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Nov 15 2012

76ers C Andrew Bynum Now Has the Most Amazing Hair in Professional Sports

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Coming off the best season of his career, a lot of folks predicted that Bynum would continue to evolve and mature into a full-blown NBA superstar this year – so far he has yet to even get on the floor. The good thing about doing nothing, though, is that it leaves you with plenty of free time. Prior to yesterday nobody knew what exactly Bynum was doing with his free time these days. Now we know. His hair a fulltime project.

I seriously don’t even know what this hair style is. You have to Google it to see all the different angles. It’s pretty amazing. This obviously leaves us in a position where we will be expecting amazing heads of hair after amazing heads of hair until he plays. Good heavens.

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Jun 08 2012

Kyrie Irvin as Uncle Drew in a Pepsi Max Commercial Was a Tremendous Win

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Kyrie Irving from the Cleveland Cavaliers thought it would be an awesome idea to dress up like an old man and head to the inner city basketball courts. He sits on the sidelines until he’s needed as a sub for one of the games.

This video/commercial was a promotion from Pepsi so who knows if all the players on the court or the fans on the sidelines are actors or real people – regardless if they are or not, this video gets pretty amazing.

I know this video is a little old but I can’t help it. It’s just too awesome. Hopefully, this helps those who missed it.

Hit the jump to see the video…

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Mar 27 2012

The Entire NBA Dazzling Dunks and Basketball Bloopers Series

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Perhaps one of the best basketball videos of all time (at least what I think is the best one) is the NBA’s Dazzling Dunks and Basketball Bloopers Volume 1.   The fact that there was a volume 2 actually sickens me but let’s not dwell on that.

In case you haven’t seen it, it’s a comedic and serious look at the NBA in the mid to late 80s and it focuses on things like the dunk contest and other entertaining as well as funny clips from the NBA.

The video stars Marv Albert (and he even wore a wig then) and the ever fun ex Jazz owner Frank Layden.   Oh yeah, and this is back when the dunk contest actually mattered to players.

If you’ve got 40 minutes to spare.  Watch this whole thing.  It’s incredible…..

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Oct 27 2009

I’d Like to Officially Welcome Blake Griffin to the NBA

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Wishing you all the best against the Lakers tonight Mr. Griffin.  Oh wait, you’re not playing!  And not for weeks.  God the Clippers are brutal.

And for all of you wishing to know what Blake Griffin thinks of you?

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Sep 08 2009

When NBA Competition Makes Players Cry

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Have you ever cried when the competition was so intense?  Sometimes the emotions simply get the best of you.  And crying as a reaction is certainly OK.  In fact if I were a coach I’d want players who cried on an occasional basis.  To me it’d mean they care about the game.

And even at the professional level in leagues like the NBA, players get emotional.  Whether it’s because they worked so hard to win and finally do win, or it’s because they’ve worked so hard only to lose, even these big guys get tears.

But sometimes it’s just the competition itself that can get a player rattled and cause him to lose his nerve.

Here are 8 videos of NBA players crying.

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Aug 19 2009

10 Awesome Videos of NBA Players “Talking” Trash

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I’m sure you all noticed I put the word “trash” in quotations.  Why? Because trash talking doesn’t always mean talking talking.  It could very well mean a gesture too.  Sometimes all it takes is a look, a finger wag, or a simple smirk to get your message across.

The bottom line is that players in the NBA have been talking trash for years.  Sure it wasn’t nearly as disgusting and “on purpose” as it is today but it was still talking trash nonetheless.  Back in the 80s it was guys like Larry Bird who used to say things like “I’m going to dribble to that exact spot, hit my shot, and there’s nothing you can do about it.”

Today it’s “tell me how my ass tastes.”  But hey, trash talk is trash talk I guess.

Here are 10 awesome trash talk videos

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Jul 21 2009

One of the Least Cool Trades in NBA History: Q-Rich for These Guys

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From LAtimes

The Quentin Richardson era lasted barely a weekend as the Clippers sent the veteran to the Minnesota Timberwolves today in exchange for forward Craig Smith, point guard Sebastian Telfair and forward Mark Madsen.

Richardson came to the Clippers from Memphis in the Zach Randolph deal, and that only became official on Friday

Let’s break this down:

Mark Madsen is perhaps the biggest loser in the NBA.  Yeah he works hard but the only way he gets attention is by working really hard and having cooler better players laugh at him on the sidelines.  But then he knows the only way he can hang out with those guys is by being known as the loser who works hard.  It’s a real conundrum.

Telfair?  Who the hell cares.  Guy is never going to be good, ever.  Oooh, he’s related to Marbury.  Yeah like that’s a good thing.  He’s too small.

Who the hell is Craig Smith?

This guy here is dead!

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Jul 16 2009

Well At Least Richard Jefferson is Doing it The Legal Way

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Richard Jefferson

From Yahoo

According to the New York Post, Jefferson was scheduled to marry former New Jersey Nets dancer Kesha Ni’Cole Nichols. Alas, a few days before the big day, Jefferson called off the ceremony and broke up with his fiancée.

Unfortunately, nobody told a significant number of guests. Many showed up at the Mandarin Oriental in New York City expecting to see a bride, a groom, some vows, and a kiss. Instead they found that Jefferson had gone MIA. However, he did lend his friend his AMEX Black credit card and told him to treat the guests to a fun night without him.

Bottom line.  I applaud RJ.  Why?  At least the guy has the common sense to know he’s going to be having sex with TONS of women in his remaining years in the NBA.  Also, come on man.  The dude just got traded to San Antonio.  You don’t think he’s aware of the Southern tushies down there?

At least he’s not cheating on his wife which is what I’m guessing 75% of married professional athletes do.  Either that or Jefferson is gay and he finally realized he couldn’t go through with it.

I’ll take the former.  And it would have been pretty awesome to have a free night on Richard Jefferson don’t you think?

Man his ears are funny.

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Jun 30 2009

A Collection of Personal Pictures From “The Real Shaq”

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For any of you that are on Twitter you’ll more than likely recognize a profile called “The Real Shaq.”  It is what is presumed to be the real Twitter profile of NBA star Shaquille O’Neal.  It contains more than a million followers and I can’t really see a reason why it’d be fake considering the amount of celebrities that are on Twitter.

Whether it’s real or fake isn’t that much of a big deal.  The reason is because the profile contains some awesome personal pictures of the real Shaq just doing what he does best: goofing off.

I would have to think that hanging out with this guy would be a great time.

Here are some  great pictures of the giant

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Jun 26 2009

10 Ridiculous Alley Oop Plays

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The Alley Oop play.  It’s a great play.  It’s an entertaining play.  It’s a challenging play.  It’s one of those plays that can literally change the tempo of a game.  Notice I didn’t say momentum.

Did you know that momentum is 100% used the wrong way by sports announcers?  There’s no such thing as momentum in a basketball game.  Momentum is a scientific term used to describe the relationship between mass and velocity.  So I’m not sure how that term got into the mix.

Tempo of a game on the other hand is acceptable.  It’s a term describing speed and rhythm.  In any event, here are some awesome alley oops.

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