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Oct 23 2009

Playboy Smartens Up: Reduces Circulation and Makes me Flaccid

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It’s a sad day for Playboy magazine:

Big cuts are in store at Hugh Hefner’s Playboy, which is slashing its rate base a whopping 38 percent as the iconic men’s magazine battles advertising and circulation declines, Mediaweek has learned.

Starting with the January 2010 issue, Playboy’s rate base will drop to 1.5 million from 2.6 million, a rep there said.

Playboy also will combine its January and February issues after doing the same with its July and August issues this past summer. No decision has been made about repeating the July/August double issue this year, the rep said.

While the new CEO Scott Flanders talks about changes that are going to be implemented with the magazine like changes to its print magazine and more base rate cuts, I can’t help wonder if they’re thinking of shifting online completely.

I hope Playboy isn’t as old school as some other publications who aren’t with the times and realize that we are online, period.   If I were Flanders I’d be looking into Playboy TV and killing it with their website.

Playboy apps for phones, computers, you name it.  These guys haven’t scratched the surface.  Nor have many large publishing outlets.  Come on guys, I’m rooting for ya.

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Jul 17 2009

Ten Things Hugh Hefner Probably Says Before Having Sex With a New Girl

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Hugh Hefner

Ah yes, Mr. Hefner.  I’ve shined this guy for oh I don’t know, my entire life after puberty?  He’s about every single guy’s sexual idol.  We’ve made jokes like “he’s had more sex in the last week than I’ll have for the rest of my life, and he’s over 80!”  And all these things are probably true.   Hugh Hefner is the absolute beast of a man.

And while I would love to meet the guy behind Playboy someday, I like anyone else am allowed to poke fun at the old man.  Not that he’d ever read this or care.  But Hugh, consider this sort of a roast.

Enjoy ten things Hugh Hefner probably says before having sex with a new girl

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Jun 23 2009

Playboy Patriotic Paint Parties are Even Better than the Regular Ones

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Playboy Party

I would say other than breast implants, one of the better inventions in the last 30-40 years has been body paint.  It’s the use of paint to look like clothing when a body is really naked.  It’s allowed Sports Illustrated as well as many other magazines and sites to have an excuse to show naked women.

And kudos to Playboy for having the foresight to use this body paint at nearly every party they throw now.  The latest?  The latest is a Playboy party involving some military men and of course…David Hasselhoff.

I really hope this company never goes out of business.  It would be a true shame.

Pictures after the jump (A huge thanks to Totally Crap for these)

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Apr 09 2009

Playboy Golf VIP Cigar Party Lends Itself to More Unnecessary Money Spenders

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Playboy VIP

So what do you do with all of your high priced golfers when you’re Playboy?  You throw them a VIP party of course.  Tons of fat dudes and sweaty people were in attendance at this years Playboy VIP Golf Party hosted by Camacho Cigars.

Hell even pseudo celebrities were there.  Remember Glenn Plummer from South Central?  But who’s the fat white guy with the cigars?  And who the hell is this guy that’s trying to look like Wolverine?

Spend more money on comic books and 1000 dollar an hour Golf lessons with Playmates guy.  I guess this recession hits people in different ways.

Pictures after the jump

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Mar 31 2009

Exclusive Photos of Professional Athletes at Playboy Golf 2009

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Playboy Golf

Tony Parrish and Bernard Barrian digging the Playboy Golf cart

Thanks to a new partnership with the head of PR for Playboy Golf, Uncoached will now be the first to bring you amazing photos of events held with the beautiful ladies (and guests!) of Playboy Golf.

And it just so happens that recently a few NFL, NBA, and Skiing (yes, a new Bode Miller sighting) gentlemen partook in some long driving activities with a few of the Playmates.  I wonder if they made it to the finals.

Shame on you Andrew Bynum.  Aren’t you suppose to be in rehab preparing for the Playoffs?  I must admit though, Bynum looks pretty suave in his robe.

Photos after the jump

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Oct 22 2008

She’s Uncoachable: Playboy’s Miss November 2008 and Guitar Hero Gal, Grace Kim

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Grace Kim

Let’s give it up for Grace Kim, the model, the legend, the Playmate of November!  According to her Myspace Profile, Grace is single, 5’6, a Taoist, and graduate of UCLA in 2001.    She also has a masters from CSU Long Beach in 2004.  Anything else?  Of course!

She was a Guitar Hero publicist for Activision.  You see?  Now this is what it’s all about.  Kudos to activision for hiring a hottie to take this job.  It’s just smart, period.

And you know who else is smart?  Grace.  Grace is a smarty pants.  With that masters degree and Taoist spirit I hope she can Yin my Yang a few times.

More of Grace after the jump

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Sep 16 2008

Kato Kaelin Went to the Playboy Midsummer Night’s Dream Party and I didn’t = Unacceptable

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Playboy Midsummer Night’s Dream

Remember that dude on the left in the movie Made? “What’s your name! I’ll do it when I’m God damned good and ready.”

Oh and it wasn’t just Kaelin who was in attendance at yet another one of Hugh “My Life Will always be better than yours” Hefner’s parties. A few weeks ago, semi famous people flocked to the mansion for the Playboy Midsummer Night’s Dream party. As usual people got a glimpse into a life that only holds reality in one’s dreams.

At least Cory Feldman was there looking very effeminate. Paris Hilton was in attendance as well as rapper Juicy J. As you’ll see in the pictures below, I’m sure Hefner was really excited to be posing with rappers whose names he probably had no clue of.

Some other stars who were in attendance? Jim Belushi hammered, Michael Clark Duncan wearing really tight pants, Brody Jenner and not me.

I need a better life

Playboy Midsummer Night’s Dream Playboy Midsummer Night’s Dream Playboy Midsummer Night’s Dream Playboy Midsummer Night’s Dream Playboy Midsummer Night’s Dream Playboy Midsummer Night’s Dream Playboy Midsummer Night’s Dream Playboy Midsummer Night’s Dream Playboy Midsummer Night’s Dream

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Sep 04 2008

Playboy U Flees to the University of Central Florida

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Playboy UCF

I’m not 100% sure what Playboy U was doing visiting The University of Central Florida over the past few days, but I think it may have had to do with Hurricane Gustav. The only reason I came to this conclusion is because on PlayboyU’s website a line read ” The University of Central Florida (UCF) is a hurricane free zone of tropical paradise.”

And since I’m not a member of the site (I’m unfortunately too old), all I can think of was that the article read along the lines of “since we couldn’t party it up in New Orleans we decided to head on down to Florida to party with some UCF students to kick off the school year.”

Shouldn’t I be writer for them? I mean come on Hugh. I have the skills. Instead you send off this Mike Grindberg guy to record all of this? Not fair. It’s just not fair. In any event, here are some pictures from Mike’s travels (no offense to Mike if he’s isn’t, but he’s gay right?)

Pictures after the jump (all photos posted on PlayboyU)

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Aug 08 2008

Losers Pay up to Party at the Playboy Golf VIP Event

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Playboy Golf

Congratulations for forking over a thousand dollars for a couple hours of fun and golf with the Playboy girls guys! If you went down market just a tad you probably could have gotten hand jobs for 5 bucks at a local bar. Way to use your dicks heads fellas.

Hey don’t get me wrong. I’m sure it was a wonderful time being there. But let’s not forget. The wonderful time was actually being there, not anywhere else. Now you have to go home to your wives, miserable, and pray that they don’t read this article.

You know, because this site is so amazing that every housewife is reading this. In the meantime, good luck earning back that money and explaining where you were that weekend.

Pictures from the event after the jump

Playboy Golf Playboy Golf Playboy Golf Playboy Golf Playboy Golf Playboy Golf Playboy Golf Playboy Golf Playboy Golf Playboy Golf Playboy Golf Playboy Golf

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Jul 18 2008

By Far The Best Picture at This Year’s ESPY’s

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Any Debates here?  Not a chance.

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