guys would be like.

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May 02 2008

My Great IPod Tune on the Way To Work – Prince: Let’s Go Crazy

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Many of us have a daily routine in terms of getting to work. Be it the subway, walking, driving, I’d say 99.9% of us listen to music on the way to our jobs.

Each morning I walk about 15 minutes to my job. In those 15 minutes there’s always one song that gets me going. That one song that says to me “today’s gonna be OK.”

Today’s song? Prince’s “Let’s go Crazy.” What a phenomenal song. Great guitar solo at the end. Plus I’ve shared the video that features scenes from the movie Purple Rain. So listen to it today!

Plus, that Apallonia Kotero broad has got some great cans.

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