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Sep 30 2008

Man Crush of the Week: Tom Selleck in the 80′s

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Tom Selleck

I’m sorry but you just can’t match Magnum PI.  Bottom line, he has the name “Magnum” which is badass enough.

Given all the attention this clip has gotten over the last week I figured it was appropriate to pay homage to one of the most handsome men of the 80′s, Tom Selleck.

First of all, Tom Selleck’s mustache. The word “uncoached” does no justice to describe the manliness of that ‘stache or the power of his chest hair back when Ron Jeremy was still thin.

Plus, it doesn’t get better than wearing Hawaiian shirts, a Detroit Tigers hat, zooming around in a Ferrari killing bad guys, and taking down hot chicks for a living.

Selleck was the man back then and I just wanted to public to remember that.  Thanks.

Tom Selleck Tom Selleck Tom Selleck Tom Selleck

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Jun 09 2008

Monday’s Man Crush: The Many Fans and One Face of Luke Walton

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Luke Walton

I’ve always been a fan of Luke Walton. I always will be a fan of Luke Walton. He’s a true team player: very unselfish, great ball handler, good court vision and just an all around wonderful human being.

Plus you just know this guy must have gotten so much ass while he was at Arizona. It’s pretty much a given. And now that he’s strolling around in L.A? Forget about it. Some notables on Walton:

He made an appearance on Young and the Restless. He was rumored to be dating Britney Spears (but in 2007 so that’s a strike against him). He was named after basketball player Maurice Lucas.

But for some reason he always looks the same. He’s got that lip, teeth thing all the time, even when he’s drunk.

Check it out after the jump (I also tossed in a drunk picture of Kareem Rush)

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Jun 02 2008

Monday’s Man Crush: George Clooney

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George Clooney

Alright. We’re just going to forget about the fact that George Clooney was the man even back in his days on “Facts of Life.” Let’s forget about his rise to stardom on E.R. We don’t even have to mention how badass a duo he and Brad Pitt were in Ocean’s Eleven.

And hell, we don’t even need to talk about how he’s become an incredible director. This, my friends, is why Clooney is the man. When you can dump a girl like this….

George Clooney

…..in your mid 40′s and know you can go out and pick up virtually any ridiculously hot girl from age 18-30 who will blow you at the drop of a hat…..and then know that if you get tired of her you can repeat this cycle until you are at least 80?

That’s worthy of a man crush.

Sarah Larson!

George Clooney George Clooney George Clooney George Clooney George Clooney

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May 19 2008

Monday’s Man Crush: Dwyane Wade

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Dwyane Wade

You may have seen Dwyane Wade on last week’s NBA’s Best Dressed article. He was bound to end up as a Monday Man Crush at some point. So let’s take a look at 10 reasons that validate his appearance here on Uncoached today.

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Apr 28 2008

Monday’s Man Crush – Clive Owen

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Clive Owen

It doesn’t get any more rugged than it does with Clive Owen. The guy is just a badass, plain and simple. Is it me or does it seem like every movie the guy is in, you can’t help but to love his character?

I personally loved him in Derailed, Closer, and Inside Man. I’m sure I’m missing a million films here (check out his IMDB) but you get the drift. The guy is into alternative punk, goes to concerts by himself, and has been in plenty of fights pushing paparazzi cameras.

I’ve heard some garbage about his wife, Sara Jane Fenton, not being hot. You know what? I think his wife is perfect for him. She has a huge rack and looks just kinky enough to fulfill all of his movie character fantasies.

Clive, you are the dude.

Clive Owen Clive Owen Clive Owen Clive Owen

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Apr 21 2008

Monday’s Man Crush – Taye Diggs

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Taye Diggs

If you’re a heterosexual male and you can’t take the heat here then just move on to the next or previous post. Even us males have guys that we think are enviable. That’s why on some Mondays it’s necessary to post a guy that fits the bill.

Today we focus our direction on Taye Diggs. If it weren’t for the fact that he’s only 5’8 and my buddy Eds taking him to the hole for 7 points in a pick up game here in NYC, Taye Diggs might be my favorite male on earth.

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Apr 08 2008

My NASCAR Man Crush – Derrell Wright

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Derrell Wright

In case you don’t know who Derrell Wright is, he’s a former star receiver for Amherst college. At 6’3, 190 with a devilishly handsome smile and intellect, this guy personifies man crush capability.

Also, when you’re one of 15 black guys at a Nascar event you’ve gotta have some balls showing up and mingling with the “friendly” white supremacists of America.

Pics and more after the jump

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Mar 31 2008

Monday’s Man Crush – The Captain: Derek Jeter

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Derek Jeter

For the record, I’m not gay (not that there’s anything wrong with that). And another for the record. I am 100% secure in my masculinity that I can call a man handsome, applaud his phenomenal feats, and compliment him to the point where it may in fact look like I’m in love with him. As such I feel it appropriate to run a series of “Man Crush” articles a few times a month.

Who better to start with than Derek Jeter?

We all know Derek’s accomplishments on the field. I’ll cite “The Dive,” his record 150 postseason hits, and World Series MVP award as being pretty significant. Clearly he has a ton more and this wikipedia profile does no justice. In addition to his baseball prowess this guy clearly embodies what us guys want to be off the field.

Pictures and reasons after the jump

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