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Sep 17 2012

Five More Go To Drunk Karaoke Songs

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A few weeks ago our man Fingo wrote a piece on songs you can always turn to on a drunken Karaoke night.   And it’s evident with his selections that he’s in my generation.   I’m curious if the youth of today Karaoke’s to Lady Gaga or Justin Bieber.  If so I think I might have to move out of the country.

But since this is our site and our generation I figured it’d be a good time to add another five appropriate songs to the list.   Fingo, this one is for you and you know these songs are perfect for sing a long.

Check out the list after the jump….

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Jun 11 2012

Ten Rap Songs from the 90s That Make Me Miss Rap

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I feel like one of those old men who says “you kids don’t know music, back in my day, that was real music baby!”   But I can’t help it.   The state of music today baffles me.   And honestly I know that if I grew up with today’s music I probably wouldn’t agree.  But that’s not the case so I think I’m entitled to bitch about it.

Anyway, one genre of music that I really miss is rap.  I mean does rap even exist anymore?  It’s really all hip hop these days and flat out rap is just so different than it ever used to be.   Personally my favorite rap decade was the 90s.    We saw guys like Snoop Dogg and House of Pain become huge.   Yes I know WuTang and Biggy and all the others too.   Just saying.

Anyway, here are 10 tunes that I’ll always love and that will always make me nostalgic for 90s rap.

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Mar 20 2012

Eight Excellent Songs To Lift Weights To

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It’s been scientifically proven that certain types of music can elicit a physiological response in human beings.   In short that means some music can pump up your endorphins and response centers so that you actually have a physical change in the body.

Usually that means “pumping you up.”   Your emotions run so high that you have new found energy and feel like you can do more and better.  Hence why aerobics classes always play crazy dance music and hence why music is always on in your gym.

For me? I always find certain music can get an extra rep or two out of me while lifting.  Here are eight songs that do so….

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Feb 03 2012

The 10 Best Real Reggae Acts I Know Of

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And when I say real I’m referring to steel drums, nice beats, and none of that mixing into rap and hip hop that you see today.   It’s not that I have anything against mixing different styles to form a new one.  It’s just when I think of classic reggae I don’t really consider hard beats with a reggae background to be the classic variety I might be used to.

And I don’t consider guys like Shaggy or Buju Banton to be classic reggae types.   Hopefully you understand what I mean here.  With that said, here are the 10 best “real” reggae acts….

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Oct 18 2011

Five of the Funniest Rap Battles Of All Time

Published by under Music,Video

I never really paid much attention to rap battles before the movie 8 Mile but nowadays I have good battles out on my radar.  When you think about it, battling is a truly impressive skill.  It takes a quick use of the English language as well as wit to pull it off.

However, as much as there are some great rap battlers out there, there are probably 10 times as many wannabes who completely suck.   And of course lots of their dumb antics are caught on film.

I’ve assembled five videos that have both skill and crap that I would deem the funniest rap battle videos of all time.  Just an FYI there’s some NSFW language here after the jump….

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Sep 12 2011

7 People and Bands You’re Not Allowed to Turn off When They’re On the Radio

Published by under Editorial,Entertainment,Music

The other day I was in the car and I heard something pretty funny from my wife.   The song “Sussudio” was playing on the radio and my wife told me that when any song featuring Phil Collins is playing on the radio you’re not allowed to turn it off.

I’m not sure who made up that rule but I found it to be quite funny.   Not only did I find it funny, I found it to be “appropriate” somehow.  There are just some people that when you hear them on the radio you simply don’t turn their music off.

I’m not sure what the criteria is.  Perhaps it’s nostalgic music.   Perhaps it’s that they don’t have much new music these days?  Whatever it is, here are 7 such examples….

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Aug 25 2011

Seven Pretty Random and Strange Music Videos

Published by under Entertainment,Music

I have to admit that I wasn’t even aware that they still made music videos.   All of MTV appears to be reality shows these days.  When the hell do they have time to squeeze them in?  And honestly who really cares anymore?

I guess it’s cool to see a cool video once in a while but whatever.   For some reason though, there are videos out there that have nothing to do with the song and wind up being pretty strange.

Here are seven that fit the bill……

Thanks to Listverse for some of these picks.

99 Problems by Hugo

It’s always weird to hear a rap song that’s been turned into a country song.  But as if that’s not weird enough, the video features someone in a pig mask, iguanas, and needles.

Parasitic by Psychlon Nine


I’m not a fan of these really shaky feel videos but they exist, and here’s one of them.   Total weirdness.

Sober by Tool


This video just doesn’t match the song.  I happen to like this song a lot.  I would want this video to simply be of the band rocking out.  But instead what the hell is this little character they got crawling around?  Totally random.

The Outside by A Perfect Circle


I just like watching hot chicks but there is absolutely no reason for them here.  Then again most commercials and ads have no basis for hot girls either.

How You Like Me Now by The Heavy


For such a groovy, hip, popular song this video is pretty random.  Hell I can accept the band playing in the woods somewhere.  But what the hell is that weird animated chick character?  I mean really?  What does that have to do with anything?

Heard it All Before by Mudvayne


Obviously you need to include an insane metal band.  They always make weird shit.

Closer by Nine Inch Nails

I can’t describe how random this is.  From the hanging bull skull to the weird masks worn to the wind machine picking up.   What the hell is going on here?  It’s a great song but I had to feature Nine Inch Nails at some point.



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Jun 24 2011

Eight Original Bands I Wish I Could Have Seen Live

Published by under Editorial,Music

Last night I went to see the band Chicago perform live.   Even though they were without legendary vocalist Peter Cetera it was still an amazing show.  I mean I have to admit I wasn’t too pumped up beforehand but then realizing how many hits they had and the energy they brought to the table, it was pretty cool seeing them in action.

It’s nice to go see a band that still has the passion not to mention musical talent to carry a crowd for two hours.   Which by the way got me thinking about other bands I wouldn’t mind seeing live.

Unfortunately no one can see these original bands live again but it’d be nice if these eight bands could go just one more time…..

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May 12 2011

7 Song Ripoffs That Were Pretty Awesome Regardless

Published by under Music

They say that “talent borrows and genius steals” right?  Well I’m not quite sure about that but I will say this.   Many people have taken an idea and expanded on it to make it their own.  It’s the nature of the beast.   I mean Burger King exists doesn’t it?  You don’t think there was some McDonald’s thinking going on there?

Someone may write a great article containing five points but another person might add five making it ten points and the ten points article is better.  However, it’s a fine line what is blatantly stealing and what is original.  Same goes for the music industry.

In these cases it seems there’s some pretty obvious ripping going on but even so, all the songs below kick ass.

After the jump you’ll see the comparisons.  The first song is embedded first followed by the blatant copy after…..

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Feb 22 2011

Six Great Songs That Are About Prostitution

Published by under Entertainment,Music

They call it the oldest profession: prostitution.   Is it so bad?  Is it so wrong for a man or woman to pay for sexual services?  I mean hell when you take a girl out on a date and you hope she puts out is that not some form of prostitution?

You think Hugh Hefner giving girls in the mansion an allowance isn’t prostitution?  Give it a rest.  We’re all whores in some way shape or form.  And it’s nice to know that musicians make us aware of it.

Here are six great songs about prostitution….

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