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Jul 08 2013

Monday’s Madness: Famous Songs Written by Surprising People, Smile Pictures, and Mike Tyson

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Click on the photo for 6 songs written by people you’d least expect

In the same way that action stars don’t do their own stunts and surrogate mothers don’t raise their own babies, singers often rely on other songwriters to provide the lyrics to their biggest hits. It’s never widely publicized who did the actual writing, and it’s probably for good reason. Yes, Michael Jackson wrote “Do the Bartman.”

The Madness

Eighteen pictures that will put a smile on your face – [Nedhardy]

The infamous “eat your children” Mike Tyson interview – [Unathletic]

Molly Sims is one hot Southern Belle – [Gunaxin]

Leanna Decker really knows how to display her assets – [The Smoking Jacket]

When I need my sports fix this is where I go – [Yardbarker]

Check out this amazing catch while falling over a fence – [Bustedcoverage]

The five worst places to endure a fart – [Holytaco]

Twelve amazing things made with cardboard tubes – [Oddee]

Athletes that we simply can’t stand anymore – [Bleacher Report]

You could use some photobombs to start off the week right – [The Chive]


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Jul 01 2013

Monday’s Madness: Ugly Superhero Lessons, Why Unicorn Drinks, and Maryna Linchuk

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Iron Man 3

Click on the photo for ugly lessons learned from Superheroes

Is the sudden, raging success of this genre a sign of a toxic corruption in the collective soul of our society? Probably! Specifically, it seems to imply that deep down, we are all Sylvester Stallones. Confused? Well, it will make perfect sense once you realize the moral of these movies always boils down to

The Madness

A pretty funny comic series called “why unicorn drinks” – [Nedhardy]

I like to see Maryna Linchuk wearing a bikini – [Moejackson]

Twelve hilarious pictures of Pinterest fails – [Oddee]

Girls I really miss hanging out with in college – [Funtasticus]

There’s just something about this girl, trust me – [The Chive]

Anything involving Claudia Romani is something I want in on – [Busted Coverage]

Whenever I want to see an awesome video I’ll go here – [Linkiest]

Some of the most lopsided sports blowouts ever -  [Bleacher Report]

What it’s like to eat a deep fried Tarantula – [Unique Daily]

The complete mental breakdown of a restaurant owner – [Holytaco]

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Jun 24 2013

Monday’s Madness: A Dark Matter Shame, Shameless Ripoff Movies, and Hateable TV Guys

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Click on the photo for 6 things dark matter won’t be used for

Last month, astronauts aboard the International Space Station found potential evidence of the existence of dark matter. Naturally, when we first saw this news, we all assumed that there’d be dark matter dispensers at every grocery store in America within a couple years, but after extensive research on Wikipedia (interrupted occasionally by long naps), it seems we may be jumping the gun on that one.

The Madness

Seven classic movies that are shameless ripoffs – [Cracked]

Five of the most hateable guys on television – [TVovermind]

Celebrities reading mean tweets about themselves is funny – [Nedhardy]

A photo gallery of revealing celebrity photoshop treatment – [Celebritytoob]

Rocky’s speech to his son ranks up there as one of the best – [Unathletic]

When I need to get my video of the day I go here – [Linkiest]

Jordan Carver’s Instagram account is just ridiculous – [The Smoking Jacket]

Custom Batman car is worth over $1 Million – [Hispotion]

Ten of the most unusual graves you’ll see – [Oddee]

Funny moments when trash talking goes wrong – [Bleacher Report]

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Jun 17 2013

Monday’s Madness: Marvel Characters Who Dropped the Ball, Terrible Athlete Reality Shows, and Cookies

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Click on the photo for 5 Marvel characters who dropped the ball

Sometimes the characters in these comic book movies seem to know less about what they’re doing than we do, and for every sensible decision they make, they stumble through a series of catastrophically terrible blunders that defy explanation.  It’s just flat out dumb when you think about it.

The Madness

Five of the worst athlete reality shows of all time – [Unathletic]

One of the best stories about cookies – [Nedhardy]

Athletes who made a lot of money doing nothing – [Bleacher Report]

It’s peanut butter and jelly sandwich time! – [TC Mag]

Life just isn’t fair because of how hot Monika Pietrasinska is – [The Smoking Jacket]

Twelve movies where it’s OK for guys to cry – [COED]

When I need to get my sports fix on I go here – [Yardbarker]

Twenty two of the most beautiful secluded places in the world – [Buzzfeed]

A good article on how to stop snoring – [Maxim]

Photos of life is short, have some fun stuff – [The Chive]

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Jun 10 2013

Monday’s Madness: You’re Awful at Customer Service, Hot SNL Castmembers, and Object Portraits

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Smiling Telemarketer

Click on the photos for 5 ways you suck at customer service

Every one of us has been on both sides of this coin.   We’ve all inadvertently done the thing we complain about, at least once (or, at least, I know I have).  If you work in customer service and have never done any of these, then you are a hero and have much to teach us. For the rest of you….

The Madness

50 of the hottest SNL castmembers of all time – [Buzzfeed]

Awesome portraits that are made from objects – [Nedhardy]

When I need my sports fix I’ll go here – [Yardbarker]

One hundred of the best fan signs of all time – [Bleacher Report]

Let’s just say Robert Griffin III isn’t smart in this picture – [Unathletic]

Celebrities you didn’t know were Abercrombie and Fitch models – [Celebritytoob]

When I need my viral video of the day I’ll go here – [Linkiest]

Is there such a thing as being too honest? – [The Chive]

If you’re gonna have one beer a day this is the way to go – [Bits and Pieces]

Ranking 17 Super Mario Characters by awesomeness – [Holytaco]

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Jun 03 2013

Monday’s Madness: Coaches Who Were Jerks, Great Lead Singers Bad Solo Careers, and Yearbook Awesomeness

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Click on the photo for 20 coaches who were jerks

Like players, some coaches take things too far in the name of winning. The following are coaches (past and present) who let the pressure of winning weigh far too heavily on them, and have done deeds that fall below the expectations of one in their position. These jerks are not all created equal, but they’re all guilty of being royal jack-wagons at times.

The Madness

Four great lead singers with inexplicably bad solo careers – [Cracked]

22 great moments in yearbook awesomeness – [Nedhardy]

Thirty of the hottest Canadian actresses of 2013 – [Celebritytoob]

When I need my sports fix I always go here – [Yardbarker]

Nina Agdal’s unreleased Sports Illustrated outtakes – [The Smoking Jacket]

Twelve of the largest churches in the world – [Unique Daily]

Eight of the creepiest facial treatments – [Oddee]

It’s kind of funny when Alison Brie imitates memes – [Holytaco]

51 of the best lesbian motivational posters – [COED]

One of the greatest Orchestra pranks of all time – [The Chive]

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May 27 2013

Monday’s Madness: Misery is a Brain Trick, The Power of One, and Lacey Banghard

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Click on the photo to see how your brain tricks you into being miserable

Everyone wants to be happy, but the biggest obstacle to that is the mushy thing inside your skull that you think with. Evolution has left your brain with all sorts of mechanisms that are heavily biased toward misery.  So while you may not realize it you are your own worst enemy.

The Madness

Never, ever underestimate the power of one – [Nedhardy]

Yes, her name is Lacey Banghard and that’s not a typo – [Moejackson]

A gallery dedicated to the women of A-Rod – [Unathletic]

When I need my sports fix I go here – [Yardbarker]

Hybrid animals that are too awesome not to exist – [Cavemancircus]

A gallery of females with hidden talents – [Maxim]

The best sports songs from the eighties and nineties – [Bleacher Report]

I don’t know what to make of this picture – [Holytaco]

OK people are now getting facials that involves fire??? – [Unique Daily]

The sexy girls of Coachella on Instagram – [COED]

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May 20 2013

Monday’s Madness: How Bad Wedding Dancer’s Think, Funny Pictures, and Picking a Fight

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Click on the photo for the mind of a bad wedding dancer

You gifted them “Hey Ya!” and “The Cupid Shuffle,” but they’ve had their fun. Now it’s time to collect the kids and usher that grandmother off the floor, because you’re about to light this mother funking Marriott conference hall on fire.

The Madness

A real hodgepodge of funny pictures – [Nedhardy]

A British guy who tried to pick a fight with everyone on a plane – [COED]

Some of the best kept secrets in sports – [Bleacher Report]

Six of the coolest swimsuits of the year – [Holytaco]

10 of the coolest photos of the internet’s newest memes – [Oddee]

If I ever get my hands on the pedal pub – [Hispotion]

Anything with Irina Shayk works for me – [Heyman Hustle]

When I need to get my daily fix of sports – [Yardbarker]

A funny joke entitled “Tarzan Love” – [Funtasticus]

Ashley Tisdale is looking kind of hot here – [The Blemish]

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May 13 2013

Monday’s Madness: Funny News Screenshots, Unrealistic Movie Cliches, and a Goalie Doesn’t Mess Around

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Click on the photo for more funny news screenshots

It doesn’t happen often but sometimes there will be a huge blunder in the newsroom while something live is going on TV.   Usually it comes in the form of a caption being placed at the wrong time.  I have to say though, it makes for some funny screenshots.

The Madness

Unrealistic movie cliches that are scientifically accurate – [Cracked]

This goalie doesn’t mess around when a fan storms the field – [Unathletic]

Where I go to catch the best video of the day – [Linkiest]

Eight of the coolest spy gadgets you’ll see this week – [Oddee]

Check out how cell phones have evolved over the years – [COED Magazine]

This video will encourage me to try Yoga more – [Maxim]

When I need to get my sports fix on I go here – [Yardbarker]

A huge collection of athletes making weird faces – [Bleacher Report]

I would gladly take any one of these homes – [The Chive]

A collection of great pictures to get you through today – [Funtasticus]

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May 06 2013

Monday’s Madness: Dumb Plots of Smart Villians, Toy Story Shining, and Celebrities as Pokemon

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Stirb langsam

Click on the photo for the dumbest plots of smart movie villians

Movie villains, even the ones portrayed as master criminal geniuses, usually spend the movie making incredibly stupid mistakes (accidental or otherwise). So you can almost make a game out of it: The second time you watch any movie involving a supposed criminal mastermind, just imagine how his plan would have gone had the hero not showed up at all.

The Madness

The Toy Story version of The Shining – [Nedhardy]

A crazy gallery of celebrities as Pokemon characters – [Celebritytoob]

Watching Kate Beckinsale work out is kind of awesome – [Unathletic]

I simply cannot get enough of Nina Agdal – [Funtasticus]

This is where I go to see the viral video of the day – [Linkiest]

25 bold predictions for the year 2050 – [Holytaco]

An awesome gallery of hot chicks on rocky grounds – [Maxim]

The most talented headcases in sports right now – [Bleacher Report]

Britney Spears has still got it in the bikini region – [The Blemish]

Check out the largest aquarium in Northern Europe – [Hispotion]

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