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Oct 27 2009

10 Really Funny Clips from the Show “Super Dave”

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Super Dave

Does anyone remember how funny Super Dave used to be?  And I hope that all of you realize Super Dave was played by none other than the same guy who plays Marty Funkhouser, Bob Einstein.

And man does Einstein’s resume go back.  Guy was on the Smother’s Brother show in 1967 as Officer Judy.  In any event, Super Dave Osborne was definitely a pretty funny character.  I’m pretty sure that as a kid I actually thought he was a real stunt man.

Little did I know that the show was just a goof, and a funny goof at that.

Here are 10 funny clips from “Super Dave.”

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Sep 29 2009

10 Classic Benny Hill Clips

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It’s a shame that The Benny Hill Show didn’t exist in a different era and in our country.   I think that the show would absolutely kick ass today.  Granted probably more than half the skits wouldn’t pass because of the allusion to statutory rape, they’re still funny as hell.

I mean in this crazy crappy economic and serious climate we could use a little immaturity and flat out sexual exploitation.  If you really think about it, in modern day times Benny Hill’s characters would simply be considered big babies who rip off women’s clothes without their consent.

Call me crazy but that sounds like a number one hit to me.

Here are 10 classic Benny Hill Clips

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Sep 09 2009

Using Raw Footage and Ridiculous Non Related Stuff is Great for Advertising

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This is an excellent montage of classic Youtube clips all used to advertise a new racer called Blur on Activision.  It just goes to show that when you combine Jackass firecracker out of ass footage with an incredible clip of a mother laughing at her son on a roller coaster (minute 1:33) that you can really be poised to make a run at the market.

It seems that this is the direction our country is headed.  The further along we go, the more we have to shock our audience to get their attention.

Personally I think Activision does a great job of it here.

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Aug 13 2009

Who Else Wants to Murder the Progressive Car Insurance Girl?

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If I hear the words “discount!” uttered by this woman again I think I might throw up all over someone.  That someone I wish were Stephanie Courtney.  She is the shrilly redhead who annoys the ever living crap out of every single person in America who has to sit through that monstrosity they call a commercial.

Did you know that this woman actually has a Facebook Page with over 8700 fans?   I’m now pretty sure that my new goal in life is to track down every single one of these fans, clamp their eyes open Clockwork Orange style, and make them watch Progressive Car Insurance commercials at full blast until their eyes bleed.

Then I’ll ask them, “you still a fan?”

God I hate that commercial.

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Jun 12 2009

10 Amusing Family Guy Photoshops

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Family Guy Photoshops

I’m a big fan of the show Family Guy.  I’ve argued this before and I’ll argue it again.  I think it dwarfs the Simpsons and I also think it’s more intelligent.  It doesn’t mean I don’t think the Simpsons is good, it just means that Family Guy, in my eyes, pays much more attention to the little things whereas the Simpsons is just flat out sort of sitcom comedy.

I suppose one day I can write a real post on comparing the two but that’s for another time and another place.  It’s also for when I feel like wasting an entire Saturday afternoon on this stuff.  And that’s tough because those afternoons are for porn and I’m not nearly ready to give that up.

Oh yeah, here are 10 amusing Family guy photoshops

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Dec 22 2008

5 Famous TV Sitcom Guy Quotes That Seemed Funny on TV But You Could Never Pull Them Off in Real Life

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Television shows become successful for a variety of reasons.  One of those reasons happens to be character development.  And a vital component of developing these characters is giving them signature lines that audiences will look forward to.

“Hello Newman,” for example, is a huge one on Seinfeld.  Remember “You got it dude” from the Olsen Twins on Full House?  Each week audiences would wait for these lines.

But in my eyes, some of these lines would never make it in the real world.  Here are five popular guy lines that just wouldn’t pull it off out there.

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Dec 19 2008

What an Absolute Redneck of a Show: Dukes of Hazzard

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This is the first time I’ve seen the intro to Dukes of Hazzard in a very long time.  And having gone to college in the South and befriending a whole bunch of redneck types, I’d have to think that Southern kids are raised on re-runs of this stuff.

I mean it’s probably still shown in schools.  Look at this thing!  I mean one of the character’s names is Cooter for Christ’s Sake.

I don’t think it’s possible for this show to be any more Southern or Confederate Flaggy.  And yet the two stars don’t even have accents.  Isn’t it ironic?  Don’t you think?

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Nov 26 2008

5 Unbelievably Racist and Non PC Moments from All in the Family

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Archie Bunker

As you guys saw yesterday, I shared a clip from All in the Family where Archie Bunker goes off on England calling it a “Fairy” (though he doesn’t use that word) country.  It’s amazing to me that 20-30 years ago this kind of stuff went on as commonplace in television sitcoms.

However, none was as prevalent as in All in the Family.

All In The Family was very progressive for its time, and its portrayal of Archie Bunker was meant to be over the top and the subject of ridicule.

The show dealt with racism, sexism, homophobia, rape, and other issues with a lot more courage than any modern sitcom would.  But today?  Today’s there’s no way that stuff could be pulled off.

Well at least shows like Chapelle’s Show can still poke fun at the race card.  And I enjoy how comedy shows are finally not taking it so seriously.  Still though, the stuff in these 5 clips is pretty hardcore.

Enjoy these racist/non PC moments from All in the Family

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Nov 25 2008

I Wonder How Networks Would Feel about this Clip Today: All in the Family

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If you want to talk about one of the most racist and unpolitically correct shows in the history of television, look no further than All in the Family.

That Archie Bunker sure don’t like gays.  Wow.   This is uncanny.

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Nov 11 2008

20 of Television’s Dumbest Sitcom Characters (That Are Actually Funny)

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Dumb Sitcom Characters

There are many ingredients that make up a great sitcom.  You always need a classic set of main characters to base the story on.  But you also need a great supporting staff.  Think about all the amazing side characters that Seinfeld had.  The show just wouldn’t have been as good if guys like Babu and the Soup Nazi weren’t on.

But I’m not just talking about that.  I’m also talking about recurring characters who appear on nearly every episode.  And whether they’re serious or funny, they have to be good.

One of those characters?  The dumb guy or girl.  Sometimes poking fun at these characters can take the show to new levels.  And I think that these 20 characters certainly fit that bill.  Put it this way, Kimmy Gibbler from Full House and Waldo from Family Matters are NOT good examples.

Here are 20 of television’s dumbest sitcom characters (that are actually funny).

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