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Feb 06 2009

The 10 Most Memorable Moments of Celebrities at Wrestlemania

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The Greatest Spectacle including all the WWE Superstars! Don’t miss your chance to be part of a milestone event, a quarter-century in the making on Sunday, April 5 at 5:30 p.m. CT at Reliant Stadium! Get your tickets NOW at the Reliant Stadium Box Office!

OK maybe it’s not the greatest spectacle but Wrestlemania has surely always been entertaining.  I think I kind of stopped watching after Wrestlemania X but that doesn’t mean I haven’t followed the results and read the stories all these years.

I can only assume that Mickey Rourke will be the highlight at this year’s event but there certainly have been a fair share of great celebrity moments at Wrestlemania.

Here are 10 worth a mention.

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Jan 09 2009

I Have To Mention the Jeff Hardy Accident Thing

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From Bleacher Report

If you watched Smackdown this Friday night, no doubt you saw the ridiculous storyline featuring a fake car accident in which current WWE Champion Jeff Hardy and his fiance Beth were allegedly involved in.

The angle was that they were involved in some sort of hit and run accident where someone hit them from behind and took off. I’ve read the Internet rumors this week regarding the possibility that this angle (as well as the Jeff Hardy hotel incident) might have been done to bring in former TNA star and WWE veteran, Christian.

I have no issue with using a dramatic storyline to bring back a big-name Superstar. My issue is with the WWE’s persistance of relying on poor gimics in an attempt to try to bring “reality” to their programing.

Well my only real reaction to this isn’t the fact the the WWE used a poor tactic to get viewers.  Vince McMahon sold his soul to the devil a very long time ago.

My whole thing with this is:  Could Jeffy Hardy look any more like a Myspace Toolbox if he tried?  The answer is a definitive “no.”

Jeff Hardy Jeff Hardy Jeff Hardy

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Dec 15 2008

Piper’s Pit: I think Roddy Piper is My Favorite Guy Ever

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I’m pretty sure we’re gonna have to do a running series on Piper’s Pit.  This video was the clincher.

1.  Check out this guy Frank Williams’ outfit.  Are you kidding me?

2.  Wait until Piper starts imitating him.

3.   Superman Shirt and a Kilt.  Enough said.

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Dec 03 2008

Possibly the Most Loserish Looking Wrestlers I’ve Ever Seen in My Entire Life

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Ugly Wrestlers

Ladies and Gentlemen, I’d like to congratulate Adams, MA for housing what could conceivably be the lamest and most pathetic looking wrestling league I’ve ever encountered.  Just saddle up and head to Adams-Turner Hall to watch Top Rope Promotions present wrestlers with names like Mikka, Skull, Angel, Bauer, The Punisher, and many more.

And not only do they have lame names, few if any are in shape and most of these guys look like they probably masturbate at least 500 times a day.  If I had one dream in life for the next week, it would be to make the trip there, interview these guys, go out drinking with them, record the whole thing, and then spend the entire next week laughing my ass off.

Get a load of these fonzanoons after the jump

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Nov 25 2008

20 of the Hottest Women in Pro Wrestling

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Hot Women of Pro Wrestling

If there’s one kind of list you can never really run out of, it’s a hot girl list.  But one thing that’s getting more and more difficult is to come up with is legitimate lists that tie in sports and hot women.  You’ve got your WAG lists,  overall hottest women athletes,  I suppose you could then break it down by sports (which is very tough), and then you’ve got your cheerleaders.

But how about wrestling?   Isn’t that kind of a sport?  I mean women throwing around women, pulling hair, taking off their clothes, that’s gotta be considered a sport right?  Hells yeah.

So with that in mind, I’ve decided to come up with a list of 20 of the Hottest Women in Pro Wrestling.

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Nov 21 2008

A 100% Gratuitous Sexy WWE Strip Tease To Start Off Your Weekend

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This is me simply being a guy.  This is me selling out.  This is me saying, “I really didn’t have that much time to put something good up on my site today so there’s really only one correct answer: hot chicks.”

Will I see any complaints?  Not a chance.  I never even heard of Torrie Wilson before this video.  And it certainly doesn’t disappoint.

I will say it’d be more fun if these two chicks wrestled but we can’t always get what we want.

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Oct 29 2008

Pro Wrestling Then and Now Videos

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I always do a lot of “Where are They Now” stuff.  And quite frankly it generally occurs when I see an actor (or athlete) from my youth that I haven’t seen in quite some time.

And a huge part of my youth was the WWF (now WWE because of Pandas).   So about 20 minutes ago I decided to just type in “WWF” under Youtube to see what kind of classic moments I could find.

But then I found a series of three videos called Pro Wrestling: Then and Now.  And when I saw Mr. Fuji in there, I knew I’d have to share.  Part one is up top.

Parts 2 and 3 after the jump. FYI the music is horrible (sorry about that)

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Sep 16 2008

OK, The Road Warriors (Legion of Doom) Were Definitely the Best

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You guys might have seen yesterday’s “10 Most Memorable Tag Team” article. And as I usually do, I try not to rank lists because I’d rather just let the viewers decide which ones they like best.

However, after some thinking….actually no, after seeing this video while I was pretty sure these guys were the most badass tag team ever, now I’m 100% convinced. First of all they had the best move ever (Doomsday Device). Second of all they were in the movie Body Slam, which was amazing. And lastly, just look at these guys.

This video rules and definitely pumps me up.

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Sep 15 2008

When Pro Wrestling was Real: My 10 Most Memorable Tag Teams

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Road Warriors

Remember when pro wrestling was (seemed) real? Remember when it was the WWF and not the WWE? At least when I was around 5-10 years old it sure felt real.

I mean some of these guys used to scare the hell out of me.  I remember being legitimately nervous when George the Animal Steel used to want to have sex with Queen Elizabeth.

Of course now you look back at the size of these guys, realize how funny their uniforms were, and know that the reasons most of these guys aren’t here today was because of one too many steroids, pain killers, or amphetamines taken.

Then again, that won’t stop me from compiling a list of memorable tag teams from my youth.

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Jul 09 2008

Berwyn, Illinois Women’s Wrestling is the Equivalent to Amateur Porn

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Female Wrestling

You ever see a movie or watch clips on the internet that contain famous pornstars doing pornstar things? Oh my bad, I didn’t realize I was the only one who watched smut. But sometimes, after a while you get tired of the amazingly hot girls. Sure, I love my Audrey Bitoni’s of the world, but on occasion it’s nice to see a normal chick in a skin flick. Not someone who is basically perfect looks and body wise. Once in a while I need the no name, normal girls who even I could pick up in a bar.

Well, it’s the same with this concept. You watch the ladies of the WWE for long enough and your mind becomes jaded. 90% of them are hot, have great bodies and it starts to irritate the senses. But this little wrestling league in Berwyn, Illiois is like the Amateur porn of women’s wrestling and I love every bit of it.

I wish I knew some of the wrestler’s names but they’re probably along the lines of “The Period Popper” and “Menstrual Mindy.” Some of these girls are actually kind of hot.

Check out the matches after the jump

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