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Sep 16 2013

Monday’s Madness: Ridiculous Things to Legally Own, Writing Tips, Serious Sports Fan Items

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Click on the photo for 6 ridiculous items people claim to own

Our friends at Cracked don’t want to get into some big debate about intellectual property rights. It’s full of legal gray areas, and they’re no lawyers. But they are confident in saying that some trademark and copyright claims are downright ridiculous. See for yourself

The Madness

Some awesome writing tips you should really listen to – [Nedhardy]

Fifteen things that every serious sports fan should have – [Bleacher Report]

The highest paid actresses of 2013 – [Celebritytoob]

When I need to see an awesome video I’ll get a source here – [Linkiest]

This is where I go to get my sports fix on – [Yardbarker]

Five of the saddest doctors of all time – [Holytaco]

Ten people with the craziest medical conditions – [Oddee]

It really isn’t fair how hot Natalia Siwiec is – [Funtasticus]

Ever seen what beer labels look like in motion? – [COED]

Check out pictures of America’s biggest library – [Unique Daily]

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Sep 09 2013

Monday’s Madness: Lies Companies Tell You, Being Brave, and Athletic Feats

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Click on the photo for 5 lies companies are allowed to tell you

We think we’re being savvy by assuming that all ads exaggerate, but we still assume that’s as far as it can go — exaggeration. It’s not like these people can just go out and lie right to our faces, right? Wrong, and oh how wrong we truly are.  Wait till you see how wrong.

The Madness

An awesome little motivational blurb on being brave – [Nedhardy]

Collection of athletic feats that don’t seem possible – [Bleacher Report]

An artistic tribute to Walter White – [TVOvermind]

What can happen to a Bentley at a car wash – [Izismile]

If you need to get your sports fix on then go here – [Yardbarker]

The kinds of girls I wish I were with right now – [Funtasticus]

When I need to get my video fix on I go here -  [Linkiest]

Lesser known crazy war crimes that we should know about – [Oddee]

Natasha Oakley knows how to do the beach – [The Blemish]

Things you could have done instead of drunkenly playing WOW – [Holytaco]

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Sep 02 2013

Monday’s Madness: Worst Used Car People, Adult Toddlers, and Ridiculous Sports Scenes

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Click on the photo for the worst people you meet buying a used car

You’d be surprised that when you go out there to buy a car that’s merely for utility purposes there are people out there who will blow you away.  It’s not just as simple as wanting to buy a car.   You have to maneuver through a whole hose of different personalities.

The Madness

Adults photoshopped to look like toddlers – [Nedhardy]

The most ridiculous sports scenes in movies – [Bleacher Report]

Molly Beers is one of the best sports WAGs out there – [Unathletic]

When I need to get my sports fix on I go here – [Yardbarker]

The time he nailed a guy in the face with a Pepsi – [Holytaco]

Memes that demonstrate why your kids are crying – [Izismile]

Megane Claire is a name you won’t forget – [COED]

Ten of the most terrifying cases of demonic possession – [Oddee]

Some of the best home run and foul ball catches – [Extramustard]

The six most hilarious video games ever made – [The Smoking Jacket]

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Aug 26 2013

Monday’s Madness: Beloved Celebrities who Did Bad Things, Jerks in Sports, and You’re doing it Wrong

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Click on the photo for 5 beloved celebrities who did bad things

The strange thing about celebrity scandals like the recent Paula Deen racism controversy is how inconsistent we are with our outrage. We forever remember Michael Richards for screaming racial slurs, and Charlie Sheen will always be a punchline, but the vast majority of the world has forgotten that plenty of others did bad things….

The Madness

Biggest jerks in sports who aren’t even that good – [Bleacher Report]

A classic gallery of pictures where they’re doing it wrong – [Nedhardy]

Check out this house with an aquarium for a fence – [TC Mag]

When I need to get my sports fix I go here – [Yardbarker]

Rankings articles don’t come better recommended than by these guys – [Linkiest]

Greg Oden does a funny Lebron pose with girls in bikinis – [Busted Coverage]

The five best poor foods money can buy – [Holytaco]

Craziest reason to be arrested in a movie theater – [Oddee]

Nothing’s better than a bunch of sexy rave girls – [COED]

You might really enjoy this arm chair made of quartz – [Hispotion]

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Aug 19 2013

Monday’s Madness: Now that’s a Bus, To Believe in Karma Now, and Tank is One Heck of a Dog

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Click on the photo for a bus converted into a cabin

I never thought I’d see a white school bus with an interior like this one. All I kept thinking about were movies like Meatballs and Friday the 13th when I saw the exterior of this thing. Then when I saw the interior it was a completely different story.  Still though, it sucks how bad the outside looks.

The Throwdown

Five stories that will make you believe in Karma – [Cracked]

You have to read the story of Tank the Dog – [Nedhardy]

Old School SI swimsuit model hall of famers take a bow – [Unathletic]

If you’re interested in seeing Pink in a bikini on the beach – [The Blemish]

Whenever I need to get my sports fix on I go here – [Yardbarker]

Katarina Ivanovska knows the women’s secret – [Pickmeupnews]

This is why you never feel bad for Leonardo DiCaprio – [Cityrag]

A bunch of cool pictures to get you through the day – [Funtasticus]

Meet the world’s oldest marathon runner – [The Chive]

Sexy girls who are wearing really big droopy clothes – [Maxim]

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Aug 12 2013

Monday’s Madness: Upside to Natural Disasters, Suzanne Quast, and Awkward Celebrity Portraits

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Click on the photo for surprising upsides to natural disasters

It’s a constant scourge on our development as a species that we are perpetually beaten down by the wrath of nature. But that’s why it’s so surprising to learn that occasionally, just occasionally, natural disasters can have surprising upsides. We’ve linked to some you’ll like.

The Madness

Suzanne Quast knows how to wear a bikini in Hawaii – [The Blemish]

A gallery of super awkward professionally done celebrity portraits – [TVovermind]

Alessandra Ambrosio looks amazing filling her gas tank – [Moejackson]

Eighteen important lessons learned in life – [Nedhardy]

A collection of awesome pictures to get you through the day – [Funtasticus]

When I need to get my sports fix on I go here – [Yardbarker]

Athletes who can’t stop winning at life – [Bleacher Report]

25 things everyone forgets about camping – [Holytaco]

Check out these freaky face mashup videos – [The Smoking Jacket]

The top ten ridiculously strong beers – [Unique Daily]

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Aug 05 2013

Monday’s Madness: Ridiculous Modern Fashions, Out of His Mind, and Dirty Fans

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Click on the photo for ridiculous modern fashions with badass origins

It seems like fashion trends these days are nothing but pointless peacocking, but you might be surprised to find out that many of them arose from a very genuine need. Meet the rebellious and emotionally damaged offspring of aesthetic and function.

The Madness

This Russian guy is 100% completely out of his mind – [Nedhardy]

Fans who always seem to be throwing stuff on the field – [Bleacher Report]

19 things that accurately sum up how you feel right now – [Buzzfeed]

Awkwardly posed celebrity professional portraits – [TVOvermind]

Her real name is Melinda Barefoot and she’s that hot – [COED]

This is the best way to catch a prankster – [Holytaco]

When I need to get my sports fix on I go here – [Yardbarker]

Check out the illusion busmaster – [Uniquedaily]

Seven of the most inspiring birthday celebrations – [Oddee]

Camila Morais is just stupidly hot – [Funtasticus]

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Jul 29 2013

Monday’s Madness: Terrifying Face Swaps, Wasting Their Superpowers, and Fishing Ladies

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Click on the photo for more terrifying face swaps

For whatever reason, the internet decided that the practice of face swapping would become extremely popular.  This is merely the act of photoshopping a picture so that the face of one person becomes the face of the other and vice versa.   The results are pretty remarkable.

The Madness

Five movie characters who completely wasted their superpowers – [Cracked]

These are the kinds of women I’d go fishing with any time – [Gunaxin]

When I need my sports fix I go here – [Yardbarker]

A bunch of sexy Confederations cup fans – [Unathletic]

Five habits to break to improve your dating life – [The Smoking Jacket]

Nothing’s sexier than an NBA superfan – [Busted Coverage]

These are the kinds of girls I need to be with right now – [Funtasticus]

Careers to take up on a post apocalyptic wasteland – [Holytaco]

Seven of the most incredible casino stories – [Oddee]

Beloved athletes who were actually jerks in real life – [Bleacher Report]

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Jul 22 2013

Monday’s Madness: Classic Albums that are Overblown, Why to Miss College, and Surfer Chicks

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Click on the photo for classic albums that get more praise than they deserve

No matter how expansive and varied a musician or band’s catalog of albums may be, for those at the highest levels of popularity, there’s always that one album that everyone talks about more than others. In some cases, it’s very much warranted. But in these four it isn’t at all.

The Madness

Pictures that remind us how great college was – [Nedhardy]

A great collection of beautiful surfer girls – [Unathletic]

Fifteen names that only work for old men – [Holytaco]

When I need my sports fix this is where I go – [Yardbarker]

If there’s a viral video of the day then I’ll catch it on here – [Linkiest]

Jordan Carver is the reason men all drool at their computers – [The Smoking Jacket]

Nina Agdal surely knows how to wear a bikini – [Funtasticus]

Ten of the most brazen imposters in the world – [Oddee]

Joanna Krupa’s swimwear collection is delightful – [The Blemish]

If you don’t know Cora Keegan then here are some pics to help – [Heyman Hustle]

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Jul 15 2013

Monday’s Madness: A Dosage of Sleeping Tips, Recognizable Movie Backgrounds, and Beautiful Joggers

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Click on the photo for tips to improve your sleep

We know that this site is mostly about humor, beautiful ladies, and all around weirdness.  Still though, every once in a while it’s important to keep you guys paying attention.  And you can’t pay attention without a good night’s rest.  So take these sleeping tips to heart.

The Madness

Places you’ll recognize from the background of every movie – [Cracked]

A collection of hot chicks going for a nice jog – [Unathletic]

Five disgusting habits and why you do them – [Gunaxin]

Nina Agdal’s modeling shots are unforgettable – [Funtasticus]

When I need to get my sports fix on I go here – [Yardbarker]

This is where I go to catch the video of the day – [Linkiest]

Athletes who for no reason have written children’s books – [Bleacher Report]

Four reasons why “Finding Bigfoot” can find Bigfoot – [The Smoking Jacket]

How to get egotistical about your steak – [Hispotion]

Sara Jean Underwood in some modeling shoot – [The Blemish]

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