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Apr 21 2009

The Hornets Honeybees Buzzing with Good Times

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Hornets Honeybees

You gotta feel for Chris Paul this past NBA season.  The man isn’t exactly working with the most talented team in the world.  Yet he gets out there and is has definitely proven that he’s a top five player in the league.  The only reason I bring this up is because I sure hope that the city of New Orleans and those Hornets Honeybees can cheer up the little fella.

And given that you are in a city that is conducive to drinking, partying, and taking your shirt off during Mardi Gras (and most other evenings as well) it’s more than likely that even the cheerleaders for the Hornets let it get the best of them.

Also, given that most of these cheerleaders are college girls it makes the chances that much greater that they’ll tie a few on now and then.  I just so happen to have some pictures of them doing just that.


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Apr 06 2009

10 Ridiculous Lebron James Game Dunks

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This year’s dunk contest was nothing short of entertaining.   You had little Nate taking the title by getting help from his opponent.  And of course Dwight Howard was showing off his leaping ability by heightening the rim up to 12 feet.  Unfortunately that dunk wasn’t as cool as it probably could have been.

Sure it was really high but it just looked like a normal dunk.  In any event, perhaps the biggest highlight came from Lebron James when he said that he would 1. Dunk on a 13 foot rim and 2.  Compete in next years contest.

Perhaps even more impressive is some of the stuff Lebron is capable of in games.  At least half of these would be 50′s in a dunk contest.

Check out these 10 ridiculous Lebron James game dunks

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Apr 03 2009

Five Athletic Contests I Can Beat Kobe Bryant At

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Not since Michael Jordan has the NBA seen a competitor as fierce as Kobe Bryant.  And something tells me it’s not just on the court that Kobe wants to win.  I’m sure that off the court Kobe is consistently trying to find ways to beat people (insert Colorado trial jokes here).  But seriously, I think it would be awesome hanging out with Bryant.

It would be even more awesome to beat him.  Just knowing that I’d be able to wipe the floor at a few things against Kobe is a very satisfying feeling.  Yes I know, I need to get out more.

But if I were to play Kobe in the following 5 athletic contests, I don’t think he’d have a shot.

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Mar 27 2009

The Most Obscure Players to Score 50 Pts Or More in an NBA Game

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50 Point Scorers

Scoring 50 points in a basketball game is a tremendous feat.  Notice I just said basketball game.  I remember scoring 33 when I was on Junior Varsity in High School.  It felt like I scored 100 points.  And I was still 17 points away.    So imagine not only scoring 50 points in one game, but 50 in an NBA game.

Sometimes I find myself laughing when I say an NBA player sucks.  I mean the dude is 1000 times better than I’ll ever be.  And I know I’m just referring to his NBA skill vs. other NBA player skills.  Still though, it’s weird.

In any event, I’d like to give credit to those players whose names you might not know as being guys in the 50 pt club.

Here are a bunch of guys that scored 50 or more points in one game at the NBA level.

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Mar 26 2009

The Best Gheorghe Muresan Commercial of All Time

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Surprisingly there are more Gheorghe Muresan commercials out there than you would think.  Good lord I can’t stand writing his first name.  99% of the time you get a typo when hitting the keyboard.  How about just George?

In any event, I used to love this big guy.  He had a great sense of humor, wasn’t even a bad player, and reminded me of a white Manute Bol (Manute was also known as having a great sense of humor and being a prankster).

Hell Gheorghe even got his own movie.  No clue what the big fella is up to these days but I just felt like sharing a commercial in which a 7 Foot 7 guy utters the phrase “chicks dig it” in broken English.


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Mar 25 2009

Galleries of Cheerleading Photos for Every Single NBA Team

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Over an hour.  That’s correct.  It took me over an hour to do this damned thing.  But I must say it was definitely worth it.  I for one get frustrated when I can’t find pictures of certain NBA cheerleading squads.   And it’s even more frustrating when you can’t find pictures of the girls outside of their uniforms.

In this article you’ll find a little bit of both.  I’ve scoured the earth to find a solid gallery for each individual cheering squad in the NBA.  Now you guys don’t have to do all the work.  Keep this page handy and enjoy it from time to time.

From personal pictures to team pages, here are galleries to every NBA Cheerleading Squad.

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Mar 23 2009

The All-NBA Facial Hair Team

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Whatever happened to dressing nice and being prepared for work?  It’s almost like in Major League Baseball.  You’ve got the mops of the Red Sox and the prim and proper facials of the Yankees.  Though I guess the mops seem to be working lately.

Perhaps that’s the mentality in the NBA?  Just completely let yourself go?  Hell, look like a hobo.  Perhaps try and covet the “Prisoner of War” look.  Or simply let your beard grow so you can hang out with ZZ Top.

Whatever these players are thinking, I’m sure it’s not “I want to look good today.”  And if it is, God help them.

Here is the All-NBA Facial Hair team

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Mar 19 2009

5 Pretty Awesome Non Basketball Playing Kobe Bryant Videos

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It’s hard to believe that it’s been nearly 5 years since charges were dismissed in the Kobe Bryant case.  And to me it’s not even a question of whether the rape happened or not.  It’s about the fact that most athletes are not who they seem.  Some athletes are crazy but appear nice on TV.  Some appear quiet but wind up on the covers of newspapers with strippers.

Kobe is no different.  And no matter how suave or GQ this guy appears to be, he’ll always have a mamba side to him.  And unfortunately we don’t get to see that side too often.

But here are five moments where you get a sense of Kobe just being Kobe.  When you get down to it, I think this is a guy who is definitely a little crazy, and definitely a little evil.

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Mar 13 2009

The Best Patrick Ewing Picture I’ve Ever Seen

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Patrick Ewing

The Year was 1984 and Georgetown was at the height of its success.  Patrick Ewing was lottery bound and President Reagan was one of the most beloved political figures our country had seen in a while.  Naturally putting the two together for a ridiculous picture like this must have seemed plausible.

In actuality it was a picture of Reagan, Ewing and Ewing’s coach John Thompson that wound up making the cover of Sports Illustrated back in November of 1984.

Still though, this picture reminds us all of one thing.  Just when you think you’ve seen it all, you see a pseudo homoerotic picture of the sweatiest player in NBA history and the President of the United States.

Patrick Ewing Patrick Ewing

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Mar 10 2009

10 Most Handsome Current Players in the NBA

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Handsome NBA

I’ve seen about 100 articles dedicated to the ugly players in the NBA.   In fact, I’m pretty sure I’ve done one myself.  However, I believe I’m quite secure in my own manhood that I can admit when a man is handsome.  In fact I’ll go as far as to say “damn, that guy is pretty handsome” from time to time.

Oh come on guys!  You can’t tell me that Taye Diggs doesn’t make you all tingly.  OK maybe he doesn’t but the dude is still good looking.  With that said, while we’re years ahead of slick dudes like Michael Jordan and Dominique Wilkins (and Larry Bird?  No), the National Basketball Assocation does have its fair share of good looking guys.

So without further delay, may I present my best effort at compiling the 10 most handsome current players in the NBA.

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