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Dec 21 2012

A Collection of Funny Movie Poster Parodies

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It’s been a while since we’ve featured any kind of movie poster parody on this website.   Fact is, it’s probably been over a year and we’re simply overdue.   There are tons of creative people out there who have a knack for creating photoshops that pay tribute (and also make fun of) their favorite movies.

We’re here to give those artists some credit and also give you a little entertainment.  Here is a great collection of funny movie poster parodies…..

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Nov 26 2012

Candid Behind the Scenes Pictures from Hit Movies

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Back to the Future

It’s somewhat ironic how in movies that contain very serious and dramatic scenes, when actually looking behind the scenes actors are usually pretty relaxed, even comedic at times.   We as movie goers walk into a theater and leave with a sense that things were almost “real.”   And obviously it’s all acting, sets, props, you name it.

But rarely do we ever see the actual behind closed doors action.  We don’t see the jokes.  We don’t see the actors taking breaks.  We don’t see directors directing.   But luckily here in this gallery, we see it all.

Check out these cool behind the scenes pictures from hit movies…..

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Oct 12 2012

Five Sylvester Stallone Movies You Probably Haven’t Seen

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Sylvester Stallone has had one hell of a career spanning over 5 decades.  Yes, five decades.   Any guy’s guy can appreciate his entire film library which includes more classics than I can even care to mention.   But will his history and fame, there are still some movies on Stallone’s list that I don’t think enough people have seen.

Stallone was pretty much cast as a brute, Italian thug before breaking out in Rocky and eventually moving into different roles.   Most people haven’t seen his pre Rocky stuff but there’s also a couple after Rocky that I’ve mentioned too.

Check out five Sylvester Stallone movies you probably haven’t seen….

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Jul 12 2012

Yesterday Was A Very Special Day

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How could we have missed this? Yesterday, was one a historic day in the annals of the world. Did anyone see Marty?

I guess the question is this; do you think the world at present time is a huge disappointment? The people in 1985 really had high hopes for us, and I think we let them down. No hovercraft boards, no flying cars, no cool outfits, I mean we suck today…

Back to the Future…. Great movie, a revelation as to how sh%tty we are at present… BTW, July 11, 2012 – what a random date!

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May 24 2012

Six Incredibly Awesome 80s Comedy Villains

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I don’t know how old the majority of you are reading this site.  I would think most of you are in your 20s and early 30s.   At least that’s what I’m hoping.  And hell if there are those of you that are older then great.   For the younger crowd unfortunately you might not get these references but I sure as hell hope that you go out and watch these movies.

I can’t tell you how much I miss the 80s comedy.   They were all dumb yet brilliant in their own rights.   They were all cheesy.   They all had ridiculous one liners and most of them had sexual undertones which kicked ass.   They also had great characters.

And today I want to focus on villains specifically.   Here are my six favorite 80s comedy villains…..

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Dec 14 2011

8 Movies That Were Supposed to Start Franchises but Sucked

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I would imagine that when you’re a producer or director there’s always the hope and expectation that your movie turns out to be a huge success, gets critical acclaim, and lines you up to be big time for years.

Unfortunately it rarely works out that way.   One way to achieve that success is by creating a movie that will lend itself to sequels and/or prequels.

I’m sure these movies had high expectations to start franchises but they wound up sucking in the end…

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Sep 14 2011

8 Scenes in Sports Movies that Give you The Chills

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Notice I didn’t necessarily say “make you cry” in the title.  Granted some of these scenes definitely make you tear up a bit.   But I think the angle I’m really going for is the fact that some scenes in movies really pump you up.  They make you want to do things.  They make you want to get out there and improve your life.

For us guys, many of these scenes are related to sports.  It’s just how we’re wired.   So I decided to come up with a decent list of scenes that will get you out there wanting to do better.

Enjoy the clips after the jump….

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Sep 08 2011

Five Movie Sequels So Bad You Have to See Them

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There are some movies out there that you never realized had sequels.   In fact it’s hard to believe that producers out there felt a need for another movie to be put straight to DVD to earn an extra buck.

Granted it’s a business, we all know that.   But still, show a little bit of integrity here will ya?  It’s not that the movies I’m about to mention were the greatest things ever, but I think I can safely say that none of them should have had sequels.   Then again, you kind of have to see them just to see how bad they are.

Check out five sequels that are so bad you have to see them….

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Jun 06 2011

Playing Someone A Tad Too Young Are We?

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I was watching the movie Swingers the other day and couldn’t help love that scene when Vince Vaughn is describing an audition he has for a part that he felt he nailed.   At the time Vaughn was in his 20s and the role he auditioned for was for an eleven-year-old.  It was a hilarious scene but even more weird is the fact that this goes on in Hollywood all the time.

I mean look at guys like Tom Cruise who are forever young.  I mean he’s still playing roles of guys that should be in their 20s.  Anyway, I felt it would be fun to mention five actors who played parts that were way too young for their ages…..

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May 13 2011

Eight Fictional Movie Heroes That Appropriately Died

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Too often in movies the heroes tend to live when they really shouldn’t.   Whether it’s avoiding 100 bullets or managing to be “that close” to getting hit by a car, a boulder, or just about anything that could kill you, Hollywood has been and will always be a fan of the happy ending.

However, some movies get it right.  And some movies portray death in a way that is noble and what I would call appropriate.   Realistically these characters should die and that the director allows it to happen makes me happy.

Here are eight fictional movie heroes that died appropriately….SPOILERS ahead so be careful

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