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Apr 10 2014

She’s Uncoachable: Lauren Hanley is The Champion

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If you know who Johnny Manziel is, there’s a very good chance you recognize the name Lauren Hanley, too.

That’s because the former Heisman Trophy winner and future (likely) first-round quarterback has been spending a lot of time with Miss Hanley a lot since the beginning of the year.

And now that Lauren is the reigning Miss COED queen, take a look at these pics to see why she’s not only incredibly sexy, but why Manziel is just about the luckiest dude on the planet.

See more pics of Lauren Hanley after the jump…

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Apr 09 2014

She’s Uncoachable: Candice Rae Is Quite Steamy

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What in the world did God say to himself while he was making Canadian model Candice Rae?

With all due respect to every girl we’ve ever met, looked at or featured here, she absolutely takes home the prize of tops. We mean, just look at a couple of these pics and you’ll never want to stop.

Candice is yet another girl from Canada, who proves that she doesn’t need clothes to stay warm. We’d just like to assume that she’d want to cuddle up next to us in order to press our body heat together—though we know that’s nothing more than a dream.

Oh well, at least we get to drool over her here!

See more sexy pics of Candice Rae after the jump…

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Apr 08 2014

She’s Uncoachable: Jade Bryce Takes Us Down

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The first thing one notices upon looking at model, actress and all-around sexy chick Jade Bryce is that she has one of the nicest bodies we’ve ever seen.

In fact, you know that feeling you get when you catch yourself staring at something good for too long? Yeah, that’s what happens each time we lay our eyes on Jade.

As a model for brands like PacSun, FHM and Maxim, it’s easy to see why any guy can fall in love quite easily with Miss Bryce.

See more pics of Jade Bryce after the jump…

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Apr 07 2014

She’s Uncoachable: Gemma Lee Farrell Will Blow You Away

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If you’re asking yourself what you should be looking at on the Internet today, we highly suggest taking a look at these pics of Gemma Lee Farrell—because they’re pretty damn amazing.

Modeling for mags like Playboy usually means that a girl is in tip top shape, bringing some serious heat. And seeing how Gemma Lee has done just that, you won’t be disappointed with how she looks—even if we can only show-off the “tame” pics of her in some skimpy clothing.

Check out more photos of Gemma Lee Farrell after the jump…

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Apr 04 2014

She’s Uncoachable: Words Can’t Describe Joselyn Cano

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We’re probably all aware that All-Star second baseman Robinson Cano got $240 million to play baseball, but this chick Joselyn Cano—who has no relation—might actually be worth handing wads of cash to if it’d make her stand in front of a camera for us…among other things.

That’s because Joselyn looks pretty darn good wearing next to nothing, flaunting what her momma gave her and making guys like you and me squirm for more.

OK, enough with the talking, just look at her photos and see for yourself how amazing she is.

See more pics of Joselyn Cano after the jump…

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Apr 03 2014

She’s Uncoachable: Jenah Yamamoto Is One Hot Number

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If there’s someone who you should really get to know today, it’s Jenah Yamamoto.


Well, besides being really, really attractive, she’s a sun-loving, smokeshow from Hawaii and L.A. who will absolutely brighten your day with both her laid back personality and sexy photos.

With over 390,000 Instagram followers, the secret’s out about Jenah’s sexiness—which is never a bad thing—and after looking at these images, you’ll understand why.

See more pics of Jenah Yamamoto after the jump…

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Apr 02 2014

She’s Uncoachable: Galinka Mirgaeva is Absolutely Off the Chain

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While the Internet is good for a lot of things, finding out info about model Galinka Mirgaeva is not one of them—and we’re totally cool with that.

That’s because, while we usually like to talk about a few things that models do, the pictures the Internet provided us of Galinka are what you’re really here for.

So while it’d be great to tell you where she’s from and where you can find more of her, just know that these photos will want you do dig super deep to find—and see—more and more of her.

See more pics of Galinka Mirgaeva after the jump…

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Apr 01 2014

She’s Uncoachable: Maggi Caruthers Gets It Right

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You might be asking yourself what a good way to waste time at work today is.

Well, since you’re just going through the motions at the office, checking the status of your NCAA brackets and wondering when you can sneak out early, why don’t you just fantasize about these Maggi Caruthers pics while you’re at it too?

Modeling for brands like Calvin Klein has definitely gotten Maggi some serious pub, but for whatever reason, the 23-year-old still isn’t huge yet.

Let’s change that, OK?

See more pics of Maggi Caruthers after the jump…

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Mar 31 2014

She’s Uncoachable: Lily Aldridge Does Everything Right

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She’s not new to the Internet or anything, but after writing about and then seeing her husband Caleb Followill in concert last week, we just couldn’t help but show-off model Lily Aldridge.

Tall, sweet and absolutely sexy, Lily shows that American girls can look just as good as these exotic models, waltzing around in a bikini or lingerie as fantastically as anyone we’ve ever seen.

As a Victoria’s Secret and SI Swimsuit model, Lily has shown that she has what it takes to brighten up anyone’s day—and we’re happy she does.

See more pics of Lily Aldridge after the jump…

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Mar 28 2014

She’s Uncoachable: Camille Rowe Brings The Best

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I know that there are some rifts between the French and the Americans, but after seeing photos of model Camille Rowe—who just so happens to be from France—we think all should be resolved, like now.

That’s because Camille is someone who we’d really like to get to know better—especially if that happens to be while hanging around a pool or on a beach.

So let’s get this figured out so that Camille can feel a bit more comfortable when us English-speaking guys try hitting on her.

See more pics of Camille Rowe after the jump…

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