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Apr 18 2012

6 Awesome Failed Penalty Kicks in Soccer

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I’ve never been the biggest fan of watching soccer.   Funny because it’s a really fun sport to play.   However watching it can be torture.   Personally I need a little bit of scoring in the sports that I watch.

The reason soccer is so fun to play is because there’s that off chance you’ll be the guy scoring (even if you’re on defense it can happen) or you’ll be the goalie who makes the heroic save.

Speaking of heroic saves, you will not see that here.   Check out these great failed penalty kicks….

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Sep 23 2010

The Funny Gear of Soccer Goalie Pablo Aurrecochea

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Just when you think that soccer is something you might watch you go out and see a dude like Pablo Aurrecochea.   You see there’s a part of me that actually likes soccer more because a guy like this goes out there and doesn’t take the whole thing so seriously.  It’s nice to know this guy can dress as Micky Mouse if he wants to.

In the same token it just reinforces how much of a joke soccer really is.  OK European readers out there.  Send in the comments!  Call me a dick.  Do whatever.  But still, do you see us doing this kind of crap?

No.  Check out Pablo after the jump….

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Jun 21 2010

10 Out of Control Soccer Fan Celebration Photos

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Soccer Celebrations

We’ve got crazy fans here in the U.S.  I’ll admit to that.  But I’ll also say I haven’t seen a fan more insane than a soccer fan.  For a sport that I think is extremely boring to watch the soccer fan is a different breed.

Some soccer fans would literally KILL opposing fans.  Some soccer fans light fireworks, shoot guns, riot, you name it.  It’s absolutely insane to me but it happens all the time over there in Europe and Latin America.

Check out these 10 wacky soccer celebration photos

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Jun 21 2010

A Collection of Funny Soccer Header Faces

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Funny Header Faces

In the spirit of the World Cup I knew I would have to do a few articles geared towards soccer.  And while the sport still doesn’t interest me in terms of it actually being a sport, I’m highly interested in all the culture and interesting things surrounding soccer.  The main things?  Obviously the fact the soccer players get hotter girls than any other athletes.

Second.  How insane the fans are.  And third?  Well it’s the hilarious shit that comes along with the actual games themselves.  You know, like players pretending to be hurt all the time,  homo erotic poses, and of course funny faces made during the game.

Here is a collection of funny soccer header faces (not at the World Cup)

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Jun 10 2010

Crazy World Cup Fans From Around the Globe

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World Cup Fans

Hey man, I may not love soccer but that doesn’t mean I’m not a fan of all the craziness that comes from the sport.  Go given that the World Cup begins tomorrow I figured I owed it to myself as well as my readers to do some kind of a World Cup Post.  And since soccer produces some of the craziest fans in the world, what better than to display the madness right here?

From face painters, to funny glasses wearers, the World Cup brings out all kind of odd ducks.  And yes, I’ll eventually get to a “hottest girls of the World Cup” post once the event is over.

For now, enjoy these insane World Cup fans from all over…..

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Jun 08 2010

Awesome Pictures of Bob Marley Playing Soccer

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Bob Marley Soccer

I think it’s fair to say that of any human being that’s ever been on this earth, Bob Marley is certainly one of the most recognized.  High school and college kids will be putting up Marley posters for years to come without even knowing why.   And of all the things to know about the man, one thing he did love is soccer.

It’s a fairly well-known fact among Bob Marley’s fans that he died of cancer, which began as skin cancer on his foot but later spread to his lungs and brain.   Oddly enough Marley first discovered that something was wrong in 1977 when he injured his foot while playing soccer with some friends. The wound seemed pretty extreme for a simple soccer injury, and when it got worse instead of healing,  he decided to see a doctor. Marley was diagnosed with melanoma, and an amputation of the toe was recommended.

Sadly Marley died at the young age of 36 but obviously his legacy and music will live on forever.  And when you get a rare chance to see pictures of Marley that you hadn’t see before, well, let’s just say if you own a blog you rush to put them up.

Here are some great pictures of Bob Marley playing soccer

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May 19 2010

Some of the Worst Soccer Injuries You’ll Ever See

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Look I’m not gonna lie.  I think for the most part soccer players having the reputation as being “fakers” is somewhat true.  Out of all the sports in the world you see a hell of a lot more bullshit lay downs in soccer than anything else.  Hell I played soccer and dudes will do whatever they can to induce penalty kicks, yellow cards, and whatever other advantages they can by seeming hurt.

However, that doesn’t mean I don’t recognize that soccer players have to be in tremendous shape and that the sport is incredibly grueling.   So much so that soccer, like any other sport, has its share of horrendous injuries.

Be prepared to grimace when you look at these photos….

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Apr 05 2010

UK Sportscaster Is Completely and Totally Out of It

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Live TV is a funny thing. Most of the time, when a newsperson flubs on air, it’s rectified by a series of quick, well-rehearsed apologies and a few laughs, and it’s usually something that’s relatively glossed over pretty quickly.

Well, that must just be in America, because over in the UK, they do things a bit different. In this video, a UK sports reporter on the ground is caught completely clueless about an important call in the football game he was supposed to be covering. Rather than bullshitting, he admits he has no idea what’s going on, and the entire newsroom erupts in laughter. Glad to see the Brits know how to lighten up once in a while.

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Jan 26 2010

Listen To This Celebration Music

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Well, we all know the goal was awesome.  That’s fine and dandy.  But I can’t take credit for the description of this music.  Brooks Peck over at Yahoo said it best…

Even better than the goal itself was the song they played over the ground’s PA system after it was scored. That might be the most delightful tune ever. I demand it be played at every sporting event, wedding, and dentist’s office from now on. And yes, I am dancing a jig as I type this.

Dancing indeed. Dancing indeed.

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Jan 04 2010

15 Examples of Insane Soccer Fans

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Soccer Fan

I’ve gone on record in saying that I’m not a terribly big fan of watching soccer.  I think playing it is quite fun as you are constantly moving around and it appears there’s a lot of action.  But watching it is a different thing.  I’m an American.  And in America we need scoring.  Just watching guys run and kicking a ball simply isn’t enough.

We need more than just that.  This is why hockey blows and is losing credibility by the hour.  But that doesn’t mean foreigners don’t dig their sports.  In fact you might not find a more dedicated fan than a soccer fan.

And here are 15 examples of this sentiment

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