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Jul 07 2008

Charity, Ron Jeremy and Dirty Old Men at this Year’s Playboy Mansion Brazilian Carnvial

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Playboy Mansion Party

Another sucker who isn’t getting laid.

Every year, Carnival draws hundreds of thousands of revelers to Brazil. Not to be outdone, San Diego-based Partying for a Purpose presents”Brazilian Carnival,” its fifth annual benefit at Hugh Hefner’s PlayboyMansion. Partying for a Purpose is the fundraising branch of It’s All Aboutthe Kids Foundation, an organization that benefits less fortunate children in Southern California and Arizona.

That’s all lovely but check this out.

Tickets are $1,250 per person or $10,000 for a table of eight, and also include shuttle service from the host hotels to the Playboy Mansion, as well as a Friday Night Pool Party at the Luxe Hotel on June 27, 2008.

Once again, dirty old men coughing up over a grand to not have sex with hot chicks. I really don’t get this. I’d rather jerk off.

Check out the pics after the jump.

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Jul 01 2008

Shawn Merriman Enjoying the Playboy Mansion Fight Night

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Fight Night

As Awful Annoucing would say: Caption this

As you know there was a fight at the Playboy mansion last week. Unfortunately the pictures were limited but thankfully I managed to find some of Shawn Merriman licking his chops at the prospect of one of the ring girls.

I most certainly don’t blame the guy. I’d imagine since he’s not juicing anymore that GHB was probably taking the place of the usual blend of Grade A Big Brown injections. What if Merriman got in the ring that night?

Could he have done some damage? We’ll never know but at least he probably took advantage of some poor lass who didn’t know any better.

Fight Night Fight Night Fight Night Fight Night Fight Night Fight Night

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Jun 26 2008

The Best Place to Watch Boxing Ever: The Playboy Mansion

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Playboy Boxing

Yesterday the Playboy mansion was host to a fight between Julio Diaz and David Torres (no I don’t know who either of those guys is).

Now this is how things should be everywhere in my opinion: “Walking in, there are four women in bunny costumes waiting to greet you, as well as a group of other girls in black mini dresses. Later, there would be a naked woman, covered only in body paint.”

Attendees in the crowd included Chuck Liddell and Shawn Merrimen. And of course Holly Madison and Bridget Marquardt worked as ring girls.

In honor of these women, I’ve decided to put together a small gallery of ring girls for your viewing pleasure.

Enjoy after the jump

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Jun 25 2008

Beth Williams Has My Playboy Vote and Hopefully a Reality TV Show

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There’s just one problem with all of these videos. Why do the women have to talk so much? And go as far as to actually make a script? Is Playboy now judging on acting skills? Beth. Look at yourself for a minute.

Seriously Beth. Do you have a clue how hot you are? If you put on some furry snow boots and take 30 drunk pictures of yourself you could whip up a dirty little Myspace page, add a million friends, and be famous within a month.

“The Beth Williams furry boots show.” That would be way better than Gossip Girl or The Hills. Man I hate those shows. Can we just get some male versions of these? Follow around hot Beth Williams and just let her be hot for a half an hour. I’d watch it.

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Jun 09 2008

Is Penn State Going to Approve of This? I’ll bet Paterno Does

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Her voice couldn’t be any more annoying and this couldn’t be any more rehearsed

I would assume that the school can’t be that pleased with a girl blatantly advertising herself with her school on her shirt and at the same time expressing a desire to pose nude. And yet I wouldn’t be surprised if the school was completely fine with it either.

It’s really strange how things fair out these days. Schools approve of nudity as long as it’s for a “legit” publication and yet completely scoff at drunk pictures getting “leaked.”

Are we that naive about what goes on at college these days? This girl is begging to have raunchy pictures of her posted in hopes of being a star. Let it happen damnet.

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Jun 07 2008

Sexy Saturday: Sloppy Seconds on the Playboy Mansion Tea Party

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Mansion Tea Party

The boys at Busted Coverage got fantastic pictures of yet another night of fun for girls who get paid…well…to have fun. And let us not forget about the wild bus ride on the way to the party.

Seriously if we could only be part of the last 10 minutes of that bus ride. Jesus Lord The Saviour of the Catholics that looks like a fun time.

One more thing. Ronald Jeremy was there. Seriously man, this guy is definitely the face I’d want on a stamp someday.

Pictures after the jump

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Jun 06 2008

The Playboy Search Goes On: Miss Claudia Gets My Vote

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As the Playboy 55th Anniversary Playmate search goes on, (one of the smartest campaigns of all time) more and more ridiculously hot ladies post their videos on Youtube.

Take Claudia here for example. She may have broken English but oh my lord this women is on fire. Best of luck Claudia, you’ve got my vote.

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Jun 04 2008

Hahn Family Wines Release Party at the Playboy Mansion

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Hahn Family Wines

Can you just imagine how amazing it must be to have Hugh Hefner’s life? Sure, when magazines aren’t selling (which apparently they’re not as much as they used to) simply rent out the mansion to a wine company, let them pay for the whole thing, get drunk, and then have sex with the bunnies later.

Are you kidding me? What a life this guy has. And what a set up this Hahn Family must have huh? I mean they were able to get Arsenio Hall to be at the event, as well as Kevin, the guy who plays guitar on the Tonight Show.

And these bunnies. Tough life. Come out in slutty gear, hold wine glasses, take pictures with guys so they feel better about themselves, and then get locked up in your bedroom until Hef lets you out again.

Party Pictures after the jump

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Jun 02 2008

Playboy Never Ceases to Amaze: Camping Parties in Europe

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Playboy Mansion Toernooi

I found these pictures from the Playboy Mansion Tournament 2008: The Campsite Edition. Apparently they have some sort of hockey tournament in the Netherlands and all of zee Germans and other crazy Euros go out there and party for a weekend.

Forgive me if I get the entire story wrong because I can’t read German or Netherlandish. But from the looks of it these people set up tents, live in fields for a while, get hammered, and essentially pay a decent amount of money to do this.

Oddly enough I didn’t see any playmates but I did see plenty of drunken amateurs getting after it in the grass. Germans and Netherworlders are weird sexual beings but they definitely know how to throw down from time to time.

Zee Germans after the jump

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May 27 2008

Whatever You Did on Memorial Day wasn’t this Fun: Playboy U’s Reggae Sunsplash Party at SDSU

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Reggae Sunsplash

While many of you might have been watching Women’s College Softball on ESPN or PGA Golf, the kids at San Diego State had no clue what date or holiday it was. They were simply partying their asses off for the 2008 Reggae Sunsplash party.

And of course, some dorky Jewish guy named Stephen (and unfortunately not me) got to cover this event.

Pictures and video after the jump

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