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Dec 20 2009

Sports Sunday: How to Get out of a Tight Spot

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I know this segment is called “Sports Sunday” and a video of a parking job isn’t exactly a sport, however I believe all of you will agree that whatever this guy did to pull out of that spot has to be considered some kind of sport.

Put it this way, the NASCAR guys would eat this up.

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Dec 13 2009

Sports Sunday: Leave Nothing with LT and Troy Polamalu

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David Fincher directs the life-long journey of pro football players LaDainian Tomlinson and Troy Polamalu as their destinies collide in an NFL football game.

This is why David Fincher rules.  Not only is he a cinematic wonder but the guy takes his commercials seriously.

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Dec 06 2009

Sports Sunday: This is the Gayest Olympic Challenge I’ve Ever Seen

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Come on now.   You think Roger Federer would ever do something this lame?  Clean it up Raph.

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Nov 29 2009

Sports Sunday: What a 95 Yard Soccer Goal Looks Like

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This one unlike some other fluke goals from that distance looks pretty legit.  Sucks for the goalie though.

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Nov 22 2009

Sports Sunday: Kareem is So Sure About Answer Yet He’s Wrong

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Come on big guy!  You’re better than that.

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Nov 15 2009

Sports Sunday: Typical Hulkster Nonsense

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Quick question.  Do these guys read cue cards when doing this stuff?  If not, I would have to say that Hulk Hogan is a 100% genius being able to come up with this stuff on the fly.

Applie Pie?  Brilliant

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Nov 08 2009

Sports Sunday: Ickey Woods Does the Shuffle at a Charity Basketball Game

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All I have to say is….Look at the size of this guy!

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Nov 01 2009

Sports Sunday: Guy Getting Down at Best Buy

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Look if this isn’t a sport then I don’t know what is.   There’s no way this guy assumed he’d be on Youtube.  You know this guy gets down like this all the time.  What a stud.

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Oct 25 2009

Herschel Walker: Greatest College Running Back Ever

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While Herschel Walker, 47, is busy trying to fight big sweaty guys in the ring I’m gonna stay focused on how much of an NFL specimen the guy was.  These are the things we should be remembering about Walker.

Kind of like hearing Michael Jordan speak at his induction into the hall of fame.  I’d rather just forget about that and remember seeing him completely destroy opponents.

Enjoy these highlights.

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Oct 18 2009

Sports Sunday: The 10 Best Ever Roger Federer Shots

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The guy is an absolute beast out there.  This video is silly.

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