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Jul 01 2009

Amazing One-Handed Catches in Football

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It’s awesome when football players lay out for a catch.  It’s awesome when you see how fast they are to go out and grab a ball from nowhere.  It’s fun seeing them snag a ball from another player in midair and that being ruled a catch.   But personally I think the most badass type of catch is the one-handed catch.

I don’t know what it is but it just looks impossible.  Ever catch a ball one handed?  It’s gotta be one of the most exhilarating feelings in sport.  It’s right up there with hitting a really nice golf shot.  Just one of those things that “feels” perfect.   You know, smashing an ace.  Clubbing a home run.  Knocking a guy out with one punch.  The list goes on.

The one handed catch.  It’s fannnntastic

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May 06 2009

Evidence Suggests Brett Favre In Negotiations With Vikings as a Packer

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“I know this place with really great Viking food”

This may be tough for some of you cheeseheads to believe, but after seeing this picture one has to wonder if Favre’s desire to be a Minnesota Viking may very well have started during his tenure with the Green Bay Packers.

Perhaps all this time Favre’s warrior mentality really meant that he wants to be burned in a boat and set out to sea at his funeral.   Now that’s a good way to go.

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Apr 29 2009

Placing Bets on Brett Favre’s Return and Someone Else’s

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I would say that at this point the mere mention of Brett Favre coming back to the NFL means the odds would have to be 2:1 at the least.  Personally I think it’s easy money.  I’m too lazy to check the betting sites right now but can someone tell me what the current bets are?

If it’s 3:1 or higher I think I’m placing my entire life savings on it.  I don’t know man.  I hope the guy stays retired.  Seeing him in Minnesota is going to be like watching Jerry Rice in Seattle.  I mean at least in New York Favre was still wearing green and had a respectable season (two years ago).

But this begs an even more important question.  If (or should I say when) Brett Favre returns does that mean that John Madden will take his chair again?

I say yes.

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Apr 07 2009

Behind the Scenes with Cowboys Cheerleader Abigail Klein (and Team)

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Cowboys Cheerleaders

You may remember a post I did on one of if not the hottest cheerleader on the Cowboys squad, Abigail Klein.  Well thanks to some sordid stalkers out there I was sent not a few, but hundreds of pictures of this beauty (and some other team members) off the field.  I must admit that it was quite hard weeding through all of them to find 25 good ones but it was time well spent.

From fun times at her birthday party to bikini pics in the sand, it looks like the life of a Cowboy Cheerleader is every bit as fun as it appears on television (not that I watch that show on Bravo).  Don’t get me wrong, I know these girls works their asses off.

But that doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy themselves.

Enjoy the gallery

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Mar 10 2009

Matt Leinart’s New Job: Professional Dog Walker

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Given Kurt Warner’s new contract, it’s seems to be getting more and more grim for Matt Leinart.  Will another Heisman quarterback go down the crapper in the NFL?  For Matt Leinart, I believe this will be the case.  If there’s one guy in the NFL who’s probably longing for the days of college, it’s gotta be Mr. Leinart.

And in case some of you didn’t see these pictures, Leinert was spotted outside of a gym with Tom Brady about a week ago.  Matt was walking his bulldog and while no one knows what they were talking about I’d have to assume Brady was giving him career advice and mentioned dog walking as a possible fit.

Good luck Matt.  I’m sure all the spaniels and dobermans will be very happy with your services.

Leinart Leinart Leinart

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Jan 21 2009

NBA vs NFL Cheerleaders Showdown: Phildelphia Eagles Cheerleaders Vs. The 76ers Dancers

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Eagles Cheerleaders Sixers Cheerleaders

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these and frankly I’m glad we’re back.  This time we head to the city of brotherly love where Rocky stands high at the museum, Gino’s and Pat’s duke it out for cheesesteak supremacy, and the Phillies are the current World Series champs.

It’s been a good year for Philly as the Eagles made some noise in the playoffs and the Sixers are clearly an improved team from last year’s squad (don’t look at records, they’re better).

So why not compare the two squads that cheer for these organizations?  Well here we go.

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Jan 07 2009

10 Classic Clips of John Madden

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OK, I get it.  Frank Caliendo does a great impression of John Madden.  I feel like the only time I ever see the real Madden is on Sunday Night Football now.  It’s a shame because I love the guys voice.  I just like everything about this guy.

He refuses to fly, wears tons of makeup and says “boom” a lot.  What’s not to love?  But on the serious side, could you imagine football without this guy?  Honestly the guy is basically the voice of the NFL and he’s contributed a ton over the years.

From commercials to his famous stencils on screen, here are 10 classic clips of John Madden

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Dec 04 2008

The NBA Versus The NFL Cheerleader Debate: New York Jets Flight Crew Against The New York Knicks City Dancers

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Knicks versus Jets  Knicks versus Jets

It’s time this debate got brought out into the spotlight.  For the past few weeks I’ve been under a lot of stress.  And most of that stress is me racking my brain to decide which league has the hotter cheerleaders:  The NBA or The NFL.  And for a while I thought it was a no brainer.  I mean with the likes of the Cowboys and Redskins cheerleaders you’d think it was a landslide.

However, upon closer examination, the comparison is much closer than I had anticipated.  And that is why I’m starting this running series that will take us from state to state comparing the cheerleading squads of professional basketball and football teams.

Our first stop?  Why not my hometown: The Big Apple.  Let’s take a look at the ladies from the Jets and the ladies from the Knicks.

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Oct 03 2008

30 NFL Covers From Sports Illustrated That I think Represent the League Quite Nicely

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Sports Illustrated Covers

The NFL has been around for over 80 years and through those years it’s evolved quite a bit.  Whether it comes to games in a season, steroid use, dynasties, elite quarterbacks or fantasy busts, we as fans never seem to tire of the gridiron.

And who better to encapsulate this league than the periodical that covers sport? Sports Illustrated.  I managed to rummage through 497 NFL covers to find 30 that I felt if you only looked at these 30, you’d get a great sense of the league since Sports Illustrated began putting the NFL on the cover.

Enjoy the walk down memory lane.

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Sep 25 2008

Athletes are Just Like Us: Larry Johnson Likes Women

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Larry Johnson

They too throw Mard Gras beads to see boobs

Do any of you guys read US Weekly?  Do I deserve to get murdered for asking this question?  Hmm.  Let me rephrase that.  Do any of you guys that live with chicks or are married to a chick read US Weekly?  There that’s better.

Put it this way, when the damned magazine is just sitting there on the coffee table it’s pretty hard not to open it.  Especially when Britney Spears is in a bikini or bald on the cover inviting you to read.

So those that follow will know this, and those that don’t read along!  There’s a section called “Stars: They’re just Like Us.”  In this section are pictures of celebrities doing every day things like taking walks, going shopping, etc etc accompanied by captions that say things like “They do their laundry!”

Well here’s my version of that but with athletes.  Today’s subject is Chiefs running back Larry Johnson.

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