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Jul 20 2009

10 Obscure 80s Music Videos That Are Very 80s

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Perhaps it’s nostalgia.  Perhaps it’s knowing that we’re about halfway through the year and 2010 is eventually upon us.  The fact that 1980 will have been 30 years ago is pretty amazing.  And the difference between now and anything thirty years ago is pretty astounding as well.  Sowould the difference between 1980 and 1950 be, and so forth.

Not really sure where I was going with that but the point is I miss the 80s.  I miss the music.  I miss the weird hair and blazers in high school.  I was only 5 or 6 when the real 80s music videos started to air, but I feel like I remember them.

It’s unfortunate I missed these gems though.

Check out these 10 obscure 80s videos that I doubt you’d know

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Mar 26 2009

Classic Lunchboxes of the 80s

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80s Lunch Box

In today’s day and age I would imagine that a status symbol for a child in elementary school would be their iphone or even possibly the kind of cell phone they have.  Hell eventually it’ll be whether or not they had sex the night before.  Kids today are just too advanced and it’s quite disturbing.

However, back when I was a kid it was stuff like baseball cards, candy, gum, etc etc.  I mean if you were the kid with the pack of Juicy Fruit you were 100% popular.  Another awesome status symbol?  The lunchbox.

It’s a shame they stopped making the metal lunchbox.  Though I’d image that today they’d be used as weapons.  Here are some 80s lunchboxes that were probably sure to open up the popularity gates.

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Jan 21 2009

An Incredibly Great 80′s Song That I Missed: Rain in the Summertime by The Alarm

The year was 1987 and I was all but 8 years old.  I’m way too lazy to research things that happened in 1987 to try and “set the tone” here.  I just wanted to mention that the year was 1987.

But amongst bands trying to make it must have been The Alarm.  It’s a shame they didn’t really come up with anything after this.  Perhaps it was because this is one of the lamest videos of all time.  They were doing stuff in the early 80′s and were actually compared to U2 at one point but I never heard of them.

Technically they’re still around but come on.

I gotta say this is a great tune though.

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Oct 23 2008

5 Defining Characteristics of an ’80s Movie High School/College Villain

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High School Villains

OK, we’re not talking about 80′s horror flicks or action movies here.  That’s an entirely different subject.  I’m talking about 80′s comedies or pseudo dramas that take place in college or high school.

You know, your Pretty in Pink’s of the world and your Some Kind of Wonderful’s.   Most of these movies have some kind of enemy or villain that just gets under your skin.  Nowadays it’s just high comedy for me.

And whether or not they have funny hair or drive a Corvette, all these guys have a defining quality that bonds them all.

Put it this way, you will inevitably see at least one of these characteristics on a high school or college villain in an 80′s movie.  I’m not saying you’ll see them all in every guy, but these 5 are pretty static.  (P.S. I’m leaving out actors names, so there)

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Jun 13 2008

The 80′s Were Uncoached: Erasure’s “A Little Respect”

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I never knew that this song actually had a video. It’s almost disappointing in a way because you try and picture the singer while you hear the song on the radio, and then when viewing the video you see how unbelievably gay he looks.

It’s like when you first heard Rick Astley and thought he was black. But you can’t deny how awesome this song is. I don’t know what it is, but something in this song gives me hope in my life.

I feel like I’m now ready to take on the world. Thanks Erasure!

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May 27 2008

The 80′s Were Uncoached – “Broken Wings” by Mr. Mister

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The video kind of sucks but when I hear this song I think of 80′s chicks that wear really amazing blazers with hardcore shoulder pads, have way too much eye makeup and feathered hair.

I then think of a seductive session where we’re both undressing and of course Mr. Mister’s “Broken Wings” is playing in the background. That’s the 80′s I knew.

(P.S. I was listening to the song this whole time for inspiration)

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Apr 30 2008

The 80′s Were Uncoached – “Just one of the Guys”

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Just One of the Guys

In what could be used for entire library of “Whatever Happened To” the movie Just One of the Guys has got to be one of the most underrated eighties classics of all time. It it weren’t for channels like Encore or even HBO playing it 600 times a week during certain spans, I’d have never caught this masterpiece.

There’s really too much to talk about here. Joyce Hyser plays a pseudo hot girl (with huge boobs) who wants to be respected as a journalist. She submits an article to a contest which of course does not win. She argues her loss is due to the fact she’s a girl.

To prove that she’s right, Terry dresses as a guy and goes to another school where she will resubmit her paper and win. When she doesn’t win, Terry learns new things about herself through acting as “Just one of the guys.”

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Apr 17 2008

The 80′s Were Uncoached – Better Off Dead

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Better Off Dead

I don’t think people realize how unbelievable and yet how strange the movie Better off Dead was. It’s pretty much impossible to articulate in print.

But I’ll give it a shot. Let’s start with the characters. Lane Meyer was played by John Cusack. That’s too easy.

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Apr 10 2008

The 80′s Were Uncoached – Dead or Alive’s “You Spin Me Round”

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From the blazers and jeans to the whacked out hair, the 80′s reminds us that this was the decade to be weird, or more to the point…uncoached. Of all the decades I’ve been a part of none could compare to the amazingness that is the 80′s.

Each week I’ll toss in something that will remind us all that when you think someone’s hairstyle is weird, that the clothes they’re wearing suck, that virtually anything they do is out of the ordinary, simply watch one of these videos or look at a few pictures that I bring to the table.

Today? Dead or Alive’s “You spin me right round baby right round, like a record baby, right round round round.”

Amazing song by the way, but this video is very freaky.

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