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Dec 28 2008

Sunday’s Question of the Week Involves Rachael Ray

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Rachael Ray

So I found myself sitting in my apartment on an extremely cold day in NYC watching Rachael Ray with my lady friend.  But as I watched it, I got to thinking.  And that thinking leads us to our question of the week.

Is it OK for guys to watch Rachael Ray by themselves?

I’m gonna go with a hardy “Yes.”  I can give you a few reasons.  One.  She’s definitely hot enough to leave on the TV.  Two.  Her voice is so spunky it’s just impossible for me not to smile.  Three.  Corn Porn.

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Dec 21 2008

Sunday’s Question of the Week Involves Stephon Marbury

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As you may or may not have read:

Stephon Marbury, banished from the New York Knicks, was found Tuesday night in Los Angeles — watching the Knicks.

Marbury, in town to attend to his residence there and conduct some business, bought a ticket for the Knicks-Lakers game and had a baseline, courtside seat near film director Spike Lee.

My question is this:

What would be some appropriate professions for Mr. Marbury given that he clearly shouldn’t be a basketball player?

If I get enough answers that are good enough, I’ll make a post out of it.

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Dec 14 2008

Sunday’s Question of the Week Involves Khloe Kardashian

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Khloe Chyna

OK, we all know about the naked PETA ad by now right?  Khloe is gaining all this attention because of this thing.  First of all, it was the wrong Kardashian to be doing this modeling altogether.  Second of all that leads me to the question of the week.

When did Khloe get off the roids?

Oh my bad, that’s former wrestler Chyna AKA Joanie Laurer.   The resemblance is ludicrous.

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Dec 07 2008

Sunday’s Question of the Week Involves Matadors

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How about a new profession guys?

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Nov 30 2008

Sunday’s Question of the Week: Is Reggie Bush Going to Ruin My Fantasy Football Quest?

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Reggie Bush

And I’m sure most people who own Reggie Bush on their squads are wondering the same thing.  I mean what the hell?  I have one of the best teams in my league and I’m only 6-6.  This is an outrage.   I refuse to believe it’s taken him this long to heal.  I’m convinced he’s still partying in Cabo circa 2005.

Either that or he’s hanging out with Jared from Subway and giving him Kim Kardashian’s scraps. Just get on the field and score some TD’s buddy.  We need ya!

P.S.  Best quote of the fantasy year from my league? “I am going to choke slam Andy Reid and Donovan Mcnabb” following last week’s benching.

REggie Bush

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Nov 23 2008

Sunday’s Question of the Week Involves Kevin Kline

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Weird Job

Is it even remotely possible to find a better look-alike for Kevin Kline than this guy?  There’s no way.  There’s absolutely no way.  This has to be Kevin Kline right?  It has to be.

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Nov 16 2008

Sunday’s Question of the Week Involves the New York Knicks

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OK 1 or 2 remaining Knicks fans out there.   What’s the deal here? Is it safe to say these guys have a shot to be good this year?  I have to admit, of all the games I’ve watched, even when they’ve lost, there’s just something different about this team.  And Friday’s win?  Come on.  These guys were awesome.

It’s almost the feeling I get when I see a baseball team that sort of “has it.”  Wilson Chandler is an absolute sparkplug.  This guy’s got future all-star potential.  Randolph has been consistent as hell.  Nate Robinson is probably up for M.I.P already.

Oh wait, am I forgetting something?  No more Marbury!  For all you idiot fans chanting to have him back.  Come on now.  You should be ashamed of yourselves.  Duhon is the exact type of tough hard nosed player this team needs.  It’s like when they had Charlie Ward directing traffic.

Jamal Crawford doing his scoring thing.   And once David Lee settles in a bit more, this team might be playoff bound.  You heard it here first.

Let’s not forget to mention D’Antoni.  The guy is a cool customer and I’m loving how he down plays wins.  Great to see this team caring for once.  I might actually go to a game.

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Nov 09 2008

Sunday’s Question of the Week Involves Gary Busey

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It can’t just be drugs

What happened to Gary Busey?

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Nov 02 2008

Sunday’s Question of the Week Involves 90210

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Grimes  Loughlin

I happen to live with a female so unless I were living with a complete dork who plays the Cello 24/7 then the chances of me having to watch some or all of an episode of 90210 are about 100%.  And yeah, I liked Beverly Hills 90210.  Sue me.

The one thing I have to admit that I like about the new show is the fact that Lori Loughlin is on it.  Can this woman have a better face for a 44 year old?  It’s impossible.  Here’s something that’s strange.  She was only 31 when Full House went off the air.

Anyway, my question is this.  Who’s hotter?  Lori Loughlin or Shenae Grimes, the girl who plays Loughlin’s daughter on the show?

I gotta go with Louglin but it’s a fun debate.

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Oct 26 2008

Sunday’s Question of the Week Involves Lakers Coach Phil Jackson

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Phil Jackson  Phil Jackson

Another year for the Lakers.  And I personally think that if Andrew Bynum can stay healthy that it’s their title to lose.  All the credit in the world to the Celtics for their performance last year, but I just think this is the year for the Golden boys.

And all the credit in the world to Phil Jackson who has clearly proved that his coaching ability is unmatched.  A lot of people say he has had great players and great teams to coach.  That anyone could have coached those Bulls teams to championships.

I would need 5 pages to explain how that’s completely false but let’s just say there’s more to coaching than great players.  In short, it’s bringing those players together to see how to match up their skills most effectively on the court.

But that’s not my focus today.  My focus is on Phil’s lack of facial hair.  I watched a preseason game the other day and where’s the ‘stache?  Question of the week:  How soon is it before he cuts his hair and grows back some facial hair?  I give it until the Lakers lose 3 in a row.

Phil Jackson Phil Jackson

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