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Jun 04 2012

World’s Smartest Bank Robber Has to be Cut from Air Duct

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A wig-wearing man broke into a suburban Chicago bank vault and nearly made off with $100,000 but got stuck in an air duct and had to be cut out hours later, authorities said Sunday.

Charles Estell, 38, was found early Sunday hiding in an air duct in an office next to the bank, according to Oak Lawn police spokesman Michael Kaufmann.

The Chicago man had allegedly robbed the suburban bank Saturday afternoon, and pointed a gun at bank employees who confronted him in the vault, according to the FBI.

Perhaps I shouldn’t be so hard on this guy – he almost scored $100,000. That’s pretty impressive until the whole getting stuck in the air duct part. I really hope this isn’t the level of sh#t I’m going to be posting this week. It’s still pretty funny though.

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Jun 06 2010

One of the Best Dustin Hoffman Photos of All Time

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It’s always nice to see someone have a sense of humor about themselves when they’re on the jumbotron.  Dustin Hoffman, you are the man.  Thanks buddy!

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Apr 25 2010

It Must be a Sunday

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Hey buddy!

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Apr 11 2010

The Uncensored Taco Version of “Puttin’ on the Ritz”

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This is the original version of the video. The infamous “blackface” that was removed is shown here.

I’m officially coining this as the gayest video in history.  And I don’t mean that in a homosexual way at all.

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Apr 04 2010

Mad Bread Skills in India

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If any of you are into Indian food you might want to try out their bread.  Parathas are quite tasty and if you have the chance to travel all the way down to Southern India you might run into these guys.

Pretty awesome how they didn’t miss once.

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Mar 21 2010

Sunday’s Picture of the Week: Not Now Dear

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Barack Obama

Given the stress and turmoil this country is in you would think a guy as wiped out as Barack Obama would want to get laid every chance he could.  At the same time, guy is probably too tired to even lift a finger.

By the way, I just want to say this.  America has gone soft.  I don’t want to make this some 18 page political diatribe but man this country seems lazy as shit.

We put this guy in office to make a change,  which in my eyes meant America was ready to work hard again.  To do what our grandparents did: bust their asses no matter what the cost.

Clearly we don’t care and just want to sit on our asses.

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Feb 21 2010

Sunday’s Picture of the Week: Have you Seen My Son?

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Hell I wouldn’t be looking for him either if that was standing in front of me.

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Feb 14 2010

Sunday’s Picture of the Week: Clingy Turtle

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I just bought two turtles so I had to put this little guy up here.  You have to admit this picture is kind of awesome.

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Feb 07 2010

Sunday’s Picture of the Week: Just Chillin’

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It’s scary how human these little guys look.

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