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Oct 11 2009

Sports Sunday: Roger Federer is a Joke

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Just in case any of you ever missed this at this year’s US Open.  Put it this way.  All of us have seen in between the leg shots before.

But have you even seen a winner?  No.  Not even close.  The guy is a machine.

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Oct 04 2009

Sports Sunday: 1973′s Athlete of the Year, Chunk Mactavish

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The guy is actually pretty nimble.  This video would be 100 times better if you didn’t hear the chicks yapping in the background.  The dudes yelling actually adds a nice touch.

Yeah that’s right.  Girls suck.

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Sep 27 2009

Sports Sunday: I hope Kurt Rambis Brings this Toughness to the Wolves

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Two things.

First of all watch how tough Rambis is.  Back then players took beatings.  Elbows, blows to the stomach, you name it.  Second of all?  Look at this guy’s post game interview!  You have to love Mr. Rambis AKA Egon AKA Clark Kent.

I feel bad that he’s inheriting the Timberwolves.  At the same time, let’s hope he can do something with that team.

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Sep 20 2009

Sports Sunday: The Best of Tony Hawk

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Just do something right now.  Block off the hardcore insanity metal music.  We all know this comes with the territory in skateboarding videos.  But if you can step back for a moment and appreciate how ridiculous Tony Hawk is, then you’ll enjoy this video.

If you included skaters as athletes (which I do) then Tony Hawk has to go down as one of the best athletes in sports history does he not?  Think about it.

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Sep 13 2009

Sports Sunday: Awesome Trampoline Slam Dunk Video

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I must admit these guys have some pretty decent skills.  And while I really like the video, why the hell is it that nearly every basketball compilation video has to have ridiculous rap music?

“Make it rain on dem hoes?”  Come on man.  I’d have been just as happy with this video sans all this crappy music in my ears.  It’s fun enough to watch the trampoline dunks.  I don’t need “hoes” in my face.


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Sep 06 2009

Sports Sunday: Michael Vick’s Top Ten Plays

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He may have abused dogs.  He may be the subject of ridicule.  He may not deserve his chance in the NFL ever again.  But you have to admit, Michael Vick was/is one electric football player.

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Aug 30 2009

Sports Sunday: Drunk Athlete Ivan Ukhov Not Making his Jump

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In September 2008, Ukhov was not invited to the Grand Prix IAAF meetings, because of actions during a competition in Lausanne held that month. There, he was found to have drunk Red Bull and vodka prior to the competition, not making one single valid jump.

Well that explains this video.  This guy is awesome.

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Aug 23 2009

Sports Sunday: A Pretty Awesome Charles Barkley Compilation

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Let’s just forget about Barkely on TNT.   Let’s jus forget about how awesome he is in the media.  Let’s forget about him weighing over 300 lbs.  What I want you to try to do is remember him as a player.

Bear in mind this is a guy who is 6’4 and absolutely dominated the glass for nearly his entire career.  Don’t forget that.

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Aug 16 2009

Sports Sunday: Brock Lesnar’s Preparation for his First UFC Fight

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Just the other day I was thinking about how when I was a little kid I’d be able to bike 5 miles to tennis camp, then play tennis for 8 hours and then bike 5 miles back home.  I mean, is that some kind of a joke?

I’m pretty sure today I’d make it maybe half a mile and get a cramp or pass out.  I wouldn’t even get to play tennis.

I bring this up because I don’t understand how anyone over the age of 25 can workout like this.

I mean I guess when it’s your job it’s different but still.  It always puts me in awe.

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Aug 09 2009

Sports Sunday: Yet Another Reason the Japanese Rule, The Tub Race

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In the 1930s and 40s, the banks of the Matsukawa River in Ito City, Japan were lined with people washing their laundry in small tubs. But since 1955 the tubs have become boats, and each year the locals and visitors participate in one interesting competition.
More than 200 people are here to try their luck in the 54th annual tub boat race.

30 heats including women, men, children, and teams are racing down a 400 meter stretch of the river.

Half the fun depends on out-paddling fellow racers, and the other half requires keeping the tub afloat without falling out.

*I’m pretty sure I want to be best friends with Ichiro Sakamoto.

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