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Dec 11 2012

Is Caroline Wozniacki’s Busty Serena Williams Impression a Little Too Much?

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I guess if you can’t win much anymore you have to resort to entertaining the crowd in other ways. That’s exactly the idea behind Caroline Wozniacki, who’s taken to jokes instead of wins. This past weekend she reused a Serena Williams impression during a match vs. Maria Sharapova. The crowd seemed to like it, but she still lost the match, obviously.

Serena should do an impression of Caroline. Go hump a hobbit on the set of Lord of the Rings, then proceed to lose tennis matches. Andy Roddick did a much better impression of Serena back in the day…

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May 04 2010

Funny Tennis Faces

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Tennis Faces

Only a few people know this but back in the day I was a very serious tennis player.  So much so I was training to be a professional.  But unfortunately my love for basketball and my penchant for getting way too nervous got in the way of something that could have been.

I do not regret my decision to quit the sport but I guess it’s one of those “I wonder what would have happened” things.   Wasn’t that a nice little start to this story?

One thing in tennis that I hated was when other players grunted and made noise.  However, you gotta realize that tennis is strenuous and from the stress of it all comes those noises.  But something way less annoying?

The funny faces made from the strain of each shot.  Here’s a nice sample of those faces

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Oct 16 2009

10 Of the Most Amazing Tennis Shots I’ve Ever Seen

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Having been a pretty serious tennis player myself, I can appreciate the talent that it takes to be a professional tennis player.   I mean it’s one thing to be ranked high in the state.  It’s another to be ranked high in the world.  It’s like making the leap from college to the pros.  The skill level is so dramatically different that it’s just so obvious.

Put it this way.  Any old tennis player can hit a trick shot.  Any player can fiddle around in practice.  But to hit these shots in competition?  It’s truly magnificent.

From dives to between the legs to ridiculous overheads, here are 10 of the most amazing tennis shots I’ve ever seen

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Aug 11 2009

The Many Types of Women’s Tennis Outfits: A Photo Essay

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With the U.S. Open upon us and the bound to be many articles entitled “Hotties of the U.S. Open” coming, I figured I would take a different route.  It seems that through the years the tennis skirt has been an interesting subject of fashion.

While we may not realize it, the tennis skirt has had some serious evolution since the early 20s.   The original women of Wimbledon actually had to wear full length dresses (and the men slacks).  Pretty amazing.

Thanks to Life, we are able to see how the tennis skirt has in fact evolved.   But I have my own interpretations of the pictures.

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Aug 06 2009

OK, Why Didn’t I like Andy Roddick?

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I’m now trying to rack my brain as to why I never really liked Andy Roddick.  I guess it was strictly based on him never really contending for much.  Other than that U.S. Open victory, Roddick doesn’t have much.

But if he keeps up with interviews like this then I’m gonna have no choice but to root for him every single time I see him.

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Jul 09 2009

Nice Tackle at This Year’s French Open

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Tennis just isn’t the same anymore.  You don’t see guys like J-Mac and Jimmy Connors anymore.  Sure there’s fire but the new athletes don’t see to play to the crowd as much and you rarely see things that amaze you other than some great rallies from time to time.

I miss the showmanship.  I miss the tantrums.  I miss Ivan Lendl and Boris Becker.

Now all you got is the hope that some raging lunatic storms onto the court.  Thank God for that.  Nice tackle by the way.

I love Mcenroe.  “Gotta pop this guy.”

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Jul 06 2009

After Yesterday, Andy Roddick Has Certainly Earned My Respect

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Having watched what may have been the most historic 5th set of any Grand Slam, the one thing that I took out of that match (other than the solidification of Roger Federer being the best player ever), was that Andy Roddick showed that he could compete with the best, and possibly be the best at some point.

By no means am I saying he’s better than Federer or Nadal.  I’m just saying it was nice to see Roddick finally play at that level.  I for one, didn’t like Roddick before yesterday.  It just sort of annoyed me that the guy always seemed to choke against the world’s best.  It almost seemed like the dude didn’t care.  But perhaps that wasn’t the case at all.

Perhaps these other guys were just better than him.  But it was tough to agree with that considering his serve and power of his forehand.  The guy just needed to pull it together for an entire match.  And up until yesterday it always seemed that Roddick fell short.  But not only fell short, got his ass kicked.

Well that certainly wasn’t the case yesterday.  In fact, I really think that Roddick should have won.  And personally I thought after that 6-2 tie break choke, that Roddick would get reamed.  It was nice watching a different result.  One where both players didn’t let up.  It was that damned sun.  Who would have thought the sun would have screwed with a player at Wimbledon?

While all the praise might go to Federer for this historic win, I hope it means some great things out of Roddick in Flushing this year.

That is all.

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Jun 19 2009

A Collection of Videos to Prove Tennis Grunting Should Stop Immediately

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I was a serious tennis player growing up and had I not been such a puss and quit at 13 I might actually be on the tour right now.  Not sure how good I’d have been but still, it’s one of the biggest regrets that I have.   A regret I don’t have however, is when I used to play annoying kids who would grunt.

I mean come on.  A male?  I know for a FACT that it’s not necessary to grunt.  There’s just no way you need to.  Same goes for lifting weights.  This whole using your voice thing is a total sham.  And in tennis, I’ve been there.  I know.  It’s total bull.  The women that yell these days?  It’s 100% a tactic to piss off the other player.

I will never buy it.  You don’t need to scream and it won’t change your game whatsoever.  The worst is when men do it.  So I hope this new proposition goes through (not that I even watch tennis anymore but still)

And if you don’t think screaming needs to stop, check out these videos

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May 29 2009

By Far the Worst News of the Week: Tennis Player Simona Halep to Have Breast Reduction

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Simona Halep

My buddies at Total Pro Sports and Withleather have already commented on the subject but I felt I just had to.

In case you guys don’t know:

Earlier this month in an interview with the Romanian site ProSport, Simona Halep stated her wishes to have breast reduction surgery. Upon explaining her reasoning behind such a decision, she pointed to the added weight and difficulty in carrying her jugs over to every ball that gets hit her way.

I do not believe that physical appearance has an effect on performance, so I help with anything in the sport.  My mind bust when I go on the field and even if I were sporting, I would have felt very good. (My Breasts) inconvenience me, it’s very hard with them. It’s a weight in addition to confound me speed response. I can not go on very well. Shoot me down. Nothing in life is not like me even though sport was not all I was doing surgery”, revealed Halep. “Surgical intervention should take place last year, but probably will use it in autumn, because the postponement might cause problems in the column.”

Pictures and more after the jump

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May 26 2009

The Many Funny Faces of Tennis

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Funny Tennis

Is anyone here following the French Open?  I’m not particularly either.  Unless it involves Ana Ivanovic or some other up and coming hot chick then I’m not really interested.

Actually I kind of like the whole Federer/Nadal possibility.  Those are always fun.  You know what else is fun?  Seeing some of the faces that the tennis world makes on a daily basis.

Whether it’s nearly getting hit, concentrating, or not being able to concentrate, here’s a tasty little gallery of the many faces of tennis

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