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Dec 03 2013

Just the Tip Tuesday: True Tales of Bad Drug Trips, Paranormal Photos, and Just Fun Stuff

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Click on the pic for 7 crazy drug stories

Michigan police officer Edward Sanchez took a bite out of crime—literally—when he and his wife ate pot brownies they baked using confiscated marijuana in April 2006. We know this because he called 911 to report that they were “having an overdose” on them.  And that’s just one.

The Tips

Famous “paranormal” photos explained by science – [Cracked]

A place to go to get some of the best pics on the internet – [Izismile]

Where I go when I need to get my sports fix on – [Yardbarker]

Some of the tiniest people in sports – [Bleacher Report]

Anything involving Sophie Turner gets my vote – [Heyman Hustle]

Before there was photoshop there was Drew Struzan – [Nedhardy]

Alexandra Amor has a body and face to match her name – [COED]

Thirteen things you probably never knew about Batman – [Oddee]

Five of the worst things that can get into your pants – [The Smoking Jacket]

Two women I’d love to run into on the beach – [The Blemish]

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Nov 26 2013

Just the Tip Tuesday: The Best Fight Scenes, Surviving Certain Death, and Unhealthy Stadium Foods

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Click on the photo for ten amazing fight scenes

There are some fight scenes in movies that no matter how many times you watch them, you can watch them again.  Thanks to the folks over at Cavemancircus we’ve got a nice list of 10 fight scenes that are probably the most rewatchable in movie history.

The Tips

Five people who survived certain death (using cartoon physics) – [Cracked]

The most unhealthy stadium foods ever invented – [Bleacher Report]

Last meal requests from death row inmates – [Nedhardy]

Kate Winslet looked pretty good in Vogue – [The Blemish]

Comparing the most tweeted and most talked about shows – [TVovermind]

How aliens and humans deal with less advanced beings – [Holytaco]

Eight of the worst people on airplanes – [Guyism]

Check out the latest girl next door type – [Bullz-Eye]

If you ever need a funny video to see find one here – [Linkiest]

When I need to get my sports fix on I always go here – [Yardbarker]

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Nov 19 2013

Just the Tip Tuesday: OCD Secrets They Don’t Tell You, Rare Historical Photos, and Taylor Momsen

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Click on the photo for what it’s really like to have OCD

We live in the Age of Awkward. It’s hip to be square, cool to be uncool, and sexy to be nerdy (and above all, quirky). And there’s no better way to assert your individuality and weirdness than branding yourself “so OCD” about something. But it’s not all fun…

The Tips

A collection of rare historical photos – [Nedhardy]

Taylor Momsen knows how to spice it up for a magazine – [The Blemish]

15 really memorable films from the 90s – [Gunaxin]

When I need to get my sports fix on I go here – [Yardbarker]

Laryssa Rose makes me happy to be a man – [Heyman Hustle]

Some of the weird stuff that athletes are afraid of – [Bleacher Report]

The time someone had to hide from a delivery driver – [Holytaco]

Five of the most endangered historical monuments – [The Smoking Jacket]

When I need to find a hottie of the day I’ll go here – [Extramustard]

Inventors who were killed by their own creations – [Oddee]

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Nov 12 2013

Just the Tip Tuesday: Video Games we Need Remade, Bad Error Messages, and Awesome Photographs

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Click on the photo for classic video games that need remakes

Whenever I talk about the subject of remakes I usually get pretty annoyed.   I’m a classic original type of guy so I’m not a fan of when movies remake themselves over again.  Sometimes they do it twice or even three times.  But video games?  I’m kind of open to these suggestions.

The Tips

25 bad error messages you never want to see in real life – [Cracked]

Twenty awesome photographs of the human race – [Nedhardy]

A collection of classic celebrity wearing costumes pictures – [Celebritytoob]

When I need to get my sports fix on I go here – [Yardbarker]

These are the robots that will kill us all – [COED]

If you need to get a good “list” article then this is your spot – [Listgazette]

Some of the most disrespectful sports celebrations – [Bleacher Report]

Five of the most socially acceptable hatreds – [Holytaco]

Ten of the most bizarre prison sentences – [Oddee]

A funny story about sleeping on the job – [Funtasticus]


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Nov 05 2013

Just the Tip Tuesday: Still Floating in Space, Ridiculous Martial Arts Myths, and One Lonely Dude

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Click on the photo for 6 movie characters still floating in space

Gravity came out last month, and we know from the trailer that Sandra Bullock and George Clooney are astronauts who end up in some pretty deep doo doo when they float away from their shuttle. Needless to say other movie characters are still out there in space!

The Tips

Ridiculous martial arts myths you won’t believe are real – [Cracked]

Guy takes pictures of himself next to people kissing – [Nedhardy]

A photo gallery of child stars all grown up – [Celebritytoob]

When I need to get my sports fix on this is where I go – [Yardbarker]

Five easy steps on how to love up on hipsters – [The Smoking Jacket]

Have you ever seen the periodic table of Alcohol? – [Gunaxin]

The most fake viral videos in all of sports – [Bleacher Report]

Twelve of the best things about life right after college – [Oddee]

Thirteen police blotters to make you fear for your safety – [Holytaco]

There is actually a beer out there made from meteorites – [COED]

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Oct 29 2013

Just the Tip Tuesday: Fans Getting Clobbered, They Were Supposed to be Small, and National Geographic

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Click on the photo for sports fans getting clobbered

They’re not putting themselves in danger by drunkenly sprinting onto a football, baseball or soccer field, knowing damn well what’s about to happen. These are spectators who got clobbered without any warning—and though I feel bad for them, they’re pretty hilarious.

The Tips

Five iconic characters that were only supposed to be small parts – [Cracked]

The best National Geographic photos from 2013 -  [Nedhardy]

Great depictions of actors playing famous people – [Celebritytoob]

When I need to get my sports fix on I go here – [Yardbarker]

Five diseases you will probably get in college – [Maxim]

Twenty five pick up lines that will probably never fail – [Holytaco]

Eight of the weirdest alternative currencies – [Oddee]

Why everything is Samuel L Jackson’s fault – [COED]

Parenting award of the day video goes to this guy – [The Chive]

Sports and the politics of privilege – [Gunaxin]

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Oct 22 2013

Just the Tip Tuesday: History of the Man Cave, Video Game Fan Theories, and Old School Cool

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Click on the photo for the history of the man cave

Every guy knows the importance of a man cave. But you may be surprised to learn they’re not a new trend—men have built rooms made for quiet reflection and unashamed pantslessness for thousands of years. Let’s take a look at man’s evolving need for personal space.

The Tips

Insane video game theories that actually make sense – [Cracked]

A gallery of pictures demonstrating “old school cool” – [Nedhardy]

What Game of Thrones cast does on summer vacation – [TVovermind]

Check out the sports fan hall of shame – [Bleacher Report]

Six of the finest boxers since the year 2000 – [Gunaxin]

Whenever I need to get my sports fix on I go here – [Yardbarker]

The craziest reasons to get kicked out of a museum – [Oddee]

Funniest wedding announcement name combos ever – [World Wide Interweb]

25 ideas for the next fad to replace twerking – [Holytaco]

When life is tough you can always get a dog – [The Chive]

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Oct 15 2013

Just the Tip Tuesday: Back Stories to Everyday Traditions, Past Photographs, and Too Much Attention

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Click on the photo for violent back stories to everyday traditions

Chances are you’ve never even given a second thought as to exactly why it is we, say, cover our mouth when we yawn, or shake hands when we meet someone new. You do it because some grownup told you to, before you were able to comprehend how random and pointless it all is. Well, it turns out that the origins of the traditions you think of as mundane run the gamut from freaking odd to downright sinister.

The Tips

Forty six amazing photographs from our past – [Nedhardy]

Athletes and teams who we hear way too much about – [Bleacher Report]

Ten things you didn’t know about Alyson Hannigan – [Celebritytoob]

Female teachers who have been accused of messing with students – [Izismile]

Powerful quotes that capture the magic of music – [Buzzfeed]

I just don’t think I can handle Miley Cyrus anymore – [Moe Jackson]

20 things you didn’t know about the NFL – [COED]

Twenty five really crappy things experienced having the flu – [Holytaco]

Ten of the most improbable arrests – [Oddee]

Australian Pig got really drunk and fought other animals – [Uproxx]

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Oct 08 2013

Just the Tip Tuesday: They’re Not Photoshopped, Summer Photos, and a Domed Resort in Germany

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Click on the image for photos that aren’t photoshopped

It’s time again for another installment of Cracked’s popular feature wherein they show you photographs that are 100 percent real, despite the fact that they all look 100 percent fake. It’s pretty astounding when you get down to it considering how much image editing is done these days.

The Tips

Photos that will always make you think of the summer – [Buzzfeed]

I can’t believe that this domed tropical resort actually exists – [Nedhardy]

When I need to get my sports fix on I go here – [Yardbarker]

Athlete who need to stop hanging out with Justin Bieber – [Bleacher Report]

Going behind the scenes with a WWE Diva – [Maxim]

The best historical pictures of Florida State cowgirls – [Bustedcoverage]

10 of the funniest gameshow fails – [Oddee]

This is probably not the best way to pierce your ears – [COED]

A selection of books that should be for insane people – [Holytaco]

Check out this lovely collection of girls next door – [Bullz-Eye]

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Oct 01 2013

Just the Tip Tuesday: You are Getting Old, Sandstorm Flight, and a Great Motivational Speech

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Click on the photo for 5 warning signs you’re really getting older

You are going to get old, and it is going to happen lightning fast. You won’t see it coming. You’ll just be living your life the way you always have, thinking, “Man, I sure am young. There is little in life that I enjoy more than the simple knowledge of how completely not old I am.” And then one day, out of the blue, you’ll have a horrifying realization that people have stopped viewing you as anything but a kid’s parent.

The Tips

Check out this plane flying right through a sandstorm – [TC Mag]

An awesome motivational speech from the movie Hoosiers – [Unathletic]

When I need to get my sports fix on I go here – [Yardbarker]

20 things you never know about “The Office” – [COED]

Cheerleader turned MMA fighter is quite a site to see – [Busted Coverage]

For an awesome video of the day link I’ll go here – [Linkiest]

Six of the worst drinks in the entire world – [Holytaco]

It’s funny watching a pug get really emotional – [The Chive]

The bizarre stories of people who like to get married a lot – [Oddee]

Early years of superstar athlete mix tapes – [Bleacher Report]

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