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Jul 18 2013

Unemployed Man Tries To Sell Himself on eBay

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eBay, the auction site famous for its knock-off Ray Ban sunglasses and iPhones, recently had a listing for something unique: a balding old white guy. Steve Sewell, an unemployed 58-year-old British man, unsuccessfully tried to auction himself off on eBay in an attempt to get the attention of employers. For the low, low price of only 99 pence ($1.50 to us in the colonies), eBay bargain hunters could have had their very own human being. But despite the rock-bottom offer, the posting closed on Monday with no bids. Possibly because owning a human has historically never ended very well. Either that, or the lack of a return policy. That’s usually a deal breaker right there. [Continue Reading]

I think I might be crazy, but if a human being voluntarily tries to sell himself than I think it would be OK for a human to own another human being. I hate to say it, but I think Steve might be onto something here. There could be an entire market for humans. If you’re down on your luck or have no hope and don’t want to own your own destiny anymore then why not just sell yourself and let someone else worry about it. It’s quite brilliant. By the way, I’m really hoping that I don’t hear comments about this because if you think I’m being dead serious you should sell yourself.

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Aug 31 2012

Kent State Got this Football Season Off in The Wrong Direction

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Andre Parker‘s wrong way run didn’t count, but it grabbed plenty of attention on the first night of the college football season. The Kent State linebacker’s moment of confusion became an instant Internet sensation when he scooped up a loose ball in the Golden Flashes’ 41-21 victory against Towson and ran 58 yards toward the wrong goal line Thursday. Late in the first half, Kent State punted to Towson’s Derrick Joseph, who let the bouncing ball graze his arm. Parker realized Joseph’s mistake, grabbed the ball at the Towson 7 and proceeded to sprint in the wrong direction. Adding to the comedy, two Towson players ran down Parker and tackled him near the sideline.

I’m thinking the same thing you are… Kent State plays football. I honestly don’t know what is funnier this guy running the wrong way or the other team hauling ass after him and tackling. Football is here. Hooray..

(Hit the picture or this link to watch the video)

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Aug 02 2012

Ouch! 12-Year Old Tased in Victoria’s Secret

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A family shopping trip has ended with a 12-year-old girl getting Tasered by a police officer inside a Victoria’s Secret in St. Louis last week. According to law enforcement officials, the unnamed officer came into the lingerie store at South County Center looking to arrest Dejamon Baker‘s mother on outstanding traffic tickets. However, it was her daughter who paid the price. Baker, 12, told the station KSDK that the charge of the stun gun  coursing through her body has left her shaking on the floor, unable to control her limbs. The prongs of the device got stuck in the girl’s chest and stomach, and her mother struggled to pull them out, leaving the teen with two small wounds on her body. (Read the entire story here)

How awesome is the name Dejamon? There are so many ways to pronounce that I don’t know where to begin. What the f$ck is wrong with the world. There are Taserings in Victoria’s Secret now? Good heavens. The last thing the male population needs is Victoria’s Secret to go under.. Clean it up! Admit this story would be a lot cooler if it was like some 24-year old smoke in lingerie getting tased..

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Oct 28 2009

The Hottest Coaches Wives in College Football

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Coaches Wives

It’s as good a topic as any I guess.   But after doing a bit of research I have to say I’m somewhat surprised.  Most college football coaches are former players.  Am I right?  So wouldn’t it stand to reason that these guys would pretty much all have smoking wives?

Oh yes, another thing.  Even if they’re not players, most college coaches are revered by their schools (assuming they have winning records).  So it would then stand to reason that these guys would have their pick of the litter would it not?

I don’t know man.  I don’t get it.  But here are the hottest coaches wives that I could muster up.

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Sep 25 2009

Tailgating Nation: 7 Reasons You Should Be Watching Tennessee Football

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As most of you know, many Saturdays are prized football game days for NCAA fans and there’s always a ton of trash talk leading up to the Tennessee, Florida games.    And in honor of these games I thought I’d bring back a pretty solid column that’s been lying in the wood works for some time:  Tailgating Nation.

This week we bring you Tennessee.  I mean Florida is an obvious choice but I already covered them some time back.  Besides I think it’s a hell of a lot more fun to pick on the Volunteers.

Here are 7 reasons you should be watching Tennessee Football.

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May 29 2009

10 Awesome High School Basketball Recruit Videos

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John Wall

Every year there’s some dude averaging like 38 pts and 15 rebounds (in 32 minutes) in some high school out there.  In fact there are lots of guys doing that.  It tends to happen when you have a college or even NBA body trapped inside a high school aged kid.  This is the profile of a top college recruit and these kids have been hounded by universities since the 5th grade.

However, only a handful make it to the pros and not all the top recruits wind up being college stars.   But even though these kids might not make it past the NCAA it doesn’t change how dominant they were in high school.  And man is it fun to watch them destroy the competition.

Here are ten pretty sweet highlight videos from top basketball recruits from around the country (and the schools they’re committed to)

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Apr 17 2009

What Kentucky Has to Look Forward to: The Many Faces of John Calipari

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John Calipari

Are we all excited about Mr. Calipari going to Kentucky?  I don’t know, I still can’t stop laughing from when John Chaney went insane on him in 1994.  And let us not forget about his stint as coach of the New Jersey Nets.  But I digress.

Some coaches are just born for college and Calipari is definitely one of them.  He kicked as at UMass, took Memphis from good progam to elite program and now he’s going blue in Kentucky.

Calipari will flourish but not without making the ridiculous and insane faces that he does.  Would you like to see what I mean?

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Mar 23 2009

March Madness Fun: The Ladies of FSU Cheerleading Do More Than Cheer

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FSU Cheerleaders

I feel like I need to get into the spirit of March Madness a little bit more. And what better way to do that than show pictures of cheerleaders when they’re not cheering? Now I know that the FSU Cheering Squad has been busy over the last week or so, what with their team playing (or should I say not playing anymore) in the big dance and all.

But that doesn’t mean in the off season that they don’t do a little bit “extra” in terms of showing school spirit.

Enjoy the madness after the jump

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Mar 19 2009

These Guys Don’t Exactly Give UF a Good Name

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If any of you know anyone that went to U of F, you should know that these people are some of the most diehard college fans in the country.  I suppose you would be too if your alumni school had the athletic squads that the Gators possess.

So it brought me nothing more than complete joy to know that was a toolbox video like this to show my Florida graduate buddy Matt.  Add this one to the Gators collection.

I really hope Tebow doesn’t play this thing before every game.

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Mar 17 2009

Drunkenness on St. Patrick’s Day: A Gallery of Wild UCLA Cheerleaders

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UCLA Cheerleaders

I figured since two amazing things are going on at the same time right now, why not combine them both?  Well I’m not really combining them.  I’m just making an excuse to post drunk cheerleaders.  And what better an excuse than St. Patrick’s day?

It would appear that the ladies of UCLA have been partying like it’s been this grand holiday all year around.  And I’m sure they’ll be doing their thing during March Madness as well.

If I could only hang out with these ladies during these tumultuous and “perfect opportunity to take advantage of chicks” time.

Drunk UCLA Cheerleaders after the jump

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