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Oct 03 2008

The Biggest Scene Ruiner of All Time: Jar Jar Binks

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I’m trying to compile a list of “scene ruiners” but I had to post this clip. It’s simply amazing how if you just took Jar Jar out of every one of these scenes, how much better the movie would have been.

Sometimes I’ll just never understand producers or directors. How in the world could George Lucas not know how annoying this thing was?

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Jul 11 2008

Scenes that Started off Great and Then Got Ruined: “You’ve Lost that Love and Feeling,” Top Gun

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Ever watch a movie and see a historical moment get completely put in the toilet because it either went on too long or something totally unnecessary happened? Think any scene with Jar Jar Binks in Star Wars.

But examining it closer, lots of movies have these great potential scenes. Let’s take Top Gun for example. The scene above was the “She’s Lost that love and feeling” scene. It was a great scene and should have stopped the moment Maverick landed his seat with Charlie. But what happens?

Don’t get me wrong, I love his character, but Sundown comes right in and continues the song…”baby baby!” and completely ruins it. So annoying.

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