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Apr 24 2014

15 Things That Look Like Butts (But Aren’t)

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Call us immature if you want to, but butts are still really funny to us.

And since we typically find ourselves still dancing and singing to Sir Mix-a-Lot’s “Baby Got Back” whenever given the chance, we figured we’d toss a few things your way that might not actually be booty’s, but look a hell of a lot like one.

Whether it’s by design or just an accident, here are some of the funniest non-butt, butts we could find on the Internet for you.

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Apr 23 2014

12 Super Awkward Pregnancy Pics

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One of the happiest times in anyone’s life is the day that they get the news that they’re having a baby.

And although we can personally wait for a long time until we trust ourselves to be a dad, other people have dived into parenthood with big smiles—and super awkward photos.

Take these people, who, although they should be stoked to welcome a little one into the world, might not want to be so weird in breaking the news to friends and family.

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Apr 22 2014

The 12 Worst Attention Seekers on Facebook

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It’s no secret that social media is typically a place for people to brag or complain about the good or bad things that are happening in their days.

And while we’ve all fallen victim to doing it before, there are a few people who are a hell of a lot worse, posting things that are so blatantly obvious attention seeking statuses that Mark Zuckerberg himself should ban them from ever updating their profile again.

So while you might be able to delete them as friends, the fact that you had to put up with constant crap like this on your News Feed should have told you to end things a long time ago.

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Apr 21 2014

12 Celeb Portraits Amazingly Made From Everyday Objects

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Although most of us just take for granted the stuff that we have laying around the house, some people actually see it as an opportunity to make something really cool.

Take these artists, who, although they may have burned their morning toast or spilled their trash everywhere, didn’t just pick it up and dispose of it, but actually made art out of it.

Creative and talented people are super rad, aren’t they?

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Apr 18 2014

12 Girls Who Are Bad At Putting on Makeup

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For all the guys out there, we have a feeling that you’d much rather have a girl who is naturally attractive than one who piles on the makeup every single day.

While we’re more likely to take a look at the girls with eyeliner and red, rosey lips, the one who can walk into a room without it all and still steal the show is the one we all really want.

And since some girls just don’t know when to put down the makeup brush, here’s a reminder that a naturally pretty girl is always better than one with a pound of extra face on them.

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Apr 17 2014

15 Jobs We Should All Wish We Had

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Although we can’t complain about our job—we look at hot girls and write about stuff guys need and want all day—there are a few times where we hear someone discussing their career that gets us a little jealous.

While we wouldn’t necessarily think about switching our path towards success, something in the way they describe their gigs makes us interested, to say the least.

But since most of us have never even heard about these jobs, there’s a good chance none of us got steered in the direction to try and get them.

So for all of you looking for an out, try finding openings with these job titles, because they’re real—and quite awesome.

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Apr 16 2014

12 Dog Memes That Make You Wonder

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We all like to have a good time—with some doing it a little more than others.

And while we happen to live in a state where a certain green substance is legal, we remind you to stay away from the sticky stuff.

Still, for those who have experienced with the stuff, you know how it makes you look and feel, making you a bit lazy, very hungry and squinty eyed.

It may make you appear weird, but take a look at these dogs who seem like they had too much of the good stuff, too.

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Apr 15 2014

Yahoo! Answers That No One Should Trust

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You know how people say that you shouldn’t trust everything you see on the Internet? Well, yeah, Yahoo! Answers just about epitomizes that theory.

While it can be a great tool for people to ask a question and get a general response—well, before, “just Google it” became more popular—it didn’t always provide the best answer for people to go off of.

For all those kids who thought they’d use it to gather knowledge for a paper, or the new parents who weren’t sure how to change a diaper, here are some other Yahoo! Answers that should never be trusted.

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Apr 14 2014

15 People Who Are Completely Lost in the Gym

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Although we admit to enjoying going to the gym—and not just because of the girls wearing their sexy yoga pants—it can sometimes be difficult trying to figure out the equipment or new methods that people are using these days.

And while we suggest avoiding the embarrassment by just sticking to something simple like a treadmill or free weights which a monkey could use, some folks think they need to be up with the times.

For those who think like that, let these pics be your warning, because you may appear completely lost like these workout warriors.

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Apr 11 2014

12 Cars Covered in Post-it Notes

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Let’s face it, we all love pranks.

And while it’s always great to do something that scares the living crap out of someone and still getting a good laugh, some of the best ones are just so simple, it’s almost too easy.

One of our favorite just happens to be the old post-it note covering a car trick.

That’s why we’re honoring those who have pulled it off the best, fantastically executing the never dying, never cliche trick.

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