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Jan 31 2014

Mia Malkova Selfies Lead the P.M. Portfolio

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Do any of you guys know who this girl is? I just know that I kind of like the name Mia Malkova.  Sounds like the name of some exotic girl you met in a nightclub. Well, you, not me. You see, the chances of me meeting Mia are slim to none. More like none. But whatever. She’s hot.

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not_even_mug_shots_can_make_these_girls_look_ugly_640_09 amateur girls 1 953378311_tduid4260_candice_swanepoel_edita_vil_clean_800 lindsey-duke-ucf-4 hotties-22-8-002 miss_prestin_20130821_1466966518 girlsvoices_wideteaser VS-Girls

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Jan 30 2014

Hotties at this Photoshoot Lead the P.M. Portfolio

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amateur girls 12

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Whatever photo shoot that was I just wish I were there.  In fact I always wish I were somewhere else. Then again a place with two beautiful girls sporting hot pink bikinis is most certainly a place I’d want to be. Other than that I’m too depressed to even write anymore.

The Portfolio

amateur girls 10 Nina-Agdal-30_clean_800 not_even_mug_shots_can_make_these_girls_look_ugly_640_05 krysten-ritter-24 sarah-hyland-08261301 sophie_turner_20130815_1246213108 tay_nicolette_4 lindsey-duke-ucf-17

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Jan 29 2014

Cosplay Girls Lead the P.M. Portfolio

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I mean let’s face it.  People wearing costumes isn’t a new thing at all.  But because of the word “cosplay” now it’s huge.  Same thing with twerking which is really just booty dancing.   Not that I’m complaining.   I dig girls wearing costumes.

The Portfolio

amateur girls 1 amateur girls 11 amateur girls 13 denise-milani-christmas-09 silver_belles_brittney_slide washington-jalina1 nina_2_clean_800 cutewhiteshirt

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Jan 28 2014

The Best NBA WAGs lead the P.M. Portfolio

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Click on the photo for the NBA’s hottest WAGs

It’s no surprise that when you’re in the NBA you get a lot of perks.  One of those perks is clearly the female population.  Given that you’re one of only a few hundred guys in the world that can do what you do, for some reason women are attracted to that (and the millions you make).

The Portfolio

jessica_3 nina_3_clean_800 amateur girls 15 amateur girls 17 when_hot_girls_break_the_law_you_get_hot_girl_mugshots_640_01 blondejeans devin-brugman-australia girlsgettingwild_christinaaguilera_sl

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Jan 27 2014

Ladies of Winter Lead the P.M. Portfolio

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It’s by far my least favorite season of the year.   Personally I find nothing redeeming about Winter except feeling cozy indoors knowing that it’s cold outdoors.  But you can feel that in any other season on a cool evening.  But I guess one cool thing are winter babes.  Whatever.

The Portfolio

amateur girls 1 amateur girls 14 eva_lovia_6 girls_who_have_the_cute_factor_640_29 Kaki West Is The New Face Of 138 Water peta-todd-15 friendsinsummer brugman-australia-1

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Jan 24 2014

Cassaundra Leads the P.M. Portfolio

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Just another day and just another random girl who likes to post pictures on Instagram.  To that we have no complaints and hope that this trend only continues (which we all know it will).  Other than that I hope all of you are having a splendid day.

The Portfolio

amateur girls 12 amateur girls 11 candice-michelle-26 girlsonblackbackground_ashleysky_sl mike-glennon-girlfriend-6 prettyblonde_001 rosie_jones_20131215_1504545775 jaclyn-swedberg-t1

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Jan 23 2014

Best NFL Wags Lead the P.M. Portfolio

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Click on the photo for the best NFL WAGs of 2013

We might be nearing the corner of January but that doesn’t mean 2013 lists aren’t still popping up.  And anything with WAG in the title certainly deserves a mention.  While the NFL season is nearly over we still won’t forget the WAGS that popped up.

The Portfolio

ivy_jean_9 amateur girls 1 amateur girls 14 girlsingreen_elisabeth_sl thegrassisgreen georgia_salpa_20131215_1462547043 larisa-fraser-lingerie-211 Nina-Agdal-15_clean_800

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Jan 22 2014

Chicago Bears Fan Brooke Knight Leads the P.M. Portfolio

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Brooke Knight made her internet “blogs like us” debut in 2012 as a Chicago Bulls fan. Little did anyone realize that she’s also a big Bears fan. Then, a couple weeks ago she reached out and we quickly noticed that Brooke had new photos of herself in a referee bikini/underwear costume. If football isn’t your thing, Brooke is also a Blackhawks and Bulls fan.

The Portfolio

new_1_clean_800 hot_bikini_girls_12 amateur girls 20 amateur girls 14 186_cm_sharnivinson_wideteaser what_do_you_think_this_blonde_bombshell_does_for_a_living_640_01 daniela_freitas_20130807_1846125556 sabrina-ferilli-1

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Jan 21 2014

Lovely Ladies Lead the P.M. Portfolio

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Sometimes all you need in this world is a beautiful girl who can make you smile.  She’ll take a your breath away with her eyes, hair, and whatever else draws you in. It’s kind of addicting and can cause problems but man it’s a pretty cool feeling isn’t it?

The Portolio

pretty_girls_that_make_the_world_a_little_more_beautiful_640_09 V372114_clean_760 hotties2014_party_wideteaser catalina_otalvaro_20130925_1824958189 Raica Oliveira 12 dobrojevic-31

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Jan 20 2014

Redline Lady Panthers Lead the P.M.Portfolio

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Click on the photo for more of the Lady Panthers

Busted Coverage was there on a December Saturday for the Florida Panthers Redline Lady Panthers swimsuit calendar fashion show because they cover the events you guys actually care about. While a majority of the country was sweating the Alabama-Auburn game, that didn’t matter to BC.

The Portfolio

shakira_011 Natalia Siwiec 1 Natalia Siwiec 5 girls_who_have_the_cute_factor_640_29 V385172_CROP1_tcmag_760 lisa_ann_20131208_1201772416 jessi-mbengue-1 hth2014_rebecca_sl7

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