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Jun 25 2009

The Shaquille O’Neal Trade Has to be Kind of Depressing for Shaq

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The Cleveland Cavaliers have reached an agreement in principle to acquire Phoenix Suns center Shaquille O’Neal, multiple sources involved in the talks told Yahoo! Sports on Wednesday night.

Cleveland will send Ben Wallace, Sasha Pavlovic, the 46th pick in Thursday’s draft and cash to the Suns for O’Neal.

By no means am I downplaying this trade and saying that Shaq shouldn’t be happy joining Lebron for what might be a decent shot at a title run.  What I’m saying is that the guy was essentially traded for a broken down defensive has been, a European shooter who will strive to be mediocre at best, and cash.  In other words, he was traded for peanuts.  Put it this way, it will suck knowing one of the top centers ever will have gone down in history being in not one, but two ridiculous trades.

Originally people thought the O’Neal for Odom, Butler and Grant deal was one of the most lopsided deals in history (which now may not prove to be so because Gasol came out of all of this so it’s really O’Neal for Gasol and Odom).  And at the time it probably was because Shaq was still an elite player.

But now?  Now Shaq is gonna have to live with knowing he was traded for feces.  I mean that just has to sting a little doesn’t it?  I guess it won’t matter if he can bring Cleveland a championship.

I think it’s safe to say we’re all rooting for a Cleveland/L.A. series.  I’m going on record right now saying that if we see these two teams in the finals it will be one of the highest rated sports events in history.

You heard it here.

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Jun 08 2009

Shouldn’t Pau Gasol At Least Care that He Looks Like a Drunken Big Bird?

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As the Lakers took game 2 last night in a much closer battle with the Magic, I couldn’t help but come back to the same creepy thought I’ve felt all year about the Lakers….how can I keep watching Pau Gasol?

I mean I didn’t used to feel this way about the guy.  He was a clean cut dude when he entered the league.  Much shorter hair.  It seems as though he at least cared about his grooming back then.  And trust me, I’m taking nothing away from his game.  He’s truly an all star and is easily the second biggest reason this team should win it all this year.

But now, every single time this guy makes a big shot, gets a rebound, or does anything that would elicit him to scream and do a chest bump with teammates seriously gives me the willies.

And he has to smell awful.  I mean just look at the hair and beard.  I feel for Kobe.  I’m sure he’s all shits and giggles on the outside, but inside he must be so conflicted having to touch Pau.

Come on Pau, you’re a great player but clean it up, just a little…please?

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Jun 04 2009

Seven Video Reasons to Like Ron Artest

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I’m a big fan of Ron Artest.  In fact I’ve always liked the guy.  Personally I think Stephen Jackson was way worse in the Palace Brawl than Artest.  At least Artest had a beer thrown on his head.

Sure the guy is not your average dude, but if you’ve watched him enough and seen enough interviews you might find that Ron Artest is an intelligent man and if you ask me, I think the guy knows exactly what he’s doing at all times.

It’s as much persona as anything else.  He’s a great player, a bit of a loon, and just all around fun to watch.  So what’s wrong with that?

Here are seven videos to back up my claims

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May 26 2009

10 Evenly Matched NBA One on One Games From Different Eras That I’d Love to Watch

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It’s as good a topic as any in the NBA.  And with the finals around the corner the critics always like to use comparisons.  “The Next Michael Jordan,” or “The modern day Magic Johnson.”  It’s always fun to come up with scenarios and match ups that would be entertaining in the NBA.

Whether it’s a team vs. team or a player vs. player we’ll never know the real answers to the outcoms of these fake matchups but’s still fun to talk about.

So in that light I’ve come up with 10 pretty evenly matched NBA one on one games that I’d like to watch.

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May 15 2009

Do the Lakers Just Suck? What Gives here?

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Honestly I just don’t get it.  All the articles I’ve been reading have been talking about how Kobe relishes game 7′s and all this crap.  What the hell?  Shouldn’t a player relish all games?  Want to win all the time?  I’ll even allow the whole “saving it for the playoffs” thing.  But saving it for a game seven?  It simply makes zero sense.

I don’t know man.  Yeah he scored 32 points and maybe it was the rest of the team that just sucked, but there’s something lacking in these Lakers right now and all I can say is that I’ll be extremely pissed if it isn’t the Lakers and Cavs in the finals.   This Rockets team isn’t THAT good.  At least not even remotely close to as good as the Lakers.

Get it together guys.

That is all.

P.S.  D. Howard 23 and 22.    Guy is an animal.

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May 07 2009

Hey Man, It’s the Playoffs: I Don’t Blame Ron Artest One Bit

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“I told Kobe you’ve got to relax, ‘You’re hitting the wrong person,’” Artest said. “‘Don’t you know you’re hitting Ron Artest?’”

For Artest, the final straw on the court was taking an elbow to the throat from Bryant, saying later: “What am I going to do out there? I’m going to continue to get hit?’”

Look man, we all know Ron Artest is crazy. We all know how much of a Tru Warrior he is. But can you blame the guy for getting emotional? Can you blame him for being competitive?

No, nothing excuses him from going into the stands at the Palace. But let’s face it. The guy has done nothing even remotely wrong as far as poor behavior on the court since then.

In fact I’d argue there are at least 20 players in the league that are far worse than him. Also, you know Kobe Bryant throws elbows. The best players in history are dirty players. Look at Bird, Stockton, Michael Jordan. All of these guys had an “edge.” And sometimes that edge was pissing off other players and taking advantage of their reputation with referees.

Still though, it’s awesome to see Artest overreact. I love this guy.

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May 07 2009

Well At Least We Can Dig the Hawks Cheerleaders During This Series

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Hawks Cheerleaders

As I watched the Hawks have about as little chance winning as they would at getting Dominique Wilkins and Spud Webb to join them in uniform, I did get a chance to think about whether or not I’d be attracted to their cheerleaders. or better known as the A-Town Dancers.

And as I scrounged the internet to find photos that weren’t just of these ladies on the court, I realized that while they’re small in numbers, they look pretty good in bikinis.  That and acting a little drunk.

While it’s unfortunately not my best work in the line of “cheerleaders being wasted and licking each other a lot” I’m sure you’ll find these photos enjoyable.

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May 01 2009

Is Ray Allen Really Jesus Shuttlesworth?

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All jokes aside and moving racism out to the curb for just a moment, if I were Denzel Washington at last night’s game I would only have one thing to say to Ray Allen: “My N*gga.”

Seriously guys, how could you not?  This game clearly had it all.  And Allen’s performance almost reminds me of the Jordan 63 point performance where Jordan’s team lost.  Interesting that the C’s lost this one.  No one will compare to MJ but you have to admit watching that Allen performance last night was pretty damned cool.  And it wasn’t all Allen.

19 assists by Rondo?  Miller hitting his foul shots?  And John Salmons?  Look at that beard!  Guy is turning into Brian Skinner.

I just want to say though, anyone who is a basketball fan had a true treat last night.  It was amazing to see a game that had both teams playing well, hitting great shots, playing with enthusiasm and really “wanting” that game.  It’s so rare in the NBA these days.

Game 7 should be amazing.

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Apr 30 2009

I Like to Watch This Particular Celtics Dancer Off the Court

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Celtics Dancers

Ah yes, Playoff time.  As the dudes in green keep hope alive (despite not having Garnett and delaying their eventual inevitable exit from the playoffs), I can’t help but notice that the ladies in green AKA the Celtics Dancers really know how to keep things frisky.  I’m particularly referring to the lovely lady up top.

We’ll call her Ashley M.   Ashley or shall I say one of Ashley’s friends was nice enough to share a batch of photos that display some of Ashley’s extracurricular activities.

It’s a shame I don’t see too many team photos but sometimes birds aren’t meant to be caged.  Their feathers are just too bright.

See Ashley in all her glory after the jump

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Apr 28 2009

This Guy Might Actually Be the Coolest Dwayne Wade out There

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I have no information on this man.  I know absolutely nothing about him.  But I do know this.  As I did a Flickr search for Dwayne Wade expecting to find some interesting pictures of the basketball player, the first picture that pops up?  This guy.

All I see is a title that says Dwayne “The Shadow” Wade.  All this time I thought the Miami Heat star was the coolest Dwayne Wade around.  Boy was  I wrong.

I would hate to get in The Shadow’s way.  This guy absolutely rules.

*Yes I know the first name is spelled differently

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