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Sep 17 2009

Random Pictures Worth Captioning

Random Pictures

I think that whenever I can’t find something to write about there’s always at least something to see.  So from time to time I think I’ll have this “random pictures worth captioning” be a running series.

I know you’ll enjoy it kids.

So here goes….

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May 15 2009

Random Hot Chick Friday: A Great Selection of Unknown Party Girl Shots

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Party Girls

So I’ve been married for nearly two weeks now and I must say that not a single thing has changed other than the fact I’m wearing a ring.  I can’t stand having a ring.  I just think it looks dumb but I’m curious how the ladies will react.  I’d like to do a little social experimenting to see if I can attract more women this way.

Another interesting thing about being married is that….well there’s nothing interesting.  Nothing at all.  I still look at these pictures and pray to God I was back at college.

Where are the married women pretending to be lesbians and going to Spring Break in my life?  I guess this is as close as I’ll get.

Enjoy the pictures

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Mar 27 2009

15 Randomly Awesome Pictures To Round out The Week Part 3

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Random Pictures

It’s that time again folks.  Out of curiosity, how was everyone’s week?  Did all of you have a wonderful time?  Let me explain to you a bit about my week.  I masturbated at least 46 times.  Subtract 46 from that and you’d have my real number.  Yes that’s correct, zero.  This might be the longest I’ve ever gone without letting a few parts of me fly.

Why do I bring this up?  Well because as random as it is to be posting pictures that have nothing to do with anything, I’d say my playing with myself constitutes having nothing to do with anything as well.

That and I’m trying to fill up a little space here to make myself look productive to you readers.

Enjoy these 15 random pictures

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Mar 13 2009

Another 15 Random Pictures To Round Out the Week

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Random Pictures

I have to admit.  This feature is turning into one of my favorite ways to spend 20-30 minutes.  It’s a true joy to come across some of the insanity that is the human race.  Well in some cases, not humans.  However, overall humans are generally responsible for the non human pictures that you’ll be seeing.

There’s really nothing left for me to say at this point.  These are about as random as random will get.


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Feb 27 2009

Another 15 Randomly Amazing Pictures To Round out the Week

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Random Pictures

It’s yet another Friday and once again there is no rhyme, no reason, and no method to the selection of the pictures you are about to see.  Just know that despite the randomness of them, much time goes into the selection of these photos.  If you didn’t get to see last week’s, here they are.

It’s kind of a combination of “what is really weird, yet somehow tasteful, yet somehow the people that view these pictures will remember these pictures for at least the next 24 hours.”  That and I hope some of you use them on your own sites.

So from old Asian women doing Myspace Toolbox poses to what might possibly be the most disturbing guy in the entire world, (I’m sure you’ll be able to pick him out), enjoy these random 15 photos

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Feb 16 2009

10 Interesting “Prostitute” Search Term Results on Youtube

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If you’re looking for videos of hot chicks doing the deed or weird sucking sounds, this probably isn’t the right post.  I mean sure, I have plenty of that stuff at other times on this site, but this is a bit different.  Along the same lines of finding weird pictures using a search term, I decided to take this approach to Youtube.

So for my first “random term Youtube search result” what better a way to start off than using the word “prostitute?”  And believe me, there’s some stuff here that you’d never think comes up.  I personally enjoyed the Prostitute Prank because of the immaturity in me, and also the Prostitute Self Defense class.  I really gotta sign up for that class.  Seems like a real winner.  Ah yes, and don’t miss “The Viagra Defense.”

So without further interruption here are 10 interesting videos as a result of typing “prostitute” into Youtube.

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Sep 29 2008

Shana Tova! Random Term Image Search: “Rosh Hashanah”

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Rosh Hashanah

Thanks guys!

Considering I’ve been cooking soup and making brisket all day I felt that it would only be natural of me to make a post that centers upon this lovely Jewish Holiday.  Rosh Hashanah is the Jewish New Year.

And for most of us New York Jews, it’s a chance to go to take time off of work, go to temple and not pay attention, eat a big meal with family, and not really know what or why you are celebrating.  So have a ball.

For all you Orthodox folks out there, I’m not referring to you.  You guys take it seriously.  But for us reforms, bring out the feast, and Happy New Year!

Here’s the best I could find using the term “Rosh Hashanah”

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Jun 05 2008

Random Term Image Search – “Feel the Burn”

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Feel the Burn

Get up Roundboy

One might think that using the term “Feel the Burn” would result in a whole bunch of fitness pictures or hot chicks. While I certainly yielded my fare share of spandex and push ups, there were other interesting returns when I typed this term into Flickr.

Instead of doing my normal top three with a few more pictures at the end, I decided to add captions to all of the pictures this time.

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May 29 2008

The Random Term Image Search: “How About That?”

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How About That

It’s pretty tough (if you’re a guy and know anything about Sports) to say the phrase “How About that” and not actually hear Mel Allen’s voice in your head saying it. And given that I watched Naked Gun yesterday, and heard that term uttered by Allen himself, I figured it would most certainly yield some interesting image results.

As usual I have posted my top three pics along with some extras at the end.

How About that!!

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May 23 2008

Random Term Image Search: “Giant Pants”

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Giant Pants

Some of you may be embracing the Random Term Image Search and some of you are probably beginning to understand that sometimes I can be a little weird but you know what? We all like weird things.

And that leads us to my favorite word in the English dictionary: Pants. Don’t ask me why. I have no clue. I just know that if you say pants enough you will eventually laugh.

That being said, when you type the word “giant” in front of pants, it’s a sure bet that you’re going to find some interesting results. Given the influx of weight loss pictures I came across, there were still some great picks in the bunch.

So as usual, check out my top three and more after the jump

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