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Oct 10 2008

The Top 15 College Football Teams As Represented by Face and Body Painters

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Face and Body Paint

As we get set for another weekend of Saturday games I figured I would give some respect where respect is due.  In the most recent USA Today Poll of the top 25 teams, you have to figure that all of these teams have some pretty damned loyal fans.

And what better way to show respect for these fans than to post then showing off their team loyalty by wearing the colors of their respective schools?

Here are the top 15 college teams as represented by their face and body painters

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Oct 02 2008

How Has a Name Change Not Yet Happened for USC’s Gamecocks?


Alright guys, it’s been said a thousand times.  I know I make fun of the word or at least smile once a day when it’s uttered.  Bottom line is that I just don’t think it’ll ever get old.  And you’re telling me that the University of South Carolina still has the balls (pun intended) to keep the name “Gamecocks?”

In this day and age wouldn’t it be time to potentially make a name switch?  Gamebirds?  How about just a bird name? Do the powers that be at South Carolina not understand that each time a cheerleader waves a sign that says “cocks” that every young person (and old) must be laughing their asses off?

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Sep 26 2008

Maybe It’s Not Such a Good Idea to Win the Heisman as a Quarterback: Check out the NFL Careers of the Last 10 Winners

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Heisman Winners

While the Heisman award is a great honor and clearly represents the fact that you are the best player in all of college, it would appear that winning the award as a quarterback might not be the best idea in the world.

I mean yeah, these guys have to play their best every Saturday, but maybe they could just talk to the board or something and sway them to vote for a running back or in a rare case Defensive end or receiver.

I’m not going to blatantly say “bad luck” here, but the increasing trend of voting college quarterbacks for the Heisman (7 out of the last 10) just might have the Madden effect on these guys.

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Sep 12 2008

Sometimes It’s Good to Be a College Quarterback: Willie Tuitama, Arizona

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Willie Tuitama

For any of you who follow College Football, you may realize that having the starting quarterback job most certainly has its benefits. Not only are you recognized by everyone in the school, you get free education and you also stay in fantastic shape!

Haha, fantastic shape? Sure but that’s got nothing to do with anything. You get all of the chicks. It’s pretty simple. If there’s any profession I could have that doesn’t really count as a profession, it would definitely be college quarterback

And Willie Tuitama is no exception. Currently, the relative of Junior Seau is the starting quarterback for the Wildcats, and from the looks of it, a ladies man.

Here’s a picture gallery to support my college QB theory.


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Sep 10 2008

NCAA Personal Player Profile: Sterling Lewis, Inside Linebacker, Arizona

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Sterling Lewis

We know he likes comics, check the bottom left

Given all of the wealth of information out there on NCAA football, it’s very simple to find statistics on a player. It’s easy to find out where he’s from and what his major is. It’s even easy to find out what his favorite foods are.

But does it say anywhere in their Yahoo Profiles or College Roster Profiles what parties they went to? What girls they were dancing awfully close to? How many beers they took down the night before a game?

Of course not. But shouldn’t they? Isn’t this stuff we’re interested in knowing? That’s why I’ve created the NCAA Personal Player Profile which will examine athletes a little bit further than they’ve been profiled.

Our first candidate is Sterling Lewis who is an inside linebacker for the Wildcats.

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Sep 10 2008

The Most Entertaining Spirit Squad of the Weekend Has to Go to the Oklahoma Sooners

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Sooners Cheerleaders

Once Oklahoma started to pounce on Cincinnati this past weekend, touchdowns were becoming pretty ordinary. I mean what do you do when the game is completely out of hand and you almost feel obligated to change the channel (unless you’re an OU fan)?

Well, clearly you have to watch the cheerleaders. And of all the cheerleaders I’ve seen in this college season, I must say that the Sooners Squad knows how to entertain.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a little cheerleader tossed so high as in these pictures. Plus you gotta love that horse wagon they bring out.

Pictures after the jump

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Sep 05 2008

Another Father of the Year Picture: Virginia Fans Start Tailgating Games Really Early

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Beer Pong

Good parenting consists of a number of things. Raising your kids to have good morals, a sound foundation for working hard, and teaching them to have a rich, traditional family values is a core component of our culture here in America.

And one of those traditions is clearly tailgating. This father exemplifies the true spirit of the American father by showing his son and his friends the game of beirut (not beer pong damnet).

Might as well teach them early. Forget about the Virginia/USC game, “Chug it! Chug it son! Don’t be such a p*ssy!” Only in America.

Beer Pong Beer Pong

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Sep 03 2008

Texas Tech Red Raiders Football wins Two Awards: Best Fans and Dorkiest Looking Band

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Texas Tech

No clue what they’re trying to be, but that’s dedication

As the College Football season gets underway, us writers out there are going to be getting tons of material. And it’s not of the “he’s going for the Heisman Award” variety. As legions of students prepare for all that is college debauchery, guys like me are going to be there to scoop up the dirt.

And to kick it all off, I decided to start off light. Oh I’m sure we’ll get to muddy drunk pictures at some point, but for now, let’s head on over to Texas Tech to check out some fan dedication and loser band dorks.

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Aug 28 2008

Tailgating Nation: Seven Great Reasons to Watch University of Florida Gators Football This Year

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Florida Tailgate

It’s almost time for Gators Football ladies and gentlemen. Plenty of sub plots to be going on this year: Will Tebow win the Heisman again? Can this team be the fastest team in the nation as Urban Meyer hopes?

Or should we think of other things like “How hot is the cheerleading squad this year?” and “Which players have a shot at the NFL?”

Whatever your thought is, and however you may wish to interpret this team, here are seven sure fire reasons to keep track of the Gators this year.

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Jul 24 2008

A Great Cause: The Georgia Bulldogs Countdown to Kickoff 2008

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Countdown to Kickoff

July 18-19th played host to the Georgia Bulldogs Countdown to Kickoff for the upcoming football season.

For those unfamiliar with this event:

Countdown to Kickoff is an annual charity event that allows former Georgia football players the opportunity to help raise money for Children¹s Healthcare of Atlanta, Children¹s Tumor Foundation, Georgia Transplant Foundation, and Children need Children¹s Foundations. This event is unique because it allows former players to get together once a year and raise money for a good cause. We start off with a golf tournament and dinner auction on Friday, July 18th, and then have the Fan Day on Saturday, July 19th.

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