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Sep 04 2011

Easily The Worst Safe Call in MLB History

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I’m sure you guys all caught this but in case you didn’t,  it really needed to be brought up again.  This was part of a 19 inning game and it’s clearly evident the ump just wanted to go home.

I mean are you kidding me? The guy never even reached the plate. Wow.

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Aug 09 2011

Five Things in Sports That Make Absolutely No Sense

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With the amount of rules that are generated in nearly any game, and that even goes for board games, there’s always something to be left for debate.   No game is perfect and that’s why rules are always being evaluated to make the games better.

But sometimes there are rules that make absolutely zero sense.   And today I’d like to focus on sports.   Why the hell this stuff goes on is beyond me.

Here are five rules in sports that make no sense….

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Jul 24 2011

How to Get Someone Off a Porta Potty

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As many of you probably don’t know, The Canucks lost the Stanley Cup last month in a game 7.  Afterwards, let’s just say the city of Vancouver was none too pleased with the outcome.

In fact some people were so pissed (pun intended) that they refused to get off the toilet.  Rather the roof of the toilet.  But have no fear!  The Vancouver ramming police are here!

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Jul 03 2011

Punches Don’t Get Much Harder than This

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What we do know.   This was some sort of an MMA fight.  What we don’t know.  Who these guys are, where the fight took place, and what kind of injury the guy who got nailed had.

But trust me when I tell you this is one of the most devastating haymakers of all time.   Just watch the dude drop.  I could really go without the dumb accompanying music though.


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Jun 28 2011

A Great Collection of Gymnastics Fails

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There are two main reason one should watch gymnastics.  At least from the male perspective it consists of females and accidents.   The priority is to watch women get into positions that men only dream of.   Seriously you become mesmerized while watching the screen.  Plus there are definitely some hotties out there.

Second reason?  While most people wouldn’t admit it, accidents are a big reason people would watch the sport.   There are some pretty spectacular fails out there.  Obviously it’s best when the athletes don’t get hurt.

But either way, it’s something to watch.  Check out this collection of gymnastics fails….

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Jun 20 2011

The Awesome Faces of Ping Pong Players

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Like any sport, Ping Pong has it’s fair share of physical effort.  If you’re in a really heated battle playing table tennis we’re talking sweating, shit talking, and a whole lot more.

As such the effort given can lead to some funny faces.  Don’t ask me.

Check out these pictures…..

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Jun 06 2011

The Great Faces of Figure Skaters

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It doesn’t happen often, in fact it barely happens.  However, recently I showed a clip of a figure skater getting nailed in the face by his partner during a competition.   Despite all the blood and injury, the pair skated on thus giving me new found respect for the sport.

But then soon after that I got wind of a bunch of pictures of skaters during competition and it quickly removed my feelings of toughness for the sport.

These are hilarious…..

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Jun 05 2011

Figure Skaters are Tougher Than you Think

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Despite the fact that many of these athletes wear ridiculous outfits and skate to some pretty lame music, some of these figure skaters are actually pretty tough when you get down to it.

Take Canada’s Eric Radford, for example, who was elbowed in the nose by his partner, Meagan Duhamel, at the beginning of their pairs short program at the World Figure Skating Championships last month.

This dude is a trooper.

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May 24 2011

5 Fantasy Baseball Habits You Don’t Want to Have

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We’re a couple months into baseball season and by no means are we anywhere near determining what fantasy teams are going to win and what fantasy teams are doomed for failure.   Anything can happen from now until October.

We do however have a decent sample size.   At this point in the year I think it’s a good time to make people aware of some stuff I’ve seen in fantasy baseball managers.

More importantly some things to avoid…..

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May 21 2011

The Scariest Dustin Pedroia Picture of All Time

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This picture was taken earlier in the season when the Red Sox were sucking severely.   We all know this team is going to be more than fine and will most likely make a run at the World Series but Jesus this picture is freaky.

You gotta love Dustin though.  Even as a Yankees fan I can appreciate this little spark plug.

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