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Aug 11 2009

Whatever Happened to the Cast of Just One of the Guys?

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Just one of the Guys

Perhaps one of my favorite all time classics in 80s movie history is Just one of the Guys.   It’s the classic tale of a hot high school girl who wants to be appreciated for more than just her looks.  In order to get her respect she poses a male at another school submitting the same news article that she did as a female at her old school, expecting to land an internship she desires.

Instead, she at first gets denied the internship but learns a thing or two as a “male” while also falling in love with a hopeless dork who she transforms into a stud.

Damn I should write synopses of movies.  Eh, maybe not.  Still though, this flick was awesome.  But whatever happened to the cast?  Luckily I’m here to tell you…

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Aug 04 2009

A Collection of Memorable Movie Dance Offs

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Once Bitten

If there’s an increasing trend in movies, real life, social media, whatever you want to call it, it’s the “battle.”  And battling can take a number of forms.  I’ve already covered rap battles but the battles I’m talking about here are dance battles.

And they are more specifically called “dance offs.”  Dance offs are nothing new but their evolution in cinema has impressed me.  So much so that I decided to gather a whole bunch of them for you.

Here’s a fun collection of memorable movie dance offs

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Jul 27 2009

10 Great Nicknames Used for Sports Stuff in Movies

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In the world of sports, nicknames are common.  Just as there’s a name on the uniform, fans and media come up with names for players each and every day.  And sometimes, we come up with names for a player’s bat, his stance, or even the way he might deal with personal issues.  It’s just our nature to nickname stuff.

Well, it’s the same in movies.   But I gotta say, it’s not that easy to do.  And when it comes to sports it’s just as challenging a task to come up with crafty fictional nicknames for things other than the players themselves.

It’s hard to explain what I mean but when you get through this list you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about.

Here are 10 great nicknames used for sports stuff in movies

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Jul 10 2009

“Other Movie” Captions for Classic Karate Movie Still Shots

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Karate Face

Honestly I’m not quite sure how I arrived at this article but it’s certainly a bit random.  However, have you ever looked at a picture of clip from a movie and all of a sudden a quote from a different movie pops into your head?

I originally wanted to do some article based on funny faces from Karate movies.  But then I realized that any fighting scene from any movie has a funny face.  However as I perused these pictures, movie quotes popped into my head.

Now granted I wrote down the first thing that came to me so some of these might be a bit random.  Though some of them are quite appropriate if you put two and two together.

Curious to hear your thoughts on these guys

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Jul 08 2009

Harry Potter Kids: You’re all Growns Up and You’re All Growns Up and You’re All Growns Up

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As the newest installment of Harry Potter is set to be released in theaters around the world, the stars of the movie gathered up for the premiere in the UK yesterday.

And while I’m pretty psyched to see the film, it’s pretty amazing to see how all of these kids grew up before our eyes.   It must be nice knowing you are part of a franchise worth over a billion dollars that has lasted over 10 years.

Something tells me that most of the kids won’t amount to much when all is said and done, but there’s one gal who will surely bless all of us with her presence even when the Potter franchise lays to rest:  Emma Watson.

Yes, it’s legal for all of us to say how hot she is now.  Hell we were saying it about 3 years ago.  Man has this girl blossomed huh?   Emma, sex scenes win Oscars.  I’m just saying….


Potter Kids Potter Kids Potter Kids Potter Kids Potter Kids Potter Kids Watson

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Jun 18 2009

Funny Moments in Movies Where you Can Barely Understand People

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Just the other day I was watching Usual Suspects and not only was that an amazing movie but it brought up an element in movies that’s rarely used:  the use of broken language as a means to humor.  Let me rephrase that.  The use of words that you can’t understand as a means to humor.

Granted plenty of movies are filled with accents that are supposed to make you laugh.  But rarely are we encountered with a movie where the whole point of humor is for you to NOT understand what a character is saying (even though you kind of are).

So have I confused you enough?  I hope so.  Here are some funny moments in movies where you can barely understand people

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Jun 16 2009

Ranking the Top Ten Movies Written by John Hughes

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John Hughes Movies

If someone were to ever write a book or article that tried to explain the 80s in depth, there would have to be an entire chapter or section devoted to John Hughes.  I just don’t think it’s even possible to leave the guy out.

If there’s anyone who understood high school life and told the story of teenagers in that time period it was certainly Hughes.  And not only just teenagers, life in general.  The guy just had a penchant for culture in that time period.

After 1990?  Well that’s a different subject.  You’ve got Curly Sue, Home Alone and then Hughes just lost it (although Dutch was awesome). Drillbit Taylor?  In any event, let’s not veer from the true subject which is his 80s genius.

Here are my top ten Hughes written movies

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Apr 30 2009

10 Movies That will Inevitably Make Your Penis Smaller

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Sex and the City

If there’s one thing I’m 100% ashamed of in this world, it’s having seen 10 minutes of the movie Sex and the City.  What pains me even more is that I had to endure 10 seconds of Cynthia Nixon being taken from behind by a dude in classes.  It’s a vision that still gives me nightmares, and will probably haunt me for the rest of my life.

One thing I also noticed is that as I was watching this movie, every ounce of masculinity was being taken from me.  It’s like I wanted to paint my nails and go shopping.  I was scared, alone, and destitute.  But I quickly turned on some porn and life returned to normal.

However, if you ever want to go limp or better yet, watch your penis shrivel before your eyes, you might want to check out these 10 flicks.

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Apr 24 2009

10 of the Most Pathetic but Hilarious Fight Scenes

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A good fight scene is not something that is easy to do.  You have to get the dubbing to be perfect.  You need athletic actors.  You need excellent choreography and you need a solid director.

So it’s one thing when you have all these ingredients.  It’s another when you think you have all these things and yet absolutely none of them are working out well.

What do you get?  You get scenes that are supposed to be amazing but wind up being incredibly unintentionally funny.

Check out these pathetic but hilarious fight scenes.

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Apr 10 2009

The Funniest Moments From Boogie Nights

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I consider Boogie Nights to be one of my favorite movies.  It doesn’t mean that I’ve seen it 100 times, nor would I necessarily want to.  But I have to admit that from beginning to end, this movie simply rules.   Honestly there isn’t one moment in this film that isn’t worth watching.  And considering it’s well over 2 hours, that’s pretty impressive.

Also, for a movie that’s got such great drama,  you know because of the porn that it’s automatically geared up to be hilarious.  And whether it’s intentional or not (clearly I think it is) it doesn’t matter.  The comedy in this movie is simply amazing.

If had to pick great comedic moments from the film, here are 6 worth sharing.

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