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Oct 05 2008

Political Sunday: Really? People Would Vote For this Woman?

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REALLY?  It cannot be possible. I refuse to believe this. I refuse. P.S. Credit to my buddy Nick for sending this to me. Thanks guy!

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Oct 03 2008

Boy I hope this Happens in the US Presidential Debates: Massage Parlor King Punches Journalist

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Chuvit Kamolvisit, an underdog in Sunday’s election for governor of Bangkok, punched and kicked a television journalist on Thursday, saying he was provoked by tough questions during a live interview.

Kamolvisit, dubbed Bangkok’s massage parlor king by the Thai press, later apologized for losing his temper and assaulting host Visarn Dilokwanich after the interview.

Man I would give anything to see John McCain throw down with a journalist, preferably one who acts like Robert Downey Jr’s character in Natural Born Killers.  That or Geraldo Rivera.

We really do need some violence in these debates.  I suppose a little Sarah Palin S&M couldn’t hurt anyone.  You know she’s down with that stuff when the lights are off.  Or maybe on, who knows.

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Sep 03 2008

Sarah Palin: Chicks with Guns

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With all of the crap that John McCain is going to have to endure over the next few months leading up to the election, this whole VPILF thing has got to top the list.

I mean forget about the fact that Palin’s 17 year old daughter is pregnant and is marrying this guy not out of love but for the sake of her mother’s candidacy. Forget about the fact that McCain is 750 years old.

Just remember that the next issue of Guns and Ammo might possibly feature Sarah Palin on the cover in a bikini. Actually, that would be great marketing material and could definitely sway my vote.

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