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Apr 09 2009

One of the More Disturbing Ultimate Warrior Clips: Little Ultimate Warrior

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Fast forward about half way and you’ll start to see the insanity that is this clip.  There’s just no way you can’t look at this thing from pedophile’s point of view.  Just listen to HOW the Warrior talks.  It’s quite disturbing.

And good God the Brother love show?  Talk about an abomination of the World Wrestling Federation.  I mean nothing tops Piper’s Pit but still.  This is just sad.

“Do a little hand stand for the Ultimate Warrior.  Ohhhh yeahhhhh.”

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Apr 05 2009

Sports Sunday: The Scariest Slim Jim Commercial of All Time

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I think the title pretty much says it all don’t you?

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Apr 03 2009

The Ultimate Warrior Before He Was The Ultimate Warrior

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Well, I brought you the debut of The Ultimate Warrior a couple of weeks ago.  Little did I know that this guy was in another Pro Wrestling franchise prior to the WWF.

In fact he was in two.   This clip is from Texas based World Class Championship Wrestling.    In this circuit he wrestled for 50 bucks a night and got the name “Dingo Warrior” after another wrestler remarked he looked like a warrior (and probably a moron too).

I had no idea this guy’s real last name was Hellwig.  You learn something new everyday.

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Mar 26 2009

The Most Memorable Mascots of Professional Wrestling

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Wrestling Mascots

As most of us older than 10 years old know, pro wrestling is more about entertainment than it is about sport.  Don’t get me wrong, the guys that perform on a night in and night out basis are tremendous atheletes.  They do things in the wring that not even professional atheletes do.  However, let’s face the facts here.  It’s more entertaining and showmanship than anything else.

And what better a way to entertain the crowd than bring in props?  And sometimes those props can be either living things or inanimate objects that take on lives of their own.

Here are the most memorable mascots of professional wrestling

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Mar 24 2009

Koko B Ware Vs. Mike Sharp in 1989

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With all due respect to the African American community, Koko B Ware has got to be one of the most ridiculous characters in entertainment history.  Personally I think he was one step away from being one of those minstrels.

You can’t deny that this dude was pure energy though.  The arm flapping and the parrot were incredible.  And when you get down to it, this dude was damned strong.  He was the true inventor of the brain buster.

By the way, could Iron Mike Sharp scream any more?


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Mar 23 2009

Worthwhile Pro Wrestling News: Danny Bonaduce To Wrestle against Eric Young at TNA Lockdown

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According to Paneech

Eric Young, a member of the Total Nonstop Action (TNA) professional wrestling promotion, was an in-studio guest of Bonaduce to promote the upcoming TNA pay-per-view Lockdown, Six Sides of Steel.  While interviewing Young, Bonaduce claimed he had never heard of him and that he must not be much of a wrestler.  This prompted Young to stand up and slap Bonaduce pretty hard (as seen in the video), and chaos ensued as it usually will when Bonaduce feels threatened.  Anyway, TNA has signed Bonaduce to wrestle aginst Eric Young on the Lockdown card.  (Check out the video)

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Mar 17 2009

The Ten Best Costumes from the WWF

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WWF Costumes

In case you guys don’t know already, I’m incredibly nostalgic when it comes to the WWF.  I guess it’s because for the same reasons you miss going to ballgames and having hotdogs as a child.  Back then it all just felt so much more “real.”  And to this day I still watch a ton of matches on MSG.

OK that last part was a lie.  I barely watch stuff anymore.  However I won’t deny that I miss the old wrestling a great deal.  And one of the things that made wrestling back then were the outfits that these guys wore.  It established such a great story line for each wrestler.  Those outfits truly epitomized who these guys were.

So from the bright colors of a punk rocker to the crazy spikes laying on top of football pads, here are the ten best costumes from the WWF.

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Mar 15 2009

Another Pro Wrestler, Andrew “Test” Martin, Found Dead in his Home

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From Fox Sports

Andrew “Test” Martin, a World Wrestling Entertainment star from earlier this decade, was found dead in his Tampa, Fla., apartment Friday night. He was 33 years old.

The cause of death wasn’t immediately known, the Tampa Tribune reported.

Martin worked for WWE from 1998 to 2004 and 2006 to 2007. Martin was thrust into a prominent position from the onset because of his size and muscularity, with the “Test” nickname being short for “testosterone.”

Reason for death unknown huh?  The guy was 6’6 and 280 lbs.  And “Test” was short for testosterone?  I would have to say that at this point autopsies on Pro Wrestlers probably don’t have to be given anymore.

Unless one of these guys jumps off a cliff or gets hit by a car, I think we all know the reasons by now.  And chances are if they jump off a cliff it’s because of the ‘roid rage anyway.

I mean I thought Vince McMahon was going to hell before.  He must be going to some special room they have down there for guys who did the devil’s work as more than just a hobby.  They’re doing it as life’s work.

This is truly sad.

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Feb 20 2009

Just In Case You’re Thinking of Doing Steroids

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You might want to think again.  Check out Mean Gene.  I’m actually laughing my ass off right now.

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Feb 13 2009

10 Awesome WWF Matches From the 80s

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As most of you may know I’m a tremendous fan of the WWF.   No, not the WWE and no, not the World Wildlife Foundation.  I’m talking about the World Wrestling Federation.  You know, the badass company that used to feature a good Hulk Hogan, Andre the Giant and plenty of other guys who would entertain us all for years.

And in my eyes, there was no time better than the 80′s.  After all, that’s when Hulkamania really took prominence.  Not to mention Wrestlemania became a national phenomenon.

From Hogan slamming Andre to Ricky the Dragon vs. The Macho Man, here are 10 awesome WWF matches from the 80′s.

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