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Sep 26 2008

Stand Up Comedy Time: Louis CK on Bill Gates

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What would Louis do if he had a ton of money? These are actually some great ideas.

Careful if you’re at work. Lots of language kids.

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Sep 10 2008

Stand Up Comedy Time: Louis C.K. and the N-Word

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Man is this guy on target. He just has a way of thinking about things that is incredible.

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Aug 21 2008

Stand up Comedy Time: Louis C.K. Hates Stuff

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Man I love this guy. His negative attitude is the epitome of all that I am. Just watch this.

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Aug 11 2008

Some of the Best Clips of Bernie Mac

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As most of you know, Bernie Mac, 50, died this past weekend. Unfortunately, ” he succumbed several days after being hospitalized for pneumonia which arose from a longstanding lung ailment, sarcoidosis, at Northwestern Memorial Hospital, Chicago, Danica Smith told People magazine.”

I know I don’t know his family, but I certainly do wish them well in this time. I was a big fan of him. Notably I loved him in all the Ocean’s 11 movies and Bad Santa. He just had a very verbose, yet sweet way about him that was excellent.

In honor of the man, I’ve found 5 clips that I thought were pretty great.

RIP Bernie Mac.

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Aug 08 2008

Time for a Little Stand Up: Old School Jim Carrey doing Sammy Davis Jr.

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Now this is when Carrey was at his best. His impressions are far and away some of the best ever. Wait until he takes off the glass in this video. It’s amazing.

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Jul 22 2008

Stand Up Comedy Time: Dave Chappelle on Kids Cartoons

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It’s time for another comedy skit. You can choose most anything Dave Chappelle for a sure laugh, but this is one of his older bits. It’s awesome.

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Jun 30 2008

The Weekly Stand Up Comedy Video: Louis C.K.

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Given that I recently saw Louis C.K. at Caroline’s, I thought I’d share some of his stuff with you guys. His show on HBO unfortunately failed (I personally thought it was impossible for his routine to make for good sitcom television, even though his stand up is amazing) but if you have the chance to see the guy I highly recommend it.

His humor is extremely dry and if you can’t find this funny then you most certainly don’t understand my kind of sense of humor and should probably stop coming to this site.

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