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May 16 2008

Canada is Very Cool for a Day: People Get to Meet Jayde Nicole

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Jayde Nicole

I don’t think you guys need me to tell you who Jayde Nicole is. I had her up here two days ago to congratulate her on her Playmate of the Year honors.

Well now she’s taking her celebrity and signing funny looking Asian dudes Playboy covers. If there was ever a time to envy Canada it’s right now. They may not get a gem like this for another 25 years (Remember, the last Canadian to grace a Playboy cover was Shannon Tweed over 20 years ago).

Question though: Who the hell is this blond next to her? She’s definitely the crappy wing girl who’s gonna try to get Jayde’s scraps when they hit the clubs later.

Jayde Nicole Jayde Nicole Jayde Nicole Jayde Nicole

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May 13 2008

A Congratulations are in Order for Jayde Nicole: Playmate of the Year

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Jayde Nicole

A few days ago it was announced that Jayde Nicole is Canada’s first Playmate of the Year since 1982. And who was it in 1982 you might ask? None other than Shannon Tweed.

I’d just like to point out how pleased I am that a brunette won this year’s title. I’d also like to point out that I never read Playboy, nor do I even look at it. It’s simply not hardcore enough, and it bothers me when I see women this hot that I can’t have.

Nevertheless, I know you twinks certainly wouldn’t mind a few shots of Jayde here. So click the little button that says “continue reading” and enjoy looking at pictures of a girl you’ll never have sex with.

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May 01 2008

Playboy Looking For Talent on Youtube – I Have the First Audition

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My recommendation would be to mute this entire thing and then enjoy

According to C21 Media,Playboy has formed partnerships with YouTube, Break.com, Veoh, Metacafe and others to create its own online ‘audience network’ through which it will distribute its lifestyle video content.”

In addition, they’ve launched a nationwide “talent” search on Youtube, allowing women the opportunity to submit non-nude videos in the hope of being selected for a photo shoot.

The video above would be my first submission.

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Apr 26 2008

Sexy Saturday – Lindsey Vuolo doing the “Heyman Hustle”

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Lindsay Vuolo

She can hustle me any time

Welcome to Sexy Saturday. In cased you missed some of the wonderful articles during the work week, every Saturday I’ll be giving you something to drool over until Monday. Todays news?

According to the National Ledger, Lindsey Vuolo, a former Playmate in 2001 “joined legendary UK rock n roll photographer Mick Rock as guests on this week’s Heyman Hustle Hon SUN-TV,” the broadband television network launched by NewsCorp’s SUN (UK) division.”

Here is the recording of the event. Pictures after jump.

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Apr 25 2008

Playboy Was Recently Shooting in Miami Beach

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Playboy Miami Beach

I just wanted to make you all aware of this fact. Carry on.

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Apr 21 2008

Miss Playboy Mobile Spring Break 2008

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Miss Playboy Mobile Spring Break 2008

Last month a bunch of the poor man’s Playboy ladies went down to party in Cabo. In the midst of it all, they decided to have an amateur contest: Miss Playboy Mobile Spring Break. So rather than bring down the real Miss Playboy Mobile Amber Jay, this little poolside event took place, hosted by Cybergirl Jennifer Hurt.

This particular contest involved drinking, cheerleading positioning, and some pretty lame dudes. Even so, it’s still Playboy. It’s still Spring Break. It’s still drunken times, and it’s still girls that who might not be that hot, yetyou’d completely plow into them if you threw down a couple of Coronas.

Enjoy these pictures provided by Playboy U

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Apr 18 2008

The Playboy Golf Finals Seems Like a Good Idea Right?

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Playboy Golf Finals

Featured left to right: Losers 1, 2, 3, 4 and Bunnies Happy, Sleepy, Moist, Puddles and Money Grubber

Has anyone heard of Playboy Golf? If you haven’t here’s a little brochure to help get you started. If you have around 50 grand you and a few of your buddies can go play golf with some of the bunnies, which once again proves that Hugh Hefner is a genius.

You get to watch scantily clad girls with crappy back swings get drunk, party, jump on beds, and best of all you get to photograph all of it. So wait a minute. All I have to do is pony up 50 grand and me and my buddies get to play golf with and spend a weekend with the bunnies?

Playboy Golf Finals

You think you’re cool now buddy. Wait until you realize she’s sober and kicks you in the balls.

Sounds great right up until the end when you realize you just spent 50 grand to party with really hot girls, not have sex with any of them, watch them walk off as soon as the clock strikes 12, and go home alone.

I think I’d rather find a good, free porn site, jerk off for 5 minutes and call it a day.

Pictures of the ladies after the jump

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Apr 10 2008

Uncoached Wireless – Amber James is Miss Playboy Mobile 2008

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Amber James

This will now be on your phone

Amber James has been announced as the new Miss Playboy Mobile at the CTIA (The Wireless Association) 2008.

Exclusive content (i.e. nudity) from the after party will be made available on cell phones around the country.

Congratulations! A new high has been set! Not only will people still be jerking off 6 hours a day from internet porn, but bathroom breaks and inter meeting erections will be even more plentiful.

Thanks Amber!

Amber James Amber James Amber James Amber James

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Apr 03 2008

New Playboy Cell Phone Released, Losers Still Won’t Get Laid

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CTIA Playboy Party

CTIA (The Wireless Association) hosts a bunch of events. Most recently (April 1-3) a convention was held in Las Vegas. Apparently there wasn’t too much to talk about this year, however the Altel Booth had a bit of buzz as it proudly displayed it’s new Playboy branded cell phone for those losers who can’t get enough of the logo.

Quick thought: The only people who should be allowed to have a Playboy logo phone are Playboy bunnies or Playboy Employees…preferably Hugh Hefner only. Anyone else? What are you doing with a Playboy logo phone?

In any event, looks like some of the bunnies partied it up afterwards and decided to make everyone jealous again by essentially saying, “we’re hot, do nothing, get paid for it and you bald people take pictures with us to feel great even though you have no chance at hitting it.”

Thanks Ladies! (Excuse the darkness in these photos by Darwoodius)

CTIA Playboy Party CTIA Playboy Party CTIA Playboy Party CTIA Playboy Party CTIA Playboy Party

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Apr 02 2008

Former Playboy Model and Beloved NY Giants Girl Was Mean to Cops

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Reby Sky

From ABC Action News: “She models under the name Reby Sky. Her sexy photos have appeared in Playboy, GQ and Stuff Magazine. But in court Tuesday, 21-year-old Rebecca Reyes stood stonefaced in a grey suit as a jury found her guilty of opposing an officer during a traffic stop.”

Apparently Sky was being belligerent and cursed the officers out. It took the Jury less than an hour to come to a decision. Hidden recordings reveal that the judge asked the officers “how was the strip search? man I wish I could have been there.”

When searched, the officers vehicle contained these pictures:

Reby Sky Reby Sky Reby Sky Reby Sky Reby Sky

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