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Dec 02 2013

Monday’s Madness: Nightmarish Old Time Photos, Russia is Different, and Hating Your Team

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Click on the photo for more scary old timey stuff

History is the nightmare that keeps on giving. Grainy black-and-white film combined with the insanity of old-timey people is a recipe for madness. The subjects of these photos may have shuffled off this mortal coil, but the unsettling nature of what they considered everyday dress will forever live on in the darkest depths of our minds.

The Madness

They do things a little differently in Russia – [Cavemancircus]

Reasons why you hate your team – [Bleacher Report]

No wonder these two are hosting the Golden Globes – [TVovermind]

When I need to get my sports fix on I go here – [Yardbarker]

I wish I were with these girls at the moment – [Funtasticus]

This is where I’ll go to see a great viral video – [Linkiest]

Where I go to find my hottie of the week – [Extramustard]

Check out the world’s smallest waists – [Oddee]

What is the Bad Grandpa red band? – [Holytaco]

In your mid 20s and still living at home?  Have no fear – [COED]

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Nov 25 2013

Monday’s Madness: Important Historical Photos, Superpowers That Wouldn’t Be Good, and Goal Scorers

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Click on the photo for more significant pictures from our history

The picture you see above is of the headquarters of Benito Mussolini and the Italian Fascist party in Italy, 1934. It may not seem significant to you now but believe me, when you’re older pictures like this will really strike a nerve. I can’t believe I’m talking like this and I’m 33.

The Throwdown

Six awesome superpowers that would suck in real life – [Cracked]

It’s tough to tell who scores the better goals – [Unathletic]

A really awesome collection of cinemagraphs – [Nedhardy]

Thirty five of the world’s rarest animals – [Buzzfeed]

When I need my sports fix I always head over here – [Yardbarker]

Ten Facebook pages that you kind of have to like – [Superbooyah]

Liz Solari is one of my new favorite blond girls – [Funtasticus]

Making funny posters out of client comments – [Barnorama]

R. Kelly as he was meant to be – [Holytaco]

The old Britney Spears is almost back! – [Celebslam]

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Nov 18 2013

Monday’s Madness: Celebrities Do Bad Stuff, Sports Jerks That Aren’t Good, and Doing it Wrong

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Click on the photo for 5 beloved celebrities who did bad things

For some reason with celebrities, we really only remember what we choose to remember.   What I mean is, we love a guy like Sean Penn or Michael Jackson for that matter.  What we don’t realize is that these folks have done some pretty messed up things.  Other celebs do one bad thing and they’re gone forever.  It’s just weird.

The Madness

Biggest jerks in sports who aren’t even that good – [Bleacher Report]

A classic gallery of pictures where they’re doing it wrong – [Nedhardy]

Check out this house with an aquarium for a fence – [TC Mag]

When I need to get my sports fix I go here – [Yardbarker]

Rankings articles don’t come better recommended than by these guys – [Linkiest]

Greg Oden does a funny Lebron pose with girls in bikinis – [Busted Coverage]

The five best poor foods money can buy – [Holytaco]

Craziest reason to be arrested in a movie theater – [Oddee]

Nothing’s better than a bunch of sexy rave girls – [COED]

You might really enjoy this arm chair made of quartz – [Hispotion]

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Nov 11 2013

Monday’s Madness: Horror Movie Theme Songs, Being bad at Your Job, and Understanding Bipolar Disorder

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Click on the photo for the best horror movie theme songs

How many times have you heard the Saw theme song? What about the Halloween one? Or Friday the 13th? Most people won’t remember all their favorite scenes from horror movies but they can remember the theme songs. Here is a definite list of the best horror movie theme songs ever.

The Madness

The most brilliant displays of being crappy at your job – [Cracked]

Pictures that will help you understand Bipolar disorder better – [Nedhardy]

20 of the coolest costumes from animated TV shows – [TVovermind]

When you need to get your sports fix on then go here – [Yardbarker]

This is where I’ll go to get some good political fodder – [Ace]

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley looks great in this shoot – [The Blemish]

Check out this video of a man who lives in a cube – [The Smoking Jacket]

Eight crazy reasons why wedding were postponed – [Oddee]

Five of the weirdest things orbiting the earth right now – [Maxim]

Sports legends who were pushed out before wanting to end it – [Bleacher Report]

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Nov 04 2013

Monday’s Madness: The Best Story Today, Your Childhood, and Worst Sports Movie Characters

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Click on the photo for what will be the best story of today

From early roles of Breaking Bad actors to if everyday objects went to war, we just want to pay tribute to Cracked.com which is a site we’ve loved for a long time.  If you’re bored right now and need a great story to read then obviously you can head over to Cracked and get something good.

The Madness

Pictures of what your childhood was like – [Nedhardy]

Some of the worst sports movie characters of all time – [Bleacher Report]

When I need to get my sports fix on I go here – [Yardbarker]

Some epic behind the scenes Breaking Bad pictures – [TVOvermind]

Controversial cases of parents punishing their kids in public – [Oddee]

The hottest internet specific models you’ll see today – [Bullz-Eye]

If there any reason why these coffees exist? – [Holytaco]

Any article that features Nina Agdal makes me happy – [TCMag]

If I need a great viral video to see today I’ll find it here – [Linkiest]

Dana Stuce is a model whose name you’ll remember – [Celebslam]

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Oct 28 2013

Monday’s Madness: How Dogs Read Your Mind, Genius of Louis CK, and Miranda Kerr

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Click on the photo for 5 ways dogs can read your mind

Theory of mind refers to a creature understanding that other beings have different perceptions, and that those perceptions can be valuable. It’s a shockingly advanced societal concept, and one that pretty much any human being talking on their cellphone during a movie clearly does not possess. But dogs might.

The Madness

21 examples of the genius of Louis C.K. – [Nedhardy]

Miranda Kerr knows how to dress while in Broadwa – [Moejackson]

Blake Lively knew how to dress for fashion week – [The Blemish]

Ten of the best fictional pirates – [Gunaxin]

When I need to get my sports fix on I go here – [Yardbarker]

How to fake being a sports expert – [Bleacher Report]

Funny fake escort ads from washed up celebrities – [Holytaco]

Capri Anderson really knows how to photograph well – [Heyman Hustle]

Check out the latest girl next door – [Bullz-Eye]

The world’s craziest collectors and their collections – [Oddee]

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Oct 21 2013

Monday’s Madness: I Must have This, Creative MMA Attacks, and Amazing Street Art

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Click on the photo for more stuff you must have

I’m a male and I can understand my own desires to crave things that are completely unnecessary.   You know, stuff like a car that has 7000 accessories or a droid woman who will do whatever I tell her to.  Stuff like that.  Thankfully there’s a lot of that stuff in the world.  You just have to look for it.

The Madness

9 of the most creative MMA attacks of all time – [Cracked]

The street art of Kobra is pretty amazing – [Nedhardy]

Fifteen interesting facts about Sir Richard Branson – [Celebritytoob]

Whenever I need to get my sports fix on I go here – [Yardbarker]

Five celebrities who had too much to drink on air – [The Smoking Jacket]

Elisabetta Canalis knows how to wear lingerie – [TC Mag]

These might literally be the worst things ever – [Holytaco]

10 of the greatest pop culture teddy bears – [Gunaxin]

If I need a new hottie of the day I’ll find her here – [Extramustard]

Eight hilarious animal thieves caught on video – [Oddee]

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Oct 14 2013

Monday’s Madness: People with Bad Intentions, Sports Handshake GIFs and Celebs with Younger Selves

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Click on the photo for 4 people with bad intentions it’s hard not to hate

It’s a fact that no one likes the news, and the more news we get, the less we enjoy it. Name a 24-hour news network that isn’t constantly the butt of jokes and I’ll name my unicorn Phil and he’ll fix us drinks that are sweet with the delicious nectar of lies. Lies!

The Madness

The best handshake GIFs in sports – [Bleacher Report]

13 Celebrities hanging out with their past selves – [Celebritytoob]

When I need to find a great viral video I’ll look here – [Linkiest]

This is where I go to get my sports fix on – [Yardbarker]

Four super powers that aren’t always so super – [Gunaxin]

How to have a better party in 70 seconds – [Buzzfeed]

A bunch of hot girls I wish I were with at the moment – [Funtasticus]

Remember the time I got trapped in the bathroom? – [Holytaco]

Lingerie Football girls know how to touchdown dance – [COED]

Leanna Decker looks amazing in a bikini – [Moejackson]

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Oct 07 2013

Monday’s Madness: Life Hacks for the 80s and 90s, Dramatic Sports Teams, and Enjoy the Music

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Click on the photo for more life hacks in the 80s and 90s

Because our lives are tough and we didn’t learn about hard work, self-sacrifice, and responsibility like our grandparents’ generation, we decided that life in the 80s and 90s would begin the lazy train that we see today. So we decided to make things easier for ourselves.

The Madness

Sports teams who have the most drama – [Bleacher Report]

Don’t forget to stop and say enjoy the music – [Nedhardy]

The highest paid celebrities under 30 years old – [Celebritytoob]

5 things everyone did growing up that now gets you in trouble – [Cracked]

When I need to get my sports fix on I go here – [Yardbarker]

Some of the worst college tailgates in the country – [Gunaxin]

Learn all you need to know about brothels – [The Smoking Jacket]

Emmanuelle Chriqui knows how to wear a bikini – [Moejackson]

Five people it would be fun to lose a fight to – [Holytaco]

Eight of the most amazing facts of love – [Oddee]

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Sep 30 2013

Monday’s Madness: Songs that Insult Celebrities, Movie Heists, and Epic Concert Pictures

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Click on the photo for songs that insulted celebrities

Music tends to be a “names changed to protect the innocent” kind of business. That’s why it’s so easy to miss that some of the most famous songs in history were written as direct insults to actual people. The following songs take on a whole new meaning once you realize …

The Madness

Eight of the best movie heists of all time – [The Smoking Jacket]

Some of the coolest pictures from rock concerts – [Nedhardy]

The highest paid television stars and what they earn – [Celebritytoob]

Videos of people rushing the field getting nailed – [Bleacher Report]

When I need to get a fix of some viral videos I’ll go here – [Linkiest]

If Hollywood celebrities were Batman – [COED]

The scientific cure for a hangover from a fitness guy – [Total Frat Move]

Ten cases of sexting gone horribly wrong – [Oddee]

Five people it would be cool to lose a fight to – [Holytaco]

A hamburger combined with a pizza, I’m speechless – [Unique Daily]

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