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Nov 21 2012

The Miami Marlins Fan Protest Looked A Lot Like Their Games – No One Showed Up

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A group of Miami Marlins fans decided to stage a protest of the franchise on Tuesday, but in typical Marlins fashion, the crowd was sparse.

Brendan Tobin, a producer at 790 The Ticket in Miami, decided to head down to the protest, which was publicized and organized on Facebook. He snapped the two photos you see of the five fans in attendance. [Click Here to Read Full Article]

The Miami Marlins would fall under the category of epic disaster in terms of management. I really don’t know how this organization is going to recover from the events that occurred over the course of the past year. It’s scary to think of what’s to come for this team…. They’re going to be fielding a Triple A squad out there next year and there will be even less people in the stands… Why would anyone want to play there? They can’t even get a crowd to protest.


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Jul 09 2012

AMAZING! Twins and Rangers Players Run Off Field After Incredible Thunder and Lightning at

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Click the photo to see the video

You don’t have to know much about thunder and lightning to know to get out of the way. A huge clap in the Rangers-Twins game Sunday was enough to send everyone for cover. “I thought I was dead,” Rangers manager Ron Washington told Christian Corona of MLB.com.

I’ve never in my life’s history of watching sports seen anything like this. It’s actually pretty hilarious, but would I do the exact same thing.. YES. I love Ron Washington’s quote – “I thought I was dead”. That’s awesome. Mark this down because I’m not sure when you will see players run off the field like this before the Ump says rain delay.

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May 14 2012

The Sweet Note Jon Axford Left the Media After Blowing a Save This Past Week

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No one would have begrudged John Axford had the Milwaukee Brewers closer failed to provide any quotes about seeing the end of his streak of 49 straight saves on Friday night. His wife Nicole had just gone into labor with the couple’s second child and Axford could not have been expected to stay until the end of an 8-7 Brewers win over the Cubs that lasted 13 innings and just over five hours. He couldn’t dwell over the three runs he surrendered to the Cubs in the top of the ninth because he had to head straight to the hospital.

But because the friendly Canadian is one of the most accessible ballplayers around, Axford actually took the time to pen a note for Milwaukee’s hard-working beat writers before leaving. And with the same composure he showed in racking up 49 straight saves — his last blown save had come on April 18, 2011 against the Phillies — Axford actually pulled off a big funny with his “cliche … cliche … another cliche” line.

You gotta love Jon Axford for this one…. This dude seems like a good dude.

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Apr 18 2010

A Rather Confused Cubs Fan is There to Support the Ivy

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It’s one thing for Cubs fans to don their favorite players’ jerseys and attend the games. In fact, that’s standard baseball behavior, and I’ve participated in that practice on many an occasion.

It is however, a different story to dress up as the famous ivy that populates your home team’s field. Such is the case with this picture, though I will admit, he probably did land himself a few lingering shots on ESPN.

The only thing that could have made his trip even more epic? If he was one of those guys who proposes to his girlfriend on the big screen. I bet she’s dressed up like a row of bleachers.

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Nov 11 2009

MLB not Expanding The Use of Instant Replay: Obviously No One Watched the World Series

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Look, I’m a Yankees fan but even I can admit to ridiculous calls that were made not only in the World Series but in the playoffs in general. But as we have it…

There apparently will be no expansion of instant replay in baseball in the near future.

Jimmy Lee Solomon, MLB’s executive vice president of baseball operations, said Tuesday there was no discussion to expand the use of replay in the regular season or postseason at a meeting of the game’s general managers.

The call for more extensive use of replay arose following several missed calls by umpires during the recent postseason

There are two reasons for this and two reasons only.  One, either the GM’s in Major League Baseball did not watch one single postseason game and two:  they fell asleep during every single post season game.

Is it me or did the World Series games run ridiculously late?  I fell asleep at some point during every game.  So it would stand to reason that GM’s have no desire to stay up late thus ignoring instant replay amendments.

However I have a solution to all of this.  Let’s just have a new challenge rule like the NFL.  It would simplify things a great deal.  A manager gets 1 challenge per game and that challenge uses instant replay. Is that so bad?

Case closed.

[Via Cleveland.com]

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Oct 15 2009

Grady Sizemore Having Way More Fun than Postseason Players

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Grady Sizemore

Yeah these pictures might be old but they’re certainly appropriate given it’s the post season right now.  Which kind of begs the question:  What would you rather be doing right now?  Playing baseball in cold weather having to try and hit freezing fastballs or warming up to a cozy Brittany Binger?

Honestly I think if you asked a lot players on post season teams right now, off the record at least half might want to be in Grady’s shoes.  Actually no.  Most could get girls like this in about five seconds.

Still though, I can’t so it’s fun to see Grady enjoying himself.

Grady Sizemore Grady Sizemore

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Sep 01 2009

An All-Star Selection of 20 Inebriated MLB Players

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Drunk Baseball Players

I’m as big a fan of Major League Baseball as the next guy.  It’s strange because I’m now older than more than half the league’s players yet you can help still look up to some of these guys.  Sometimes I think to myself, “how am I possibly older by Albert Pujols?  It’s just weird.  I guess that’s why it’s an ageless sport.

And as much as some of us look up to these guys on the field, some of the players are certainly worth a mention off the field as well.  They may hit bombs and strike people out at an incredible rate, but remember most of these guys are kids.

They can drink, party, and get chicks with the best of them.   Some of these pictures you might have seen, and some you may not have.

Here is a great selection of 20 inebriated MLB players.

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Aug 07 2009

The Most Annoying Yankees/Red Sox Headline Of This Year

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Yankees Sox

“Red Sox’s 8-0 mark vs. Yanks irrelevant now”

Make that 8-1 after last night but still.

I’d just like to thank Sean McAdam for coming up with that brilliant title to what is essentially an irrelevant article.  Here’s a little of what Sean had to say:

The last time the Red Sox and Yankees met, life was different for both teams.

Mark Teixeira was just starting to get hot. Phil Hughes hadn’t earned the role of primary set-up man in the New York bullpen. John Smoltz was in the middle of his rehab starts. Victor Martinez was still a member of the Cleveland Indians.

Nine weeks can be a lifetime in baseball. Since June 9-11, the date of the last series, the Sox have cooled and the Yankees have been the hottest team in the league. A lot has changed, making the Red Sox’ 8-0 record in head-to-head meetings about as meaningful this season as Bill Lee vs. Graig Nettles

Yeah?  And?  So what?  What people are going to remember is two things:  Playoffs and World Series.  Cut it out with this crap will you? I’m all for rivalries.  I’m all for hyping up certain pitching matchups, etc etc.

However, as a Yankees fan.  Let’s face it.  These guys haven’t won the big one in a LONG time.  And that’s the cold, hard, truth.  With Joba pitching the way he is and this lineup, I do think their chances are better than ever.

But can we stop with this crap?  Please?  Until the Yankees win a world series again, Boston is the dominant team.  Sorry fellow fans.

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Aug 05 2009

10 Not Nationally Televised MLB Commercials

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The nice thing about watching a local sports network is that you get to see commercials that are never televised nationally.  So you wind up seeing MLB players star in weird local ads for things like tires or even used cars.  And you also get your fair share of “team” commercials.

The negative thing about it is that you can’t see the commercials from other teams across the country.   So whether it’s a local network or even an internet network, there are tons of great commercials we’ll never have the chance to view.

Here are 10 MLB team commericals you probably haven’t seen (unless you live in that region)

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Jul 27 2009

7 MLB Players I Have a Hard time Believing Weren’t or Aren’t on Steroids

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As a fantasy baseball manager I always find myself looking at the rankings of players.  And 9 times out of 10 I’ll find myself saying “that guy is ranked number 12?” or something to that extent.  I just couldn’t believe how far or little the guy had gone.

Sometimes you deduce that it’s simply his year, or perhaps the guy is in his prime.  On the opposite side you’ll see a player that is ranked so low that you can’t believe that either.

And with this being the steroid era and all, I can’t help but to believe these rankings aren’t a coincidence.

*I want to make it clear that I have zero proof of steroid use.   This is 100% speculation but come on.  We all know these guys are on the juice.

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