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May 08 2010

Sexy Saturday: Marielle Jaffe Makes Up for it All

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Marielle Jaffe

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.  You don’t always need to have a huge rack to impress the hell out of me.  Marielle Jaffe is yet another girl in a long line of not incredibly endowed females who blows me away.  How does she do it?

Well, she’s young.  That always helps.  B.  She has an incredibly seductive faces.  Almost reminds me of some kind of 80s porn actress who will take one look at you and effectively control the rest of your life.  C.  Her body is amazing.

Those legs are phenomenal and when those cowboy boots come out.  Forget it.

More of Marielle after the jump

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May 01 2010

Sexy Saturday: Bodies Don’t Get Much Better than Valentina Dessi’s

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Valentina Dessi

I guess I’ve been feeling a great deal of nostalgia today because for the life of me I couldn’t remember that I had posted Italian model Valentina Dessi some nearly 2 years ago.

But since I totally forgot, who the hell cares?  It’s all new to me anyway.   However, one thing I do need reminding of is how ridiculous her body is.  In particular there’s one picture of her that’s dare I say “uncoachable.”

More of Valentina after the jump

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Apr 24 2010

Sexy Saturday: Renata Iwanski is Pure Hungarian Greatness

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Renata Iwanski

Folks, I’m not even remotely joking when I say that I’m about to run a marathon today.  And Renata Iwanski is my motivation.  Yes, looking at these pictures has given me the strength needed to run 26 miles.  And no, I have not had any “alone” time today.

I’m saving up all of this sexually frustrated energy to take it out on my wife, 6 months after I recover from this marathon.  God I can’t wait until this thing is over with.

In the meantime, good God you guys need to look at these pictures

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Apr 17 2010

Sexy Saturday: Dallys Ferreira Makes the World a Better Place

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Dallys Ferreira

Dallys Ferreira is a bikini model who doesn’t shy away from showing off the rack. This much we know. However, what we don’t know is how extreme this girl is willing to go should her country win the world cup.

From what I understand, and I quote, Ferreira says “there will be lots of sex” should her team win.  Honestly there’s just too many ways to interpret this.  Like, is there going to be a million man gangbang or something?  God I hope so.  Nationally televised?

Or maybe she’ll just have sex with one lucky dude in an auction.  I have no idea and these fantasies are hurting my morale.

More of Dallys after the jump

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Apr 10 2010

Sexy Saturday: Former Miss World Mexico Blanca Soto

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Blanca Soto

Unfortunately this is all we really know about Ms. Blanca Soto.  It’s not much but it’s something we can go on for the future.

She competed in the national beauty pageant Nuestra Belleza Mexico in 1997. Representing the state of Morelos, in which she was raised, Soto became Miss Mexico World. She represented her country in the Miss World pageant the same year.

Unfortunately that’s 13 years of inactivity.  I have zero clue what Blanca has been up to since 1997 and I really don’t care.  I’m sure it’s parading around in a bikini looking good.  Which is more than fine.

I have nothing else.  More of Blanca after the jump

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Apr 03 2010

Sexy Saturday: A Gabriela Rabelo Rewind

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Gabriela Rabelo

For the record I posted Gabriela Rabelo about two months ago.   And while having one of my normal brain farts I came across her again not realizing I had done so.  But I digress.  Because who cares?  It’s Saturday and I’m sitting here all by myself thinking of a life a little less ordinary.

I think a Gabriela Rabelo could provide something like that for us all.  Don’t you?  I may have to get my ass all the way to Brazil to find out.

Supermodels are hard to come by in this world but I know I could pull it off.

More of Rabelo after the jump

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Mar 27 2010

Sexy Saturday: Sports Illustrated Model Dominique Piek

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Dominique Piek

I don’t know much about Dominique Piek other than she’s from South Africa, is a nice 5 foot 10, and measures 34-24-35.   Ah yes, that and the fact she appeared in the latest Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue has come to my attention.

Know what else comes to my attention?  Actually I’m losing my will to type.  It’s the weekend and I’m extremely bored.

OK, she’s hot.  Here are pictures..

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Mar 20 2010

Sexy Saturday: Spanish Model Eugenia Silva

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Eugenia Silva

In case you don’t know who Eugenia Silva is, she’s currently the brand ambassador for Giorgio Armani.  Isn’t that nice?  Silvia’s also a smart little cookie as she is sporting a law degree.  OK, I have no idea if that makes her smart but it does make me like her a bit more.

And whatever gets those juices flowing on a Saturday morning is good enough for me you know?  Generally I’m not a huge poster of runway models and stuff but Eugenia has got a face that’s got some fire to it.

Like you know, if she decided to do porn it would work out in her favor?  Well here’s to that favor.

More of Eugenia after the jump

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Mar 06 2010

Sexy Saturday: Kristen Renee Seems Like a Fun Night

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Kristen Renee

I don’t know Kristen Renee from a hole in the wall but I can tell you some things about her.   Or put it this way.  I think I can deduce some things about her based on her pictures.

Kristen is an aspiring glamour model and without makeup doesn’t look all that great.  But put her into some skimpy lingerie, slutty make up and you’ve got yourself one fine product.  In fact she’d be a perfect addition to a Jersey Shore type of an operation.  Bottom line is that I think this girl tries very very hard to be noticed and by talking down to her one could easily bag her in a bar.

Nothing like exploiting a girls confidence or lack thereof to get laid.  Wow, I was pretty harsh this article.  Kristen, you’re hot, and I love you.

More of Kristen after the jump

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Feb 20 2010

Sexy Saturday: British, Italian, French Model Elle Liberachi

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Elle Liberachi

She’s known as an international model and frankly I’m not sure why she isn’t more famous.  Now when I say she’s British I am referring to her nationality but we all know this broad is a true Italian and yeah I guess the name “Elle Liberachi” has some French in the first name.

But good lord what a combo huh?  I’m surprised she isn’t like a triple D though considering the British part.  Still though, when you have the Italian and blond hair mix, it’s rare in this world.

I’ll take that any day of the week.

More of Elle after the jump

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