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Jul 21 2009

Texas Longhorns Softball Has Two Players to Take Note Of

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Texas Softball

Most of my female athletic articles contain lewd pictures of squads while partying off the field.   These articles are generally constructed with the purpose of notifying the public that college kids will always act like college kids, even if they’re on a sports team.  But another reason these articles exist is to discover new talent on these squads.

So I headed down south to the Longhorn Softball team to discover two ladies that I think the country should be aware of.  The first is Raygan Michelle Feight and the second is Kelly Malone.  I’m not sure how Jennie Finch they are but believe me, they could easily be in Sports Illustrated or if Maxim gave them a call, I’d buy the issue.

And yes, of course I have partying pictures of the team.

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Jul 06 2009

Eh, I’d Probably Party with the Women’s Softball Champions

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Washington Huskies Softball

In case you didn’t know, this year’s women’s softball college champs were the Washington Huskies.  And lucky for me, us, the world, even winning a championship doesn’t seem to stop the women of softball from updating their social networking profiles.

I’m sure there was plenty of celebrating going on for the Husky women (that didn’t sound right).  But one thing I noticed is that in addition to the girls being fabulously skilled softball players, there are definitely some cuties on this squad.  That and they can throw down with the best of them.

I’ve managed to collect some tasty photos of the girls and I sincerely hope you enjoy them.

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Jun 19 2009

I Would Definitely Party with the Florida Gators Softball Team

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Florida Softball

Since I’m such a huge fan of women’s softball, why not check out the best softball team of them all?  The Florida Gators softball squad were (up until recently) the defending national champions.  And one has to wonder what kinds of qualities make up a championship caliber team?

Some say teamwork.  I agree.  Some say doing the little things.  I agree again.  Some might even say that there are intangibles involved that you can’t really put into words.

Well if showing off cleavage, giving the camera the finger, and licking your teammates face are part of those intangibles then I think we’ve found our answers.  I would definitely party with these chicks.

Pictures after the jump

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Jun 03 2008

COED Softball: This is What the Game Should be About

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Softball Classic

There’s been a lot of hype with regards to softball over the past few weeks. And rightfully so. We’ve seen the likes of Taryne Mowatt have her career put to an end. Adrienne Acton will be in our hearts but not on the softball diamond.

But let us not forget about the true past time of softball. It’s getting together a bunch of people to have competitive fun for a few hours followed by getting completely smashed at a bar.

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Apr 25 2008

Adrienne Acton Has a Myspace Profile – I Only Have one Pic So Far

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Adrienne Acton

To my knowledge this is the only “personal” pic of Adrienne Acton. Once someone gets into that profile, the flood gates will open. Please send them to me at uncoached@gmail.com

Is she the next Allison Stokke? Maybe. I’d like to thank our boys over at COED Magazine for an article that will hopefully spark a worldwide panic for bloggers everywhere.

In case you guys don’t know, Adrienne Acton is a softball player for the Arizona Wildcats. And another in case you don’t know…she’s pretty hot. If only we could find this girl partying with Jennie Finch.

Pictures after the jump

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