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Apr 18 2014

She’s Uncoachable: Audrey Allen Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop

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Now we’re not one for comparing girls, but when we came across these photos of model Audrey Allen, the first thing we thought of was how most chicks just don’t stack up well against her.

Blessed with all the goods a guy would want, Audrey has posed for mags like Playboy and others that display what the good lord gave her.

Thankfully, many of those goods get to be seen in minimal clothing, making it quite the treat whenever someone gets a chance to look at her.

See more pics of Audrey Allen after the jump…

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Apr 17 2014

She’s Uncoachable: Monika Jaros is Just Devastatingly Sexy

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Every once in awhile we kick ourselves for not knowing about a sexy girl earlier—and today just happens to be one of those days.

You’d think that all the hours spent online looking for hot and talented ladies, that we’d somehow come across this Monika Jaros girl, right?

Well, until a few days ago, you were wrong.

To make up for our lack of knowledge on this Polish stunner, we’re going to be very nice and give you tons of hot photos to look at today. Are we forgiven now?

See more hot pics of Monika Jaros after the jump…

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Apr 16 2014

She’s Uncoachable: Emily Sears is Just Tasty

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We’re going to have you do a quick exercise to see just how sexy model Emily Sears actually is.

First, close your eyes. Second, take a deep breath. Third, clear your mind. And finally, dream of the most perfect girl you can think of.

Does she have blonde hair? Does she often go brunette? How about her body? Is it perfect? How do her eyes and smile look?

No open your eyes and go through these photos of Emily. We bet that the girl you were just daydreaming about fits what she brings to the table—because she’s about as perfect and flawless as they come.

See more pics of Emily Sears after the jump…

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Apr 15 2014

She’s Uncoachable: Sheridyn Fisher Is Enjoyable

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For all of you who regularly read us, you know that we love our Aussie girls. Well, this lady named Sheridyn Fisher might just be our new favorite from those who hail from the land down under.

Boasting a killer combo of blonde hair, perfect smile, bubbly attitude and amazing body, Sheridyn proves that the “All-American” look isn’t actually just reserved for those born and raised in the States.

In fact, when you throw in Fisher’s sexy accent with everything else she has going on, she’s even more of a stunner.

See more pics of Sheridyn Fisher after the jump…

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Apr 14 2014

She’s Uncoachable: Corissa Furr Can Keep Us Warm Anytime

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While it might be warming up outside these days, we wouldn’t be opposed to wearing some “Furr”—as in, Corissa Furr.

That’s because this smokin’ hot babe is just a delight to look at, giving us the impression that she’d be even nicer to actually feel up against us.

Sure, it may never actually happen, but a boy can dream, right?

One thing’s certain, you can never have too much fur to keep around—especially if it’s Corissa.

See more pics of Corissa Furr after the jump…

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Apr 11 2014

She’s Uncoachable: Jessa Hinton is Almost Too Much

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We’re not sure what God was thinking when he decided to make Jessa Hinton, but whatever it was, we’d really like to sit down, crack a beer with him and hear about why he hasn’t done it to more chicks.

That’s because after stumbling onto Jessa’s Instagram account last week, we just couldn’t help but show her off for you all to see today.

And don’t think it was an accident that she’s all yours to look at for the entire weekend, because with the amount of sexy pics she has floating around the Internet, you’ll need the extra time to check her out.

See more pics of Jessa Hinton after the jump…

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Apr 10 2014

She’s Uncoachable: Lauren Hanley is The Champion

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If you know who Johnny Manziel is, there’s a very good chance you recognize the name Lauren Hanley, too.

That’s because the former Heisman Trophy winner and future (likely) first-round quarterback has been spending a lot of time with Miss Hanley a lot since the beginning of the year.

And now that Lauren is the reigning Miss COED queen, take a look at these pics to see why she’s not only incredibly sexy, but why Manziel is just about the luckiest dude on the planet.

See more pics of Lauren Hanley after the jump…

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Apr 09 2014

She’s Uncoachable: Candice Rae Is Quite Steamy

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What in the world did God say to himself while he was making Canadian model Candice Rae?

With all due respect to every girl we’ve ever met, looked at or featured here, she absolutely takes home the prize of tops. We mean, just look at a couple of these pics and you’ll never want to stop.

Candice is yet another girl from Canada, who proves that she doesn’t need clothes to stay warm. We’d just like to assume that she’d want to cuddle up next to us in order to press our body heat together—though we know that’s nothing more than a dream.

Oh well, at least we get to drool over her here!

See more sexy pics of Candice Rae after the jump…

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Apr 08 2014

She’s Uncoachable: Jade Bryce Takes Us Down

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The first thing one notices upon looking at model, actress and all-around sexy chick Jade Bryce is that she has one of the nicest bodies we’ve ever seen.

In fact, you know that feeling you get when you catch yourself staring at something good for too long? Yeah, that’s what happens each time we lay our eyes on Jade.

As a model for brands like PacSun, FHM and Maxim, it’s easy to see why any guy can fall in love quite easily with Miss Bryce.

See more pics of Jade Bryce after the jump…

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Apr 07 2014

She’s Uncoachable: Gemma Lee Farrell Will Blow You Away

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If you’re asking yourself what you should be looking at on the Internet today, we highly suggest taking a look at these pics of Gemma Lee Farrell—because they’re pretty damn amazing.

Modeling for mags like Playboy usually means that a girl is in tip top shape, bringing some serious heat. And seeing how Gemma Lee has done just that, you won’t be disappointed with how she looks—even if we can only show-off the “tame” pics of her in some skimpy clothing.

Check out more photos of Gemma Lee Farrell after the jump…

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