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Apr 20 2009

5 Real Things the NHL Can Do To Get Popular Again

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NHL Improvements

Aside from the fighting and maybe an occasional clip showing some amazing skill, the NHL is extremely boring to me.  It’s not that I don’t respect what these guys do for a living.  It’s not that I don’t admire the amount of toughness and effort it takes to play the sport.

But I simply don’t understand what the allure of watching guys skating across the ice for over an hour is.  Am I missing something?  It’s like soccer but a little bit better because of the fighting and players don’t go down crying all the time.

Fact is, there’s virtually no scoring and to me that makes it a problem.  Luckily I’ve come up with five solutions for the league that won’t require any tweaking with the game itself.

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Dec 10 2008

The NBA Vs. The NFL Cheerleader Debate: Patriots Cheerleaders vs. The Boston Celtics Dancers

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Patriots Cheerleaders Celtics Dancers

And it’s week two of my quest to go around the country pitting cheerleading squads representing two different leagues but the same state against each other.  This week brings us up north to Bahston.  No that was not a spelling mistake.

Will it be the ever historical arena that graced the feet of Larry Bird and Robert Parrish? Or will it be the Bellichecked calculating, cunning, and “some of the best bodies” in football girls?

Let see who wins……

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Aug 11 2008

Chad Pennington is My All American (And Cuties Who Wore his Jersey)

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Chad Pennington

As I read this from the NY Times: Chad Pennington’s 2008 season will open in Miami, as planned, only he will be wearing the uniform of the Dolphins instead of the Jets. Pennington, released by the Jets after they acquired the future Hall of Famer Brett Favre, agreed to a deal with the Dolphins on Friday that could be worth $11.5 million over two years. At least $3.5 million will be guaranteed.

A part of me wanted to write a small blurb about Chad. First of all, I’m a Giants fan so I’m not even sure I have the right to say these things. However, perhaps given an objective point of view my statements are valid.

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Jun 30 2008

The Potential to be the Hottest Cheerleader in the NFL

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Jaymie Rae HuntLadies and gentlemen. Remember this name. Jaymie Ray Hunt. That’s right. This 19 year old, fresh out of high school bombshell is awaiting her fate to become one of the newest members of the legendary Dallas Cowboys Cheering squad.

“Jaymie Rae started her dance training at the British Ballet Academy and danced in school groups at Hanks and Desert View Middle. She was in “Viva! El Paso” for two years and was crowned Miss Teen El Paso United States in 2005 and Miss Teen Texas United States in 2006.”

Jaymie also has a Facebook page and if anyone can get me pictures of her I will post them immediately. In addition, I’ll give you a big chocolate chip cookie. I’m rooting for Jamie and I hope to god she wins.

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Apr 23 2008

Hockey Still Sucks, But Riots are Pretty Cool

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Montreal Game 7 Riot

I may be a day late on this one but come on, it’s hockey for Christ’s sake. And not that I even remotely care here but hooray! The Montreal Canadiens won their game 7.

While I can’t stand hockey and I think the sport is completely fading, I still find the emotions elicited during games to be pretty entertaining. Out of curiosity, what compels a person to think “My team just won! Let’s go destroy a cop car!”

Wouldn’t having sex be a better alternative? Grab a beer with buddies and talk about the game? Nah, let’s destroy public property, walk on cars and induce a police raid?

Hockey is awesome

Montreal Game 7 Riot Montreal Game 7 Riot Montreal Game 7 Riot Montreal Game 7 Riot

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Apr 09 2008

Fight Night – The Only Redeemable Quality about the NHL

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I admit it. I find the NHL to be completely worthless. However, when you get to see a fight like this it’s almost worth while.

It’s the equivalent of waiting for a NASCAR car crash. You’re pretty much bored the entire time and then boom “Holy Shit! Did you just see that?”

I especially enjoy how the announcers stay calm and keep announcing like it’s an everyday occurrence.

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