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Dec 31 2008

Great Moments Dedicated to one of the Finest Traditions at a Tailgating Event: The Table Break

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Clearly one of the best traditions on all of sports isn’t just the sport itself.  It’s what leads up to the event.  And tailgating has certainly come a long way since a simple barbecue and discussion session prior to the game.  These days people have taken tailgating to new heights achieving insurmountable feats.

And since drinking has become such a staple in the tailgate, naturally some of your dumber ideas are to follow.  Over the last few years, with the advent of amateur wrestling and sheer stupidity, the table break has become a new, rich, and proud tradition.

From your bodyslams to all out blunders, here are some great moments in tailgate table breaking.

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Dec 05 2008

Tailgating Nation: 8 Reasons To Watch Kansas Hoops Right Now

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The Kansas Jayhawks have always been an interesting team to watch.  And at 5-1 this year, the trend will keep on rolling.   I’m sure that this team will be in the thick of things come March Madness and as a Jayhawks fan, one should expect nothing less.

From the inventor of all of basketball to Wilt Chamberlain, to a hippie in white hair, there are hundreds of reasons a person could choose to follow the Jayhawks.  I however, have to decided to slim it down some.

Here are 8 reasons to follow Kansas hoops right now.

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Nov 07 2008

Tailgating Nation: 10 Reasons You Need to Tailgate For Duke Basketball

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 Duke Bsaketball

As we roll out yet another series of “Tailgating Nation,” it’s time to start embracing the beginning of the NCAA Basketball season.  Although we’re still only in preseason mode, you can bet that fans are ready to whip out the face paint and start cheering.

And who better to start out with than Duke?  Yeah I know, UNC is ranked number one in the AP polls, but you have to admit, there’s just something about Duke that’s in the blood.

If you go to school there, you bleed Devil blue.  If you don’t, it’s just such a fun team to keep track of whether you like them or not.   So in the interest of getting pumped for this year….

Here are 10 reasons that Duke is a great tailgate.

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Oct 23 2008

Tailgating Nation: Sooner Rather Than Later, Let’s Discuss 8 Reasons To Tailgate in Oklahoma

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Oklahoma Sooners

Despite the loss to Texas which we know all about, this school’s got spirit.   Oklahoma has a long tradition of winning and anyone that’s been there knows that it’s one hell of a place to party.

From guys like Barry Switzer to Brian Bosworth, there’s always been a reason to watch the Sooners.   And while the team might not be number one right now (they’re #4), you can bet this team isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

The Oklahoma Sooners will remain an elite program and thus with any elite program carries some dedicated fans.  That also means some serious tailgating.

In fact, here are eight reasons that should make you want to tailgate at Oklahoma at least once.

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Oct 15 2008

Tailgating Nation: It’s Time To Starting Tailgating in Texas, And Here Are 8 Good Reasons Why

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Texas Tailgate

Now that Texas has overtaken the College polls, I’m finally doing my first front runner article.  It’s pretty obvious that a Texas student would want to tailgate at their own school but what about for us visitors?

I for one have visited the city of Austin (yes I know they play in Dallas) and even if you’re not a fan of the Longhorns you have to appreciate some of the qualities about the school.

With that in mind, here are 8 solid reasons you would want to tailgate at the University of Texas.

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Oct 07 2008

Tailgating Nation: 7 Videos to Support Why I’d Be Happy To Tailgate with LSU

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As LSU gears up for what will be one of the nation’s most highly anticipated matchups of the season, you can bet that more than a few students will be making the trip to the swamp at UF.

And while I know the UF fans will not disappoint, I’m looking forward to the many pictures and more than likely follies of some the entertaining tailgate festivities that will take place.

But just in case you’re not aware of the tailgating prowess of one of the nation’s proudest football schools, here are 7 to remind you that LSU would be a fun team to root for.

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Aug 28 2008

Tailgating Nation: Seven Great Reasons to Watch University of Florida Gators Football This Year

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Florida Tailgate

It’s almost time for Gators Football ladies and gentlemen. Plenty of sub plots to be going on this year: Will Tebow win the Heisman again? Can this team be the fastest team in the nation as Urban Meyer hopes?

Or should we think of other things like “How hot is the cheerleading squad this year?” and “Which players have a shot at the NFL?”

Whatever your thought is, and however you may wish to interpret this team, here are seven sure fire reasons to keep track of the Gators this year.

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Aug 12 2008

Tailgating Nation: Why Should you Tailgate with the Crimson Tide Faithful?

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Alabama Tailgate

Last week I brought you reasons one should tailgate at Florida State. Today? Today we visit another Southern school with lots of pride and plenty of reasons to party. A ranking of colleges and universities, published in the May 19, 2008 edition of Forbes magazine, ranks the University of Alabama seventh in the nation among public universities. The ranking also places UA 42nd among all national universities, both public and private.

Well that’s all well and good. I’m sure they’d be happy to know that. But if it’s me? I wouldn’t really focus on academics as a real reason to tailgate at this school. I like to focus on history, tradition, and guys like Latrell Sprewell.

Here are 10 pretty solid reasons you should considering joining a tailgate party at the University of Alabama.

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Aug 04 2008

Tailgating Nation: Florida State University

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FSU Tailgate

Football fans from around the country: The buzz is starting and football season is just around the corner. And since the NFL is more home to large gentlemen who eat a lot of cheese on game day, we might have to turn our attention to college football. Why?

Tailgating is much better there of course. So I decided to start a little segment called “Tailgating Nation.” Each week, or possibly more, I’ll be taking a look at some of the most sought after tailgating schools.

Today? Today we focus on FSU. Let’s dive into some reasons why FSU is one of the best tailgating schools in the country.

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