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Jul 31 2009

The 10 Best Seinfeld Characters Who You Never Saw

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Over ten years passed and I’m still obsessed with Seinfeld.  It’s still the best show on television despite the fact I’ve seen every episode at least twenty times.  And as my interest for the show only keeps growing I find more and more things each day to recognize.

Today?  Today it’s time to recognize those characters you only hoped could have come to life on the show.  They’re used in anecdotes, lies, or any situation where warranted.

Here’s a look at the 10 Best Seinfeld characters who you never actually saw

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Sep 24 2008

7 Seinfeld Spinoffs That Would Have Been Successful

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Seinfeld Spinoffs

Spinoffs are a tough breed.  Most Spinoffs don’t really make it.  In the history of television there have only been a handful that have went on to become successful shows.  The best known examples would probably be Frasier (Cheers),  The Jeffersons (All in the Family), and Knots Landing (Dallas).

Personally I think a great show that could have featured some amazing spinoffs would have been Seinfeld.  But I’m not talking about the stars of the show.  If you’re thinking Kramer, Elaine or George it probably wouldn’t work.  The big four would have a tough time standing alone.

Even Newman would get old, as would the Costanzas.  But what if we used some of the other supporting characters?  Personally I think these 7 would make for great entertainment.

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Aug 21 2008

Seinfeld Isn’t Just on TV: It’s Everywhere

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Seinfeld Mainstream

Oddly enough I was doing a search for Keith Hernandez on Flickr when I came across the best piece of graffiti I’ve seen in at least a year, possibly ever.  And that got me thinking.  How else has Seinfeld impacted the lives of people around the world?

Amazingly enough, in more ways than you can probably imagine.  Here are 7 great examples of Seinfeld making it’s way into the mainstream.

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