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May 08 2009

Ten Classic Photos of Manny Being Manny

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Manny Ramirez

In light of the recent steroid news on Manny Ramirez (I hope you’re not all surprised by this), rather than focus on wrong doings and his blatant violation of rules, I’d like to remind us all of the brighter side of Mr. Ramirez.

Here is a small sized sample of Manny just being Manny

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Apr 30 2009

The Least Interesting News All Day: A-Rod, Steroids, High School, Who Cares….

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Relaying details from an upcoming book on Alex Rodriguez by Sports Illustrated’s Selena Roberts, the New York Daily News reports today that Rodriguez may have started taking steroids as early as high school and is suspected of continuing his use of performance-enhancing drugs with the New York Yankees.

Here’s what would be way more interesting.  If they could somehow find a link between steroid use, a strange attraction to manly women, and acting like a complete metero and sometimes homosexual, well then you’d A.  Have a story and B.  More than likely have a strong reduction in steroid use across America.

By the way, does anyone else find it completely appropriate that there’s a giant heading “Golden Girl” right under A-Rod’s picture?

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Apr 27 2009

Behind the Scenes with The Ladies of Team Fredbird

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Team Fredbird

You might be wondering who Team Fredbird is.  Well if you’re from St. Louis then you probably know who they are.  In my second foray into displaying the behind the scenes life of MLB cheerleaders, I give you the ladies that run out onto the field for the St. Louis Cardinals.

And when these ladies aren’t firing out free T-Shirts or posing with little kids at second base, they are making it count with nights out, booze, and Spring break fun that is only to be expected from the finest cheerers in Major League Baseball.

Thanks to one sexy blond, Erin, these are pictures you will certainly want to see.

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Apr 24 2009

It’s Time for Another Red Sox and Yankees Series!

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Red Sox Yankees

I was at the Yankees game on Tuesday when they defeated the A’s.  And boy is it never too early for a Red Sox rivalry.  In the bleacher section was a man wearing a Red Sox jersey.  I couldn’t quite make out the player name but it didn’t matter.  The yelling was incredible and nearly the entire stadium chanted a “Red Sox Suck!” for about 5 minutes.

Hey I’m a Yankees fan but I’ll be the first to say we really don’t have a right to yell these chants at this point do we?  Our Yankees haven’t won a world series since 2000 and frankly I don’t even know if the Red Sox care anymore.  It’s a little lame at this point.

But I have a feeling once Gay Rod comes back for us, this rivalry might be as strong as ever come playoff time.   In any event, I’m looking forward to watching the games and even more so for when the Red Sox come to town and 75 home runs are hit in the series.

Man is Mark Teixeira gonna get a ton of boos at Fenway.

Red Sox Yankees Red Sox Yankees Red Sox Yankees Red Sox Yankees Red Sox Yankees Red Sox Yankees Red Sox Yankees

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Apr 23 2009

Public Fantasy Baseball Grievance with Yahoo! Sports and Francisco Liriano

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You are KILLING me Francisco

As I watched the quick, not slow death of Francisco Liriano last night I become more and more infuriated that he was locked into my lineup as of 12:35 PM yesterday.  This of course was due to the doubleheader that took place between the Red Sox and Twins.

So each time I struck a blow to my wall causing very large holes, I referred to this letter sent by our man Preston in customer care at Yahoo! Sports.

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Apr 23 2009

A Collection of Baseball Manager Confrontations with Captions

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Angry Baseball Manager

Baseball games are pretty long.  And don’t get me wrong,  I love the sport.  But lets face it, every fan has been faced with boredom at some point watching a game.  You know games where there’s no home runs, the pitching isn’t even spectacular and you’re kind of numb in the middle innings.

But once in a while you’ll see some wacky play and the umpire makes a call that infuriates the manager.  That’s when we’re in to see some sparks and there’s nothing more entertaining in baseball than a manager getting in the face of the ump.

I wonder how many times there’s been really bad breath during these fights and if the other party owns up to it.  In any event here are some pictures that catch umps and managers in feuds.

I decided to caption them for your enjoyment.

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Apr 06 2009

Doesn’t Derek Lowe Look like Steven Seagal?

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As I watched Derek Lowe dismantle the Phillies lineup last night (and then nearly soil myself because I have Mike Gonzalez on my fantasy team), I realized something kind of obvious that I had realized before.  The man looks a hell of a lot like Steven Seagal.

Other than Lowe getting a haircut and looking a bit cleaned up, you can’t deny that both of these guys kind of have that eskimo face look.  I don’t know Lowe’s antics off the field or if he’s some kind of monk, but I would really love to see both of these guys on camera together.

Mainly just to watch Seagal punch someone in the face who looks just like him and say something along the lines of “I don’t have a brother, f&^k you for telling me you’re my brother.”

Seagal Lowe Seagal Lowe

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Apr 06 2009

Baseball Season Has Officially Begun: A Gallery of The Marlins Mermaids Off the Field

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Baseball season has officially begun.  And while some people like to focus on their fantasy teams (mine sucks) or trips to new ballparks (heading out to Citi Field and the Bronx this weekend), I think it’s time we start focusing our attention on all the new cheerleading squads in the major leagues.

While new hot girls sprout up in cities across the country I think it’s best we start off with the elite squad in Major League Baseball:  The Marlins Mermaids.  I tell ya if squads keep springing up like this, baseball is going to give the NBA and NFL a run for their money.

And given these Mermaids all reside in Miami, that means they definitely know how to shake it

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Mar 25 2009

Dustin Pedroia’s Premium Black Bean and Corn Salsa Shall Flourish

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Whether you’re a Boston Red Sox fan or not, you have to appreciate that little Dustin Pedroia is the reigning AL MVP.   I’m not sure how much that will affect his fantasy rankings this year (though clearly he’ll be drafted higher than the 9th round which is where I took him last year and people told me I was dumb…well I was dumb for trading him and not keeping him this year but that’s besides the point).

In any event, now that he’s the MVP I would imagine endorsements have come flying in and videos like this have skyrocketed in value.

Personally I’d like to see a jar of Dustin Pedroia’s Premium Black Bean and Corn Salsa on every supermarket aisle in the country.  The product came out about a year ago but something tells me if we band together this thing can take out the Tostito brand.

Come on Dustin!

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Mar 04 2009

So What’s Sammy Sosa Up to These Days? Well I Know Where He Was in the Summer of 2006

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Sammy Sosa

Apparently some major league scouts were on a Dominican Republic Mission trip over the summer to find new talent.  Amongst that talent was the kid you see above.  Rumor has it he kept saying that he was Sammy Sosa.  And that begs the question, where is good old Sammy Sosa these days anyway?

For the life of me I have no idea.   But I did manage to come across two types of pictures I happened to enjoy.  The first one is located here.   It’s from a random Spring Break album located on Webshots.  What makes it significant is that the caption on the picture reads “Sammy Sosa before he got all creepo on us.”

The second on is a picture taken with his wife.  Man she is hot.

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